The War for America's Soul

The War for America's Soul

by Sebastian Gorka


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“Take it from someone who has been on the inside, who understands the fight we are currently in, and who knows what must be done to save our country. Dr. Sebastian Gorka’s latest book, The War for America’s Soul, leverages the former White House strategist’s expertise, driven by his determination to preserve what made America great in the first place.” — MARK LEVIN

Our country is at war with itself.

On one side are American patriots, dedicated to freedom under the Constitution; on the other side are leftists campaigning not just to win elections, but to radically transform the nation. In this political war for the soul of our country, America’s patriots need a strategist with a blueprint for victory.

Luckily, we have such a man in Dr. Sebastian Gorka—a former strategist for President Trump and now a nationally syndicated radio host and a fearless culture warrior.

In his essential new book, The War for America’s Soul, Dr. Gorka shows how America’s elite—in both parties—betrayed our heartland, sabotaged the American dream, and accepted national decline as inevitable. It took a candidate with remarkable vision, dauntless courage, and unbreakable determination to change the narrative. That man was Donald Trump. A candidate who owed no favors to special interests, Trump articulated a new American nationalism that has been an extraordinary force for economic and political renewal.

Now, however, the Left is redoubling its efforts to defeat him. The leftists see him, rightly, as the great nemesis to their radical project.

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ISBN-13: 9781621579403
Publisher: Regnery Publishing
Publication date: 10/08/2019
Pages: 256
Sales rank: 35,379
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About the Author

Sebastian Gorka, Ph.D., is the nationally syndicated radio host of "America First with Sebastian Gorka. He's also a bestselling author and one of America’s most trusted authorities on national security, strategy, and counterterrorism. A former Deputy Assistant to President Trump for strategy, he has lectured for US Special Operations Command, the FBI’s Counterterrorism Division, and the Green Berets, and he has briefed the CIA, the Defense Intelligence Agency, and the National Intelligence Council. His previous books are Defeating Jihad: The Winnable War (2016) and Why We Fight: Defeating America’s Enemies—With No Apologies (2018). He lives in McLean, VA.

Table of Contents

Foreward Dennis Prager xi

Prologue What the Left Has Wrought xvii

Chapter 1 Obamagate: The Attempted Coup Against Donald J. Trump 1

Chapter 2 The Political Elite's Bipartisan Betrayal of America 25

Chapter 3 The Plotters-and Their Plan-To Destroy America 47

Chapter 4 Can President Trump Stop the Radical Left? 67

Chapter 5 How You Can Win the War for America's Soul 107

Bonus Chapter 6 Straight Answers to Popular Questions 119

Bonus Chapter 7 An Exclusive Interview with President Donald Trump 161

Appendix 1 Direct from President Trump: Debate Prep to Win the Big Argument 175

Appendix 2 We Can Win Because the Truth Is on Our Side 183

Appendix 3 Hillary Clinton, Saul Alinksy, and the Continuing Relevance of Rules for Radicals 191

Notes 203

Index 219

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The War for America's Soul 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Mike Melton 4 months ago
Fantastic book! Easily read! (but get a'll be challenged) Mr Gorka gives an interesting perspective of Trump from an inside and personal interaction; Donald Trump is the same! He lets us see what allowed an outside long shot to become president of the USA...and the swamp that tried to stop him...and us! He offers a unique insight as to what makes America great and what it will take to keep her great. He also allows the reader to see America's greatness from the eyes of an immigrant. Given the current political demise of our government, Mr Gorka gives insight from others as to what has happened and, more importantly, how we can arm ourselves with correct information to combat them. Our return to a founders version of our republic will take time but all is NOT lost! We can win! This book is an inspiration to patriots and kinsmen who want only the best for our great nation; the USA! The most exceptional nation on the planet!
JJohnny 4 months ago
I enjoyed this book and would recommend.