The Way Home: Spiritual wisdom for your life's journey

The Way Home: Spiritual wisdom for your life's journey

by Ruth Bogatie


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ISBN-13: 9781926926841
Publisher: Melissa Bogatie
Publication date: 09/10/2017
Pages: 292
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.61(d)

About the Author

Ruth Bogatie left South Africa with an honours degree in psychology. In Toronto, Canada, she furthered her education through the study of holistic psychotherapy and Reiki energy healing. Her unique combination of therapy and inspired soul readings has helped countless clients around the world. In The Way Home, Ruth channels wisdom from her spirit guides. She lives in Toronto with her husband and two daughters.
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Table of Contents



How to use this book8

My way home — the journey within10

Part 1: Connection – with our true selves15

True language of love16

I am enough18

Spirit is a multi-faceted voice20

Surrender to the flow22

Compassion through others’ tears24

The truth about joy27

Bonds of unity or breaches of separation?29

Part 2: Balance – between physical & spiritual worlds33

Separation hurts34

Lighten up and forgive yourself36

A place of peace39

The art of surrender43

Breaking the cycle of thought44

An angel is born46

A world in fear48

Part 3: Purpose – behind our challenges53

Finding the meaning54

Trusting our own inner wisdom 56

Sharing with and caring for others58

Angels in white61

Quieting the mind64

We are not our feelings68

Choosing to remember72

The path of the mystic74

Part 4: Wisdom – to inspire our journey79

Walking through the darkness80

The body is a source of wisdom 84

Confusion on the path86

Extricating the gems from the rubble89

Forgiving the tangles92

Owning the truth96

Part 5: Awakening – to the power of love101

Love for no reason102

Powerlessness and spiritual perfection104

Defying the odds109

Love is not a feeling112

It’s all about the journey119

Part 6: Fulfilment – of our destiny121

The power of unconditional love122

Touched by heaven’s voice124

Life is a marathon of change; staying the course127

We are all forgiven131

Honesty is the key133

Letting go of the struggle135

Where do souls go?139

Part 7: Inspiration – magic and miracles143

Merlin’s magic144

Invoking miracles149

Inspiring ourselves from within154

Closing the gap between heaven and earth157

All roads lead to self-love161

The hungry caterpillar164

Unsolved mysteries166

Part 8: Appreciation – an antidote to fear171

Illusion falls away in the silence172

Appreciation is the antidote to fear176

Let go and fly with us!180

Every soul represents a world190

Slaying the dragon194

The gift of higher road travel199

Part 9: Awakening – to our purpose205

Seeing beyond206

A new way of listening and loving211

Our spiritual alarm clock216

It’s time to wake up221

Opening our hearts to spirit224

Following the breadcrumbs home228

The art of asking and receiving232

Part 10: Home - the last stretch237

Ending the blame game238

Spiritual affiliations242

Self-responsibility − loving yourself Now252

Removing the blinders − end of global correction256

Working with the Divine261


It’s time to let go 268



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