The Way to Brave: Shaping a David Faith for Today's Goliath World

The Way to Brave: Shaping a David Faith for Today's Goliath World


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Want to grow in courage?

It’s getting harder to be a Christian in our post-Christian culture. As a pastor of 35 years, Andy is seeing the church wake from a “Christian Pax Americana” to an era of intensified hostility. 

Based on David’s courage before Goliath, The Way to Brave helps readers face the giants looming over us today, such as secularism and relativism. Bent on banishing Christian influence from public life, their power is shocking, their reach expansive, and their deployment quick. But still they are no match for our God.

The Way to Brave guides readers through the five ways God prepared David to be intrepid in facing the giant who opposed him. The qualities and experiences David possessed are the ones Christians need today. Pastor Andy McQuitty will walk you through what those are and how they can mark your life, bolstering you for the storms ahead.

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ISBN-13: 9780802418074
Publisher: Moody Publishers
Publication date: 02/06/2018
Pages: 224
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

DR. MCQUITTY spent his high school years in Paris, Texas where his father served as Senior Minister of a Presbyterian church. Andy is husband to Alice and father to Julie, Elizabeth, Bonnie, Jonathan and Jeffrey. And most recently, grandpa to Drew and Madeline.Andy is an avid reader, tennis court rat, golfer, and writer; but his favorite pastime is spent with his family.He is a graduate of Wheaton College, Wheaton, Illinois and of Dallas Theological Seminary in Dallas, Texas. Andy earned his Doctor of Ministry degree from Dallas Theological Seminary in 1997, receiving the C. Sumner Wemp Award in personal evangelism as well as the John G. Mitchell Award for outstanding scholarship and effectiveness in ministry.Andy has served as a youth pastor in Washington State, and as Associate Pastor of a Bible Church in Garland, Texas. He has faithfully served as Sr. Pastor to Irving Bible Church since 1987.

Table of Contents

Foreward 9

Prologue: An Ancient Profile in Courage 13

Introduction: Beautiful and Terrible Thinks Will Happen 19

Section 1 God Calls Us

1 Gardens, Not Walls 33

2 Servant Exiles 51

Section 2 God Anoints Us

3 The Wild Goose 71

4 Catch the Wind 85

Section 3 God Weaks Us

5 Crucible and Character 101

6 The Beautiful broken 115

Section 4 God Tests Us

7 Lions and Tigers and Beats(and Giants), Oh Myl 133

8 Faith Stands Up 147

Section 5 God Trains Us

9 Eat This book 163

10 The People of the book 181

Epilogue 199

Notes 207

Acknowledgements 217

What People are Saying About This

From the Publisher

Praise for The Way to Brave

In an age of ever-increasing hostility toward those who dare to actually take Jesus and the Bible seriously, Andy McQuitty shows us what it takes to courageously infiltrate and impact the culture and world God has placed us in. After all, we aren’t here by mistake. We’re here on special assignment.

Larry Osborne
Pastor and Author, North Coast Church

Andy McQuitty hits the nail on the head when he notes that “the American public square no longer honors fundamental Christian values . . . Sincere believers aren’t emulated and admired. They’re scapegoated and ridiculed by our culture’s top four opinion-shaping institutions.” So what are we as believers to do? In these tumultuous times, we must move forward with boldness—yet in a spirit of love. Just as God prepared David for his Goliath world, He wants to shape us, too. Andy takes us through five key areas that will help equip us to “fight the good fight” while making a positive impact on our neighbors.
James Robison
Founder and president, LIFE Outreach International, Fort Worth, TX

Now more than ever, we live in a broken world, and the enemy is digging in. To succeed in these times we are living in, we have to be courageous so that we may go against common culture and take on Goliath.  Andy McQuitty will help prepare you for the battles that lie ahead.


Justin Leonard


Far more than a how-to book, in The Way to Brave, Andy introduces us to five foundational divine acts upon which the Spirit builds David-like courage to face Goliath-sized giants. With well-told inspirational stories from his own life, his church, and history (especially the Celts), Andy makes biblical truth come alive. More than one well-chosen quote made me pause to think, feel, and be freshly filled with divine courage. Read it and share it, because in this chaotic world, we need more men and women of spiritual courage.

Bruce B. Miller

The Way to Brave is indeed the need of the time we live in now. In this new book Andy shares the path that believers, who can be doorkeepers and peaceable warriors, need to follow in a culture that does not have their interests at heart. It’s time to make a plan and plant a garden. Learn what that looks like practically in this fresh new volume.

Dave Travis

I’ve known Andy McQuitty as a friend and spiritual mentor for years; I often look to him for the tools to live courageously in difficult times. In our modern world, it is more difficult than ever to find the strength to overcome the Goliaths all around us. Let us all look to David as an example of God’s limitless power, and use Andy’s book as a powerful tool to become faithful disciples of Jesus Christ.

Mark Teixeira

In The Way to Brave, my dear friend Pastor Andy tells us about the kind of courage-inducing community that Heather and I experienced at Irving Bible Church during the twelve years we lived in Dallas and attended IBC. Through the teaching of Andy and the community at IBC, we were both encouraged to stand strong and be a light for Jesus on the PGA Tour and in various efforts to fight the evil of sex trafficking. I recommend you read this book if you too would like to be inspired on how to walk in the way to brave.

Ben Crane

Wow! What a great book! It’s great encouragement for Jesus followers who are looking to remain faithful (or become more so) in post-Christian America. But it’s also the kind of book you can hand to your friends who are not yet Jesus followers. The book’s message is profoundly relevant to all of us immersed in the current culture of anxiety. In The Way to Brave, Andy’s depth and range as soul-curator rises to a new level.

Reggie McNeal

Leadership consultant and bestselling author, Kingdom Come and Kingdom Collaborators

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The Way to Brave: Shaping a David Faith for Today's Goliath World 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
nferguson More than 1 year ago
Andy McQuitty’s The Way to Brave is not a book to be rushed through. It should be read slowly, savoring and digesting each chapter, pondering the spiritual truths as they unfold. McQuitty uses the life of David, from lowly shepherd to Israel’s greatest king, as an example of how we need to grow in strength and courage in our walks with God. Faced with an increasingly hostile culture, Christians today must develop what McQuitty calls “a David faith in a Goliath world.” He discusses the need to love others and to be peacemakers, without sacrificing our Biblical and Christian principles. However, we are only able to be used effectively by God if we allow Him to work in us and through us, changing us from egocentric humans to true disciples of Christ. We do this through trials, through study, and through community. This is a book I plan to read over again. The lessons are meaningful and the message is true to the Bible. McQuitty has done a fine job of describing the path to courageously living a life of faith. I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher in exchange for my honest review.
DLibby More than 1 year ago
Andy McQuitty has written a timely book on the Christians' need to grow in courage together as a community of faith. In a world plagued by fear, a message of strengthening one another and receiving the peace that comes only from God is an important message for the Christian. Unfortunately, many of McQuitty's examples of danger in our world will speak to a very specific subset of people. Early in the book, the examples of threats against Christians used are -A government not wanting pastors to speak against transgender bathroom laws, -florists not wanting to make flowers for a gay wedding and the negative response, -threats against certain institutions who deny LGBTQ protections, and -those who speak against pro-life advocates. These are definite fears for many Christians who will read this book, but I feel there are other examples of Christians whose faith is being tested in the 21st century. These examples all lean in the "anti-LGBTQ, anti-abortion" direction. A broader set of examples would have given the book a greater reach. Later in the book, McQuitty tells a fantastic story about a member of his church who helped the students at a local college heal after the shootings of Dallas police officers in 2016. Within the story, however, McQuitty wrote the aside, "...five Dallas police officers were killed and nine injured while, ironically, protecting thousands who were protesting police that day." This aside does not add to the story in any way. It simply reads like a flippant attack toward the protesters that day. Readers who connect with the protesters' message about racial injustice will probably be put off by this aside. Asides like this one are prevalent in the book, and I fear that it will turn off some readers. This is unfortunate, as this book is sorely needed for today's world. Planting gardens, growing in discipleship together, and building one another up in faith are a remedy for a world that lives in fear. If the reader is not put off by the occasional aside like the ones mentioned above, he or she should definitely check out this book. 3 and a half stars out of five.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
"When your moment comes, will you have the courage to stand?" is the question answered in Andy McQuitty's The Way to Brave. As we walk through life, we will all have our Goliath moments. How we face those moments will have the potential to change our hearts, our lives and the world.
CarolGarrison More than 1 year ago
I highly recommend this book. It shows great examples of how we can be more Christ like in these troubling times we live in. Book quote: We can’t control when or where tragedy will strike in a broken world, but we can set tables of healing amid the wreckage and watch God work. We are to love God and love people - then we will see change in our world.