The Way Home

The Way Home

by Jackie C Myrtle



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The Way Home by Jackie C Myrtle

Charlotte spent most of her childhood being bounced from couch to couch, and sometimes even sleeping in the streets. Her father was a gambler and an alcoholic, who despite his downfalls adored his daughter. He would do everything he could to find her a place to stay.

Growing up this way made Charlotte very sympathetic to the plights of the homeless, and families who were struggling to keep custody of their children despite their harrowing circumstances. At the age of twenty Charlotte dedicated her life to a foundation and clinic called The Way Home. It provided medical services to those who needed it, and also found homes and shelters for people to stay in.

The holiday season was always the most important time of year for Charlotte. After working for The Way Home for over ten years, she had become its director. She made sure that the children had a wonderful Christmas to look forward to each year. This year had gotten a little out of control however. Not only had the financial strain on the economy left more people on the street needing their services, but their usual donors were not making their yearly contributions. On top of it all, she lost the doctor who was volunteering hours in the clinic. Charlotte is faced with the possibility of losing everything, and she does not know where to turn. Luckily she has a guardian angel in the form of a social worker whom she admires deeply, who insists that her son Gabriel, who is a successful doctor, donate a few hours of his time to the clinic.

Gabriel reluctantly fulfills the request, but he does not expect what he finds. Charlotte is forced to accept Gabriel despite his arrogant attitude, as the clinic desperately needs him. As Charlotte becomes more aware of how desperate the foundation's financial situation is, she and Gabriel also begin to sense a connection that makes no sense to either of them. Will the sparks be allowed to fly?

Charlotte is so preoccupied with the idea that The Way Home will be closed by Christmas Eve that she cannot allow herself to be distracted by the attraction that she feels for Gabriel. She needs a Christmas miracle, not for herself, but for the people who have become like family to her, who rely on The Way Home. With no hope on the horizon and very little options to pursue, Charlotte is faced with a warning of eviction. She is so ashamed that she was not able to fix the dilemma that she is unable to share the truth with any of the people who frequent the foundation. She knows that this year, there will be no Christmas for most of her clients, and she had no idea how that can be changed.

As Gabriel attempts to gain her attention Charlotte falls deeper into desperation. Will she be able to save the foundation? Will the true Christmas miracle be the love that she and Gabriel find? Sometime romance and miracles go hand in hand.

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ISBN-13: 9781482090352
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication date: 01/27/2013
Pages: 76
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