The Wave: Flowing as Essence

The Wave: Flowing as Essence

by Lyn Mayo



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The Wave: Flowing as Essence by Lyn Mayo

There is a deep urge within each of us to know what existence is all about, to know who we are, to know why we are here. The Wave focuses on the process of unfolding, on discovering the truth of who we are, our connection to all that is, and the endless discoveries of what it is to be divine consciousness in a human form. Each of us has our own unique process of dissolving the illusion inherent in this relative reality in which we live and embracing the absolute reality that is the truth of all existence. We experience some commonality in this adventure. Exploring both our commonality and honoring our individual uniqueness may be useful to each of us.

The author grew up active in the Presbyterian Church, with family members and a husband who were clergy of that denomination. Later, she spent fifteen years in the practice of meditation, often spending time visiting an ashram in upstate New York near where she lived, as well as an ashram in India. Later still, she spent time with Gangaji, an American teacher, and John de Ruiter, a Canadian, both of whom have deeply integrated the East and the West. These experiences have flavored her writing.

ISBN: 1-57733-151-6


"Lyn's book is truly a gift to anyone working on enlightenment and to all of us who aspire to help others as well. Highly recommended!" Swami K. M. Tayumanavan

"If you value self-realization, you will love, THE WAVE. It is filled with the timeless truths that only come from having spent a lifetime climbing the mountain. Bravo!" Chris McCombs, author of Delicious Silence: poems from the tigers mouth

"I have caught The Wave, and been carried on it to a place of soft wisdom that is deceptively simple, yet deeply nourishing, vastly enriching, and wonderfully comforting. Here is as clear, concise, and gentle a statement of eternal wisdom as I have come across anywhere. I am grateful to Lyn Mayo for this contribution to my life." Neale Donald Walsch, author of Conversations with God

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Publisher: Blue Dolphin Publishing, Incorporated
Publication date: 04/28/2005
Pages: 148
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