The Weaving of Lelonia: The Search for a Sane Politics

The Weaving of Lelonia: The Search for a Sane Politics

by Tom Gnagey


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The Weaving of Lelonia: The Search for a Sane Politics by Tom Gnagey

This chronicle portrays a timeless allegory, one which could take place anywhere - anytime. In the instance of this telling, the events transpire in the tiny, sovereign, country of Lelonia, a bit larger than Luxemburg but smaller than Switzerland. It had languished in turmoil for decades as Leader after Leader seized office, pillaged the treasury, and escaped to a safe-haven country.

The call goes out for citizens to submit plans to rebirth the country and return it to the state of its pristine, productive, secure, past. A pair of teenagers takes up the challenge, Marcus - brilliant, insightful, optimistic - and his life long closest friend, Thomas - smarter than average, well read, pessimistic. Being young, naive, and fully inexperienced in the ways of politics, they thereby possess the fully sufficient qualifications for producing a fresh, practical, approach to government.

Giving up girls for the summer (well, mostly), they hike their country end to end and side to side listening and watching to grasp its broad range of problems, strengths, and positive possibilities. They experience the real dangers in a lawless land. They feel the anguish and terror of the homeless, hungry, children. They witness the atrocities of the Despicables - amoral roaming bands of bandits. Through it all, however, they sense the indomitable spirit of Lelonia, poised to surface and soar under a hope-filled, charismatic, new breed of leader.

The boys return home prepared and eager to create The Plan. They develop a socio-governmental system based in positive social values. They refer to it as Mutual Facilitation. Racing against the deadline it gets finished. Along with many dozens ofothers, theirs is considered by a national council. It is selected and Marcus becomes the new Leader of the nation.

They establish a carefully defined Republic and propose revolutionary revisions in the courts, prison system, taxes, alien services, military, education, health care, eldercare, retirement, childcare, social philosophy, the economy, and most related (ever-current) topics. Jobs increase and crime drops. Government is drastically downsized, taxes are slashed, and yet services blossom and grow through citizen initiatives (the Volunteer Corps).

The essence of their new society is represented by the manner in which each citizen eagerly accepts and embodies the Positive Social Contract. Most simply stated it becomes: If everybody lives his life this hour the way I am living mine, the world will become a better place for all of us.

It becomes the national philosophy. It becomes the single law of the land. It becomes the sole factor considered by the courts.

The story follows the two main characters and the progress of the country for some thirty years. Marcus and Thomas grow in wisdom, quickly become less naïve about the ways of the world, and, in time show the wearing effects of office, but their positive, youthful, enthusiasm and sense of humor never fade.

Life became Eden-like in Lelonia, until ...

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ISBN-13: 9780979627934
Publisher: G. F. Hutchison Press
Publication date: 05/28/2008
Pages: 200
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