The Way We Go: Your Roadmap to a Better Future

The Way We Go: Your Roadmap to a Better Future

by Pat Heydlauff



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ISBN-13: 9781452569611
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 03/22/2013
Pages: 64
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The Way We Go

Your Roadmap to a Better Future

By Pat Heydlauff

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2013 Pat Heydlauff
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4525-6961-1




The time for awakening and remembering
who you really are
is not only at hand
but the clock has started ticking.
God will stand at your side
and guide your every step.
Fear of failure, there is none.
You have stepped upon the path
where the light shines
and the knowing comes
and the being is.

The Way We Go

Your Roadmap to
a Better Future

Where do we begin, how do we start,
is this the way we go?

Should we go anywhere, should we go somewhere,
is this the way we go?


When life is not going well and it seems like everything is wrong, be still and look within. Search
inwardly until you find the silver thread of eternal connection guaranteed by the rainbow. Its colors
are filling you with HOPE as it bathes you in PEACE and LOVE. ANGELS are guiding your way.

Why go anywhere, why go somewhere,
would life improve?

Life is a stage, life is a play,
would life improve?


Are you traveling through life emotionally disconnected, surrounded by chaos and negativity?
Find balance by remembering you are a DIVINE BEING, eternally connected to your
CREATOR. You will be empowered to discover a CALM PEACE filled YOU.

Are we the author, are we the actor,
would life improve?

Have we no patience, have we no tolerance,
should we change?

Universal Connection

When you start to focus on HOPE and PEACE instead of fear and despair, you will connect both
worlds — Inner and Outer. When connecting the Inner and Outer you take the FIRST step to
realizing that Everyone and Everything is connected, just like planet Earth and the Universe are
connected. This Universal connection is the UNLIMITED POTENTIAL that provides HOPE
for a better tomorrow.

Have we no insight, have we no understanding,
should we change?

Have we no lust, have we no preoccupations,
should we change?

Soul Full

Is your Love gauge on empty? Do you feel no one cares? It just does not matter what you
do, nothing goes your way. No matter how things seem, you are ALWAYS connected to the
INFINITE POWER and LOVE of the UNIVERSE and its CREATOR. While on planet
EARTH you are NEVER ALONE, that connection is ALWAYS there. TRUST and BELIEVE.

Do we need to go to the end of our days
before we change?

Do we need to bring harm to more people
before we change?

To Each I Give All

Without HOPE there is only heaviness, negativity and despair. But HOPE is ETERNAL. It is a
seed planted within YOU and is ALWAYS connected to the Creator. All of mankind IS connected
to the UNIVERSE and EACH Other. Your Silver thread of HOPE will lead you to PEACE
and JOY.

Do we need to kill more babies
before we change?

Do we need to accuse the accuser
before we change?

Calming Your Chaos

Are you buried under cynicism and the hopelessness of the clutter? Is there chaos in your
surroundings of people, thinking and troubles? You may have traveled this path many times but
NOW is the time for escape. There is a way out. Follow that silver threaded path that is beckoning
from your own Inner Spirit to the inner CALM and place of REST. From there NEW thoughts
and NEW Ideas will be presented to you. Focus on your journey WITHIN and rediscover the

Do we need to look within
before we change?

Have we given up being change?


Like an ETERNAL heartbeat, God constantly reaches out to connect to ALL seeking
Beings. Your ever present INNER knowingness affirms your connection to the INFINITE
KNOWLEDGE and WISDOM proving ALL is WELL. While traveling on your PATH, your
Creator is ALWAYS there. SEEK inwardly for the connection knowing that when PEACE prevails
you have reached your DESTINATION.

Are we so driven a people
that we can't accept change?

Are we so mired in prejudices
that we can't accept change?


Is stress, anxiety or despair keeping you from Success, Happiness and Peace? If so quiet your
mind and wrap yourself in the colors of the Rainbow, FEEL the Infinite Peace, FEEL the energy
and power from the colors, FEEL the hope. Let go of the past and EMPOWER yourself in the
MOMENT to CONNECT with the new better you.

Are we so overwhelmed with tomorrow
that we can't accept change?

Are we so driven and involved
that we can't accept change?


Feeling unloved, disliked or singled out? Cradle yourself in the SECURITY of your Creator's
eternal LOVE. Enfold yourself in the color energy of the Rainbow. You will come to realize the
LOVE is always there for you at any moment. Learn that you must LOVE yourself FIRST to
experience the BEAUTIFUL person that you ALREADY are. You are ONE connected with
Infinite Eternal LOVE.

Are we so void of our past
that we can't accept change?

Are we so afraid of tomorrow
that we can't accept change?

Eternal Fertility

Are you thriving and blooming where you are planted? There are NO mistakes in where you
are now. Your Journey, Progress and SUCCESS are waiting for your ACCEPTANCE. Your
FUTURE is about staying TUNED into your GOALS. When your KNOWLEDGE within is
combined with your eternal CONNECTION you will be NURTURED and GUIDED so you
can CREATE the future you CHOOSE.

Are we so afraid of God
that we can't accept change?

Are we so afraid of God
that we won't look within?

The Way to Fulfillment

You may step tentatively or boldly onto your PATH begin your journey WITHIN
so you can RECOGNIZE who you are. There is a UNIVERSAL journey everyone
travels. When you feel listless and a deep longing it is time to PROCEED.
The Silver Thread of ETERNAL knowledge awaits YOUR arrival.

Are we so afraid of God
that we hide from our past?

Are we so afraid of God
that we can't hear His voice?

Finding Soul

Sometimes it is a PICTURE, other times a WRITTEN or SPOKEN word that helps you
DISCOVER your INNER voice. Through many QUIET hours of longing and seeking you will
discover your SPIRITUAL SELF. When absolutely QUIET and STILL, you will hear that CALM
voice within and you will REJOICE in KNOWING you ARE tuned in and CONNECTED.

Are we so afraid of God
that we look beyond Him?

Are we so afraid of God
that we totally ignore Him?

Birthing Self

Discovering your INNER voice, your HIGHER SELF and your SPIRITUAL connection is very
EMPOWERING and joyful. The RICH colors of birthing energy SURROUND you. Finding
the DIVINE, you are filled with the EXCITEMENT and ANTICIPATION
of a HOPE-filled future.

Are we so afraid of God
that we won't begin?

Are we so afraid of God
that we won't take the first step?

Gifting Energy

When you CONSCIOUSLY UNITE with your Spiritual Self you are overflowing with HOPE
and LOVE. The HIGH energy colors ENCOURAGE and
EMPOWER you to share your JOY with others.

Are we so afraid of God
that we look to others?

Are we so afraid of God
that we ignore God's love?


Bathed in the colors of the RAINBOW and energy of HOPE, PEACE and JOY you EVOLVE.
The cycle begins anew. The pattern of searching and growing continues as you merge into the
New you. Every day you come closer to your WISHES and DREAMS.

Are we so afraid of God
that we choose not to fly?

Are we so afraid of God
that we will begin to see the truth?

Finding Inner Self

When you don't let fear and doubt get in your way you find your INNER Self and Eternal
Connection. The energy of the colors, shapes and words LOVE, JOY and WISDOM lead you to
find the Foundation of your SOUL Truth. When you KNOW Truth there are NO needs.

Are we so afraid of God
that the truth is real?

Are we so afraid of God
that knowing the truth will set us free?

Fertile Foundation

Once you have connected the Inner and Outer, a fertile foundation is ALWAYS available for
birthing ANYTHING you choose. By eliminating turmoil and chaos, the Energy of the Rainbow
is an ever PRESENT fertile foundation for bearing the fruit of SUCCESS.

Are we so afraid of God
that knowing the Creator is love?

Are we so afraid of love
that we don't know which way to go?


Does your level of GROWTH, CALM and PEACE seem tiny at times? ACKNOWLEDGE each
no matter how small and continue on your journey. Your SPIRITS will be UPLIFTED as your

God is omnipotent omniscient omnipresent
and never changes.

God is the truth, God is the universe
and is love, just and peace within.


SUCCESS at last! One step at a time filled with HOPE, LOVE and KNOWLEDGE you are
bathed in the colors of the rainbow showing the roadmap to your future. Success is what you find
when crossing the invisible bridge of FAITH.

How do we find God
where do we look?

God is by our side
and deep within our soul.

Energy Action Plan

Remember to connect the inner and outer and create POSITIVE energy by taking ACTION. You
will not go anywhere unless you get connected. Eternal LOVE, Intuitiveness and WISDOM are
the results. This is your personal ACTION plan for creating the LIFE you choose.

God is the seed of hope planted within
and is always connected.

God is the quiet calm
that guides us through a storm.


Your ETERNAL connection provides you the gift of JOY in your heart. Maintain a
GRATITUDE attitude and bask in the sunshine of your JOY. Your creativity blooms in the joy of
the moment as you are about to begin again.

God is the miracle of a newborn baby
and the consoling grief of a lost loved one.

God is our tomorrow
we need to choose our days wisely.


The road to PEACE begins when you wrap yourself in the colors of the rainbow and travel on
your journey WITHIN. As your spiritual journey unfolds chaos and turmoil are but a memory
replaced by CALM and PEACE. Your burdens are LIFTED, your FUTURE is filled
with LIGHT.

It is up to us
to create our future.

God has provided us all we need
to create the future we want.


The CYCLE begins anew. Despair is replaced by HOPE, fear by PEACE and insecurity by
EMPOWERMENT. Based on your ETERNAL connection, the searching and GROWTH
continues ONE step at a time.

We need to make our choices count
we exchange a day of our life for what we choose.

God has provided for all we need
to create the future we choose.


Like the kiss of the breeze or the warmth of the sun, HAPPINESS comes in many forms; a
whisper, a hug, a tear or a smile. While it may last for only a MOMENT the JOY in its memory
lasts FOREVER as does your ETERNAL connection.

Dream big dreams, make a plan
then take action.

God will support our choice
to create a better we.

* * *

Balanced Love

Your eternal connection and loving yourself inside and outside is where it all BEGINS. LOVE is
the invisible bond that nurtures deep meaningful relationships with yourself and others. When in
BALANCE it is filled with JOY and priceless.


When you access your heart,
you find your soul

When you find your soul,
you discover your path

When you travel down your path,
you become connected to God
and the universe

Once you are connected to God
and the universe

You find PEACE!

Flowing Through Life

A BALANCED life that flows with PEACE and JOY is the TREASURE you find buried within.
When you remove the clutter and leave the past behind, you CREATE a world of PEACE, JOY


Excerpted from The Way We Go by Pat Heydlauff. Copyright © 2013 by Pat Heydlauff. Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


Foreword....................     vii     

Awakening....................     1     

The Way We Go Your Roadmap to a Better Future....................     2     

Knowing....................     52     

Afterword....................     55     

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