The Web Design CD Bookshelf

The Web Design CD Bookshelf

by O'Reilly & Associates Inc, O'Reilly


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ISBN-13: 9780596002718
Publisher: O'Reilly Media, Incorporated
Publication date: 12/01/2001
Edition description: BK&CD-ROM
Pages: 640
Product dimensions: 6.18(w) x 9.28(h) x 1.55(d)

Table of Contents

Part IThe Web Environment
Chapter 1Designing for a Variety of Browsers3
Browser Usage Statistics7
Design Strategies11
Knowing Your Audience14
Test, Test, Test!14
The Importance of Standards15
Chapter 2Designing for a Variety of Displays17
Dealing with Unknown Monitor Resolutions17
Fixed Versus Flexible Web Page Design19
Designing "Above the Fold"26
Monitor Color Issues27
Alternative Displays28
Chapter 3Web Design Principles for Print Designers29
The Web Is Not Like Print29
Typography on the Web31
Color on the Web37
Graphics on the Web43
Chapter 4A Beginner's Guide to the Server49
Servers 10149
Unix Directory Structures53
File Naming Conventions56
Uploading Documents (FTP)56
File (MIME) Types59
Chapter 5Printing from the Web62
Browser Print Mechanisms62
Printer-Friendly HTML Pages63
Cascading Style Sheets for Printouts65
Portable Document Format (PDF)68
Flash Printing72
Chapter 6Accessibility74
The Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI)74
Accessibility in Web Technologies77
Accessibility in Tools79
Chapter 7Internationalization81
Character Sets81
HTML 4.01 Language Features83
Style Sheets Language Features86
For More Information86
Part IIAuthoring
Chapter 8HTML Overview91
The HTML Standard91
HTML Tags94
Information Browsers Ignore96
Document Structure97
Tips on Good HTML Style98
HTML Tools99
HTML Resources in This Book102
Chapter 9Structural HTML Tags103
Summary of Structural Tags103
Setting Up an HTML Document106
Global Settings with the [left angle bracket]body[right angle bracket] Tag109
Using [left angle bracket]meta[right angle bracket] Tags111
Chapter 10Formatting Text115
Summary of Text Tags115
Working with HTML Text126
Inline Type Styles128
[left angle bracket]div[right angle bracket] and [left angle bracket]span[right angle bracket]130
The [left angle bracket]font[right angle bracket] Tag131
Text Layout Techniques with HTML137
Character Entity References144
Chapter 11Creating Links145
Summary of Tags Related to Linking145
Simple Hypertext Links149
Linking Within a Document150
Affecting the Appearance of Links151
Targeting Windows153
Non-Web Links and Protocols160
Linking Documents with [left angle bracket]link[right angle bracket]162
Chapter 12Adding Images and Other Page Elements164
Summary of Object Placement Tags164
Image Basics172
The [left angle bracket]img[right angle bracket] Tag and Its Attributes173
Horizontal Rules180
Embedded Media Files182
Java Applets185
Chapter 13Tables189
Summary of Table Tags189
Introduction to Tables198
Basic Table Structure199
Affecting Table Appearance204
Table Troubleshooting210
Tips and Tricks218
Standard Table Templates220
Multipart Images in Tables225
Chapter 14Frames231
Summary of Frame Tags231
Introduction to Frames234
Basic Frameset Structure236
Frame Function and Appearance240
Targeting Frames242
Inline (Floating) Frames245
Frame Design Tips and Tricks246
Chapter 15Forms253
Summary of Form Tags253
Introduction to Forms261
The Basic Form ([left angle bracket]form[right angle bracket])261
Form Elements263
New Form Attributes in HTML 4.01269
Affecting the Appearance of Forms270
Demystifying CGI275
Chapter 16Specifying Color in HTML280
Specifying Color by RGB Values280
Specifying Colors by Name282
Chapter 17Cascading Style Sheets289
Using Style Sheets289
How Style Sheets Work292
Specifying Values299
Positioning with Style Sheets316
What's New in CSS2320
Style Sheet Tips and Tricks324
Browser Support Charts326
Chapter 18Server Side Includes327
How SSI Is Used327
SSI and the Server329
Adding SSI Commands to a Document329
Using Environment Variables331
SSI Commands332
Include Variables335
Time Formats for SSI Output336
Part IIIGraphics
Chapter 19GIF Format341
GIF87a Versus GIF89a341
8-Bit Indexed Color342
GIF Compression342
When to Use GIFs342
Tools Overview343
Minimizing GIF File Sizes351
Chapter 20JPEG Format356
24-Bit Color356
JPEG Compression356
When to Use JPEGs358
Progressive JPEGs359
Creating JPEGs360
Minimizing JPEG File Size360
Chapter 21PNG Format365
The PNG Story365
When to Use PNGs366
Platform/Browser Support367
8-Bit Palette, Grayscale, and Truecolor368
PNG Compression369
Special Features369
Creating PNG Files372
PNG Optimization Strategies375
For Further Reading376
Chapter 22Designing Graphics with the Web Palette377
Designing with Web-Safe Colors378
Converting to the Web Palette381
Web Palette Strategies385
Color Blenders385
Where to Learn More388
Chapter 23Animated GIFs389
How They Work389
Using Animated GIFs390
Browser Support390
Creating Animated GIFs392
Optimizing Animated GIFs396
Part IVMultimedia and Interactivity
Chapter 24Audio on the Web401
Basic Digital Audio Concepts401
Using Existing Audio403
Preparing Your Own Audio404
Streaming Audio407
Web Audio Formats409
Choosing an Audio Format417
Adding Audio to a Web Page417
For Further Reading421
Chapter 25Video on the Web422
Basic Digital Video Concepts422
Video File Formats425
Which Format to Choose429
Adding Video to an HTML Document429
For Further Reading433
Chapter 26Flash and Shockwave434
Using Flash on Web Pages435
Flash Power Tools437
Creating Flash Movies438
Adding Flash to a Web Page441
Integrating Flash with Other Technologies445
Flash Resources446
Shockwave for Director446
Adding Shockwave Movies to a Web Page448
Director Online Resources449
Chapter 27Introduction to SMIL450
How SMIL Works451
SMIL Players451
SMIL Authoring Tools452
Writing SMIL452
For Further Reading458
Part VAdvanced Technologies
Chapter 28Introduction to JavaScript461
JavaScript History461
JavaScript Basics462
Sample Scripts465
Handling Multiple Browsers472
Chapter 29Introduction to DHTML475
Using DHTML476
How DHTML Works477
The Document Object Model478
Creating Layers479
DHTML Examples481
Browser Detection488
DHTML Tools489
Where to Learn More491
Chapter 30Introduction to XML492
How It Works493
XML Document Syntax494
Document Type Definition (DTD)497
Examples of XML Technology498
Where to Learn More501
Chapter 31XHTML502
XHTML Standards Development502
Creating XHTML 1.0 Documents504
XHTML Document Declarations505
Well-Formed XHTML506
Try It Out509
Chapter 32WAP and WML510
About WAP511
Creating WAP Applications513
Introduction to WML516
WML Elements and Attributes523
WAP and WML Resources532
Part VIAppendixes
Appendix AHTML Elements535
Appendix BList of Attributes543
Appendix CDeprecated Tags558
Appendix DProprietary Tags562
Appendix ECSS Support Chart564
Appendix FCharacter Entities577

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