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The Wars of the Roosevelts: The Ruthless Rise of America's Greatest Political Family

The Wars of the Roosevelts: The Ruthless Rise of America's Greatest Political Family

by William J. Mann


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The award-winning author presents a provocative, thoroughly modern revisionist biographical history of one of America’s greatest and most influential families—the Roosevelts—exposing heretofore unknown family secrets and detailing complex family rivalries with his signature cinematic flair.

Drawing on previously hidden historical documents and interviews with the long-silent "illegitimate" branch of the family, William J. Mann paints an elegant, meticulously researched, and groundbreaking group portrait of this legendary family. Mann argues that the Roosevelts’ rise to power and prestige was actually driven by a series of intense personal contest that at times devolved into blood sport. His compelling and eye-opening masterwork is the story of a family at war with itself, of social Darwinism at its most ruthless—in which the strong devoured the weak and repudiated the inconvenient.

Mann focuses on Eleanor Roosevelt, who, he argues, experienced this brutality firsthand, witnessing her Uncle Theodore cruelly destroy her father, Elliott—his brother and bitter rival—for political expediency. Mann presents a fascinating alternate picture of Eleanor, contending that this "worshipful niece" in fact bore a grudge against TR for the rest of her life, and dares to tell the truth about her intimate relationships without obfuscations, explanations, or labels.

Mann also brings into focus Eleanor’s cousins, TR’s children, whose stories propelled the family rivalry but have never before been fully chronicled, as well as her illegitimate half-brother, Elliott Roosevelt Mann, who inherited his family’s ambition and skill without their name and privilege. Growing up in poverty just miles from his wealthy relatives, Elliott Mann embodied the American Dream, rising to middle-class prosperity and enjoying one of the very few happy, long-term marriages in the Roosevelt saga. For the first time, The Wars of the Roosevelts also includes the stories of Elliott’s daughter and grandchildren, and never-before-seen photographs from their archives.

Deeply psychological and finely rendered, illustrated with sixteen pages of black-and-white photographs, The Wars of the Roosevelts illuminates not only the enviable strengths but also the profound shame of this remarkable and influential family.

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ISBN-13: 9780062383334
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Publication date: 12/06/2016
Pages: 624
Product dimensions: 6.40(w) x 8.70(h) x 1.80(d)

About the Author

William J. Mann is the New York Times bestselling author of Kate: The Woman Who Was Hepburn; How to Be a Movie Star: Elizabeth Taylor in Hollywood; Hello, Gorgeous: Becoming Barbra Streisand; and Wisecracker: The Life and Times of William Haines, winner of the Lambda Literary Award. He divides his time between Connecticut and Cape Cod.

Table of Contents

Author's Note ix

The Roosevelts' Family Tree xii

Prologue: The Larger Picture, 1960 1

Part I Cain and Abel, 1890-1691 7

Part II Everything to Fear, 1893-1694 49

Part III Popular and Powerful, 1903-1905 101

Part IV A Shot, 1912 179

Part V Believing More Than Ever Before, 1918-1920 211

Part VI Rough Stunts, 1924-1925 293

Part VII The Future and the Past, 1932 357

Part VIII Changing the World, 1936-1938 391

Part IX Terrific Responsibility, 1943-1945 455

Epilogue: The Last Sortie, 1962 519

Acknowledgments 531

Archival Collections 533

Notes 535

Selected Bibliography 586

Index 591

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