The Warm Springs Story: Legacy & Legend

The Warm Springs Story: Legacy & Legend

by F. Martin Harmon



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ISBN-13: 9780881464726
Publisher: Mercer University Press
Publication date: 05/31/2014
Pages: 356
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About the Author

A veteran journalist, F. Martin Harmon was most recently public relations director at Georgia's Roosevelt Warm Springs Institute for Rehabilitation. For thirteen years he handled all communications for the historic facility founded by Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1927. Previously a writer at two Tennessee newspapers and sports information director at three Southern universities, Harmon was the recipient of sixteen state or national communication awards while at Roosevelt Warm Springs. He resides with his wife, Sharon, in Senoia, Georgia, where he continues to write about history, sports, and other freelance opportunities.

Table of Contents

Prologue and Acknowledgments: A Georgia Story That Is Long Overdue viii

1 Almost an End-Almost a New Beginning 1

Local Mainstay at a Crucial Time Claude Bray, Jr. 16

Warm Springs' Special Friend Tom Murphy 19

2 "Legend Has It…" 23

Minister to the Tribes John Alexander Hurst 26

Regional Historian and Warm Springs' Benefactor Joseph Harrell 28

3 Of Resorts, Spas, and Bottled Water 32

The Bullocks: First Family of Warm Springs 39

4 Jekyll Island West 43

Remnant of Warm Springs' Gilded Age Iva Hudson 48

True Father of Warm Springs Tom Loyless 51

5 His Vision, His Focus, His Legacy 55

Rumors, Debate, and the Burden of Proof Missy LeHand 69

Questioning FDR's Motives, Ethics Michael Hoke 76

Handpicked, Georgia-born Architect Henry Toombs 81

Teenage Friend, Wartime Acquaintance, Civic Leader M. B. Guy 84

Intimate Witness to Warm Springs' History John Shrader 87

6 More Like a Resort Than a Hospital 91

Polio Poster Child and FDR Companion John Steinhauer 101

The Papers: A Warm Springs Family Love Affair 107

Full-circle Saga of a Warm Springs Icon Marion Dunn 113

Exceptional yet Typical Overachiever Arthur Guyton 120

The Chesteifield Girl and the German Spy: Was Warm Springs the Target of Espionage? 122

7 Evolutionary Fundraising 125

Fast-talking Salesman in the Midst of Depression Keith Morgan 133

FDR's Good Neighbor Cason Callaway 135

8 Therapy the Roosevelt Way 138

Mary Veeder and Alice Plastridge: Physical Therapy Pioneers 143

9 Cradle of Rehabilitation/Revolution 147

Mary Lou Breslin and Cass Irvin: Warm Springs' Inspired Voices for Disability Rights 152

10 What Might Have Been 155

Saratoga Springs' Connections, Warm Springs' Benefits Louis Howe 163

11 An Unlikely Leader Assumes Command 168

One of FDR s Kids Becomes a Political Pro Ike Skelton 173

Black Patient During Civil Rights Richard Mouzon 177

12 Transition at FDR's Adopted Home 182

An Unforgettable Day in Warm Springs John F. Kennedy 185

Polio's Lessons Helped Her Weather Life's Storms Suzanne Verret 188

13 Luck and a New Kind of Rehabilitation 192

A Warm Springs Success Story at Any Level Tim Butler 200

In FDR's Footsteps-All the Way from China Keith Liu 202

Starting Over at Age Fifty four Jan Harmon 206

14 Development Fund, the New Foundation 209

From Vietnam Casualty to Warm Springs Dreamer Joe Lyttle 216

Warm Springs Protégé becomes Chairman Emeritus Bruce Williams, Jr. 220

15 Tourism Comes to Warm Springs 225

"The Duchess" and Gerrie Thompson: Warm Springs Innkeepers, Then and Now 229

Sharing the Story at FDR's Little White House David Burke 233

16 Mistakes, Missed Opportunities, Lost Roots 237

The last Warm Springs Aquatic Therapist Kathy Smith 242

17 Medical Issues Emerge in the New Century 248

Must be Something in the Water John Katy Abney 254

Keeper of the Legacies and Legends Mike Shadi 258

18 Vocational Rehab Assumes Prominence 263

On Common Ground with Her Famous Grandfather Nina Roosevelt Gibson 270

Representative of Polio's Shared Legacy Peter Salk 273

Conclusion: No Denying FDR's Influence 278

Postscript 285

Selected Bibliography 287

Index 303

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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is a story that covers a lot of ground. The author starts with istorical facts, sort of a timeline, about Warm Springs and the rehabilitation center started by Franklin D. Roosevelt, but it is also full of heartwarming stories about real people that have all in some way had a key connection to Warm Springs. So many people in Georgia and the surrounding areas have had a relative or friend that has some connections to Warm Springs. Many people remember their parents and grandparents talking about FDR and what a force he was when he visited the area. The author's basic message is that so much more could have been (and still could be) done to share this property and its wonderful history and legacy with the whole country. In Warm Springs, Georgia has a diamond in the rough and needs to find a way to make it sparkle!