The Wedding Planner's Baby

The Wedding Planner's Baby

by Amanda Ashby

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Free-spirited Bec Watson was never having children––until she is. No way she’s ready for this, and she’s not going to tie-down the father, not even (especially!) if he’s secretly an English Lord. She’s doing this solo, which means she needs help from the one place she swore she’d never return...Wishing Bridge Farm. Home.

Lincoln Mathews has never known love, only responsibility. And now his family home and business is at jeopardy unless he finds a solution. Fast. Their idea? Marry for money. But the girl who stole his heart is carrying their child. His first mission? Follow her to Wishing Bridge Farm. But soon he’ll have to choose between duty to his relatives and love for the real family he never thought he could have.

Each book in the Sisters of Wishing Bridge series is a standalone story that can be enjoyed out of order.

Series Order:
Book #1: Falling for the Best Man
Book #2: The Wedding Planner’s Baby
Book #3: Dating the Wrong Mr. Right

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781633759091
Publisher: Entangled Publishing, LLC
Publication date: 04/10/2017
Series: Sisters of Wishing Bridge Farm , #2
Sold by: Macmillan
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 209
Sales rank: 547,197
File size: 3 MB

About the Author

Amanda Ashby was born in Australia but now lives in New Zealand where she writes romance, young adult and middle grade books. She also works in a library, owns far too many vintage tablecloths and likes to delight her family by constantly rearranging the furniture. You can find out more about her and her latest books at

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The Wedding Planner's Baby

Sisters of Wishing Bridge Farm

By Amanda Ashby, Candace Havens

Entangled Publishing, LLC

Copyright © 2017 Amanda Ashby
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-63375-909-1


"It's perfect. And do the wishes really come true?" Bec's client Tara asked as she rubbed her swollen belly and glanced over at the old covered bridge, which had taken on a gothic appearance in the pale October sun.

Tara's long, dark hair was tied back. Her porcelain skin was glowing and her brown eyes were dewy with happiness. If Bec were a lesser person, she probably would've hated the bride-to-be on sight for looking so perfect while six months pregnant. But as it was, she couldn't help liking Tara King. Or the fact she wanted to book a very expensive wedding.

That part I really like.

"We believe they do," Bec said in what she hoped was an Emmy-like voice, since her middle sister was the only one who believed in the power of the bridge. Emmy normally would've been the one to show a potential bride around the farm. But since she'd fallen in love, lost her sanity, and disappeared off to Hawaii, the task had fallen to Bec. Not that she minded. If she could book another wedding, it would mean she'd have more money for when the baby arrived.

When the baby arrives.

Definitely not words she expected to be saying at the age of twenty-two. Because while her sisters and her friends all knew exactly what they wanted to do with their lives, Bec didn't have a clue.

Well, apart from having a baby. Apparently, that was happening regardless.

"And thank you for seeing me at such short notice. You're the only wedding planner who hasn't acted like I'm crazy for getting married to someone I've only known for six months. I think they're worried we'll cancel," Tara confided as she looked lovingly to where her fiancé was having an in-depth talk with Charlie about whether they could use the old shed as a makeshift bar.

"I guess you could say my definition of crazy has undergone a change in the last few weeks." Bec resisted the urge to discreetly pat her own flat belly. At ten weeks, there wasn't much to see, and she was in the strange place where reality and fantasy hadn't quite collided, which meant she sometimes woke up thinking she was backpacking her way around the world, going wherever the wind blew her.

Then she'd open her eyes and find herself back in her small cottage at the bottom of Wishing Bridge Farm.

Working as a wedding planner, of all things.

The weirdest part was she'd hated the farm as a teenager and had only come back to ensure Emmy went ahead with the sale of the place. And now I'm going into business with her. Still, it had the bonus of keeping her busy. And if she was busy, she couldn't think, and if she couldn't think, she couldn't —

"Are you okay?" Tara asked and Bec dragged her concentration back. She'd been drifting of a lot lately.

Her best friend Coop, who'd been reading up on pregnancy, had decided it was hormones, though Bec was sure it was more down to heartbreak, betrayal, and a good healthy dose of being pissed off.

"Sorry, what were you saying?" She forced herself to focus on Tara and her ridiculously good skin.

"We'd love to have our wedding here on the twenty-ninth of May next year, if it's still available."

"Yes, it is," Bec assured her, since the other bookings were for April and September.

"That's wonderful." Tara clapped her hands with pleasure, and Bec grinned. Her own life might be going down the tubes, but making someone else happy was surprisingly rewarding.

"What's wonderful?" Bec's older sister, Pepper, appeared on the path. As usual, her hair was scraped back from her head in a neat bun, and even in old jeans and a plaid shirt, she looked serious and ready for action. Then again, Bec couldn't remember a time when Pepper hadn't looked serious and ready for action.

"Tara and Kevin have booked for next year."

"Excellent." Pepper gave a curt nod. "I can take care of them for a few minutes while you go to your cottage. You have a visitor."

"A visitor?" Bec's stomach tightened the same way it had done every time the phone rang or tires crunched along the driveway. "Who is it?"

"Someone named Lincoln Mathews. He arrived by taxi and said it was urgent, so I told him to wait on the porch while I came to find you. You're welcome, by the way."

Lincoln Mathews?

Bec's breathing quickened and the world stopped turning.

"Just as long as he knows the twenty-ninth is already booked." Tara beamed, oblivious to Bec's complete meltdown.

"I can assure you he isn't here about a wedding." Bec gritted her teeth as she tried to control her breathing.

Or perhaps he was.

After all, he'd lied about everything else. Who was to say he didn't have a secret fiancée somewhere? She clenched her jaw.

"Is everything okay?" Pepper leaned forward and studied her face. Bec gulped. Her older sister wasn't known for her perception, which told Bec just how visible her shock must be. I need to get a grip. She licked her lips and turned to Tara.

"Would you excuse us for a minute. I need to speak to Pepper about something."

"Of course. I'll go and tell Kevin the good news."

"Great." Bec plastered on a smile and waited until Tara left before lowering her voice and clutching at Pepper's arm. "You have to tell Lincoln to leave. I can't think why you even let him stay in the first place."

"Um, because you're a grown woman. Your visitors are none of my business."

"It was none of your business when I decided to go to Argentina for six months, but that didn't stop you from having an opinion," Bec retorted, though her sister, as always, was oblivious to sarcasm. It was an irritating trait.

"What's going on? Who is this guy?" Pepper's navy eyes widened. "This is him, isn't it? The father."

"Shh!" Bec yelped, even though there was no one around.

"What do you mean, shh? Are you saying he doesn't know? We talked about this. No matter how much you're in denial, the father has a legal right to be informed," Pepper said, and Bec remembered why she liked traveling. When she was on the road, she didn't need to explain herself to anyone. Didn't need to be accountable.

Especially to her know-it-all older sister.

"And I do plan on telling him when I'm at the three-month mark. All the books agree it's a good time." Personally, Bec would've preferred sometime in about twenty years. Okay, ten. But that's my final offer. "Which means I still have fifteen days left."

"If you haven't told him, then why's he here? Please tell me you didn't dump him and run away."

Bec sighed.

Contrary to popular belief, running away wasn't her default setting, but trying to convince Pepper of that was pointless. Besides, right now she had bigger things to deal with. Because if Lincoln was here, there could only be one reason. A reason that nothing to do with their unborn baby.

The excitement of booking another wedding faded.

"I've got something he wants. Some photographs. Of the naked variety," Bec admitted.

She was rewarded by Pepper's confused expression. "Naked photos? What possessed you to do that?"

"The fact that he's very beautiful. Especially with no clothes on," Bec said. And I loved him from the first time I saw him.

Unfortunately, while Tara's love at first sight had resulted in everlasting happiness, Bec's had only lasted one week and ended up looking like something Quentin Tarantino would film.

Pepper frowned. "That still doesn't explain why he's here."

"His family was worried I might do something with them, and tried to buy them off me. For a lot of money. That's why I came home."

"How much did they offer?" Pepper asked, flicking into lawyer mode.

"That's irrelevant, and don't even think of telling me I should've taken the money," Bec warned, recognizing the expression hovering around her sister's mouth.

"I know you don't want to ask him for any money, but there's stubborn, and there's stupid. And with a baby on the way, you can't afford to be either."

Bec gritted her teeth. "Which is why I'm out here booking weddings. In case you hadn't noticed, they pay lots of money."

"They pay lots of money next year. When the event is over. Don't forget the whole reason we wanted to sell the farm in the first place was because of all the debts. And while the last wedding Emmy organized has definitely helped, it's not enough. We need more money, and we need it fast."

See, this is why no one invites Pepper to parties. She had a bad habit of lowering the mood.

"Don't forget we have the Hayride Fiesta in a few days," Bec reminded her. She'd organized it last week, and while it might not bring in quite as much money as a wedding, she was still proud of it.

"Driving a bunch of preschoolers around on a tractor isn't going to solve our problems. Or yours."

"So I'll get a job, then, in a bar or a coffee shop," Bec said. "But, please, can you just go and tell him I'm not here? I've left the country and you don't have a forwarding address. Then in two weeks I'll call him. Promise."

"He already knows you're here, and I'm not going to tell him otherwise. This is your mess, Bec. It's about time you learned to clean up after yourself."

Bec was silent as Pepper marched back to old Charlie and the happy couple.

So, that went well.

The problem now was what was she going to do?

Obviously, she couldn't face Lincoln, which meant she could either sneak down through the farm and call Coop to collect her from the road below, or she could just go to one of the many hiding spots she'd used as a child. Or, she could —


The sound of rustling leaves told her that the decision was out of her hands. She straightened her spine and reluctantly turned around to see the guy who'd ruined her life walking toward her.

Unfortunately, her eyes hadn't got the memo that he was bad news, and before she could stop them, they greedily drank him in.

He might be the most horrible, autocratic liar on the planet, but his dark soul certainly wasn't reflected in his perfect face or body.

Curse him.

Streaky blond hair fell over his forehead, and her fingers twitched to touch it. His strange eyes, neither green nor blue, tilted down at the corners, gazing steadily at her like she was the only person in the world he could see. As for his smile ...

No. No smile. In fact, no looking. She squeezed her eyes shut and began to hum.

He finally spoke. "Bec, it's not going to work. Closing your eyes won't make me go away."

"You don't know that," she retorted. "Coop once dared me to see how long I could keep my eyes shut, and I lasted for three hours — without falling asleep."

"Fine. It's been a long flight, so I'll just go sit on this bridge of yours, and when you decide to open your eyes, we can talk."

His English accent was smooth and clipped, with just a hint of amusement in it. Her skin prickled in a way old Bec would've found irresistible. However, she was quickly discovering old Bec and pregnant Bec couldn't afford to have things in common.

She shut her eyes tighter.

"If I wanted to talk to you, I would've returned your calls," she told him, wondering what her chances were of walking back to her cottage with her eyes closed. "Can't you take a hint?"

"Apparently not," he said, his voice louder. Had he just moved closer to her? Because that was just plain cheating. She folded her arms and tried not to be affected by the way his cologne caused her skin to pucker. No doubt it was incredibly expensive and up market just like he was, according to his mother.

"Well, you should learn. No one likes someone who can't take a hint."

"And no one likes someone who runs away before someone else has a chance to explain," Lincoln said, and Bec growled as she finally opened her eyes.

A-ha! He did move closer.

"I didn't run away, because running away would imply I belonged where I was. Which, as your mother assured me, I most certainly did not."

It wasn't the first time she'd felt that way, but she'd promised herself on the flight home it would be the last. She'd create a home for her and the baby. A home that would make them happy, secure, and complete. Somewhere they belonged.

"That's why I'm here. If you could just let me explain." A muscle in Lincoln's jaw flickered, and his lips compressed.

She shook her head.

So not going to happen.

Besides, what was there to explain? That the sweet guy she'd met in Italy — the one who'd shared gelato with her, who'd said he wanted to be an artist and that, if he had his way, he'd never wear shoes again — was actually a freaking English lord.

Bec flinched. She'd only discovered his deception when his mother, Lady Ashford, came into the dive of a bar where Bec was working. At the time, it hadn't seemed particularly strange her new boyfriend, who was still in Italy for another fortnight, would send his mother to see her in the East End of London. After all, she'd had all sorts of wild and wonderful experiences since she'd left home.

So, she'd chatted away while pulling pints and serving customers. However, when the invitation came for Bec to go to the house for lunch, everything had changed.

Because it wasn't a house, it was a manor.

And as Lady Ashford sat in a room filled with oil paintings of long dead relatives, surrounded by faded but expensive carpets and far too many chairs and ornaments, she'd explained exactly who and what the family was.

That everything Lincoln had told Bec was a lie.

He wasn't just an artist. He was the head of a great estate, and it was his duty to play that role to perfection. Then came the final insult — the large check in return for the photographs. As far as bombshells went, it was a great one. Explosion, shrapnel, the whole works. But the result was clear. Bec could never again have anything to do with Lincoln's mother. Or Lincoln. Because she'd heard too many lies in her life. She didn't need to hear any more.

The fact that he was also the father of her unborn child was a small complication.

"Please, just go back to England." With your horrible family in your horrible house full of horrible traditions that stupid American girls like me can't possibly understand. "I already told you I wasn't ready to discuss anything yet."

"No, you didn't." Lincoln rubbed his chin and a series of fireworks went off in her belly. Chin rubbing equals fireworks? How was that even possible? "The only time you even responded was when you sent me a picture of a purple unicorn."

"That's right. The universal symbol for needing more time," Bec retorted as she dragged her badly behaved gaze away from his chin.

"I'm sorry I didn't get the subtext, but I'm here now, and I'd like to clear the air between us. I know this is awkward."

Yeah, I'm pretty sure you don't.

At least she hoped he didn't, and she discreetly patted her stomach, pleased that in her black jeans and plain T-shirt, she didn't look pregnant. Which was good, because seeing him confirmed there was no way she could tell him about the baby face-to-face. Which is why I'm sticking to the original plan to call him in two weeks, with the safety of the Atlantic Ocean between us.

"There's nothing you can say that'll excuse what happened," she said.

"I accept that, but at least let me apologize. It's the British thing to do."

"And the American thing to do is to tell you to take a hike," Bec said before sighing. "Okay, let's get this over with. But fair warning — I'm still mad at you."

"Warning duly noted," he said as he cautiously followed her back along the path until they reached the small cottage at the bottom of the farm. Bec had been sixteen when she'd begged her Aunt Ivy to let her move into it. Her older sisters had thought she was crazy to give up her perfectly good bedroom up at the big house, but Bec had always loved the sense of independence it had given her.

"I guess we should go inside," she said, trying to hide her reluctance as she pushed open the door. Lincoln followed her, his hypnotic eyes wide, seeming to take everything in.

"So, this is where you grew up. It's a lot less Bec than I thought it would be."

"Sorry to disappoint you, but just because you think you know me, doesn't mean you do," she said, not bothering to add that most of the "Bec-ness" had been removed when Emmy's boyfriend had moved in (and ended up seducing her in the sweetest, most romantic way possible). Not that there would be any seducing going on in the cottage, romantic or not.

Her seducing days were over.


Never to be seen again.

Lincoln flinched. "I deserved that. You're right. I don't know you, but I'd been looking forward to the opportunity to learn. So, imagine my surprise when I returned to England to discover you'd gone. Fled the country."

"What did you think was going to happen? That you'd tell me you were Lord of Snotty Manor and I'd fall at your feet?"

"Snowden Manor," he corrected, before running his hand through his golden hair and letting out a groan. "Now I sound like my mother. And that's why I'm here. I had no idea she would ambush you and make out I was something I'm not."

"Oh, so you're not the head of some fancy old English family, then?"

"Okay, yes, technically I am," he said. "But I'm still me. I'm still the guy you met."


Excerpted from The Wedding Planner's Baby by Amanda Ashby, Candace Havens. Copyright © 2017 Amanda Ashby. Excerpted by permission of Entangled Publishing, LLC.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Customer Reviews

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The Wedding Planner's Baby 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 14 reviews.
Missy_BookgasmsBookBlog More than 1 year ago
I am truly enjoying the Sisters of Wishing Bridge Farm series. In The Wedding Planner’s Baby we finally learn who Bec Watson is running home to escape from—one British Lord and all the pomp and circumstance that comes with that title. Bec fell in love with Lincoln Mathews. Simple artist, Lincoln Mathews. Not the British royal. She can’t separate the two men—nor will she tie him down. She’s just going to run home. But what happens when Lincoln chases after her? Lincoln is stuck between duty and love. Will he be brave enough to choose love? Can he find a way to keep and love Bec and their baby and help his family? The Wedding Planner’s Baby is a quick, fun, flirty read. A book about discovering your true self and being true to yourself. Finding happiness even if you need to sacrifice in other areas. I loved how Bec matured through this story—loved how Lincoln did too! Their interactions were adorable and I couldn’t help but root for them to find their happily ever after.
beckymmoe More than 1 year ago
A cute and fluffy read--a fun way to start the week :) The end of book one ( Falling for the Best Man ) ensured that I was going to sign up for book two--what was Bec's story? What--or who--was she running from, and why? And...a baby? I was intrigued. Not to mention anxious to see who her hero would be...and a titled English lord? Yes, please! Though I have to admit Lincoln didn't seem particularly British, and Bec was more than a little immature...still, they were both quite likable, and wanting to see them get to an HEA kept me turning the pages. Bec's inner monologue was particularly amusing--I especially felt a kinship with her when she reflected that All she knew was that she was miserable. And she'd once spent six months trying to study accounting, so she knew a thing or two about misery. Preach it, sister. Though I had two semesters, so tell me about it. The Wedding Planner's Baby would work fine as a standalone, if you haven't read the first book yet. One sister left to go--we've got a pretty good idea where Pepper's story is going to go, but it will be nice to have confirmation :) Rating: 4 stars / B- I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.
aprilrenee1976 More than 1 year ago
Good 2nd chance romance read This was a light and fun romantic read. As the youngest Watson sister, Bec was independent, straight forward and free-spirited. She did what she wanted, when she wanted. Bec did feel like she never fit in with her older sisters and was the odd woman out with them so she traveled in order to find her place in the world. Now she's back at the family farm because she is pregnant and the father isn’t in the picture…or is he? She came back home because the father Lincoln misled her about who he really was, about a lot of his life- forgot to mention he is Lord Lincoln Matthews. He ended up letting her walk away. So she came home to raise her baby and try to forget the man that stole her heart. However, Lincoln came to see her at her family’s farm, trying to get back with her. Wanting her forgiveness and some other concessions from her. He doesn’t know she is pregnant so will he be ready for a baby or will he cut and run again? This was a good romance but at times the characters were a bit frustrating and they didn’t seem as connected. I guess it would have helped if I could have gotten a bit more chemistry than what was shown in the story. Otherwise, this was a good 2nd chance romance read. My rating: 4.3 stars **** "I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book in exchange for an honest review***
Sirius14 More than 1 year ago
I absolutely loved this book. a whooping 4.7 stars woth amazing and lovely characters, well structured and intriguing plot and flowing prose. I loved it and would recommend it to everyone who reads romance. This was my first book by the author and I really lookforward to reading more.
Lori-Gonzo More than 1 year ago
3.5**** This is such a cute little story. In the beginning, Bec was making me crazy and a little frustrated. She was very much her 22 year old self. But I am glad I kept reading because she matured as the story went on and I understood her more, even liking her. Now Lincoln, I liked him from the beginning. He was responsible, trying to make everything in his life work, and sexy. I did enjoy Bec and Lincoln together. She brought out his fun side and he made her feel special. The ending to their story was very sweet and I loved their families. Now I want Pepper's story. I received this book in exchange for an honest review from the publisher through Netgalley.
BooksAndSpoons More than 1 year ago
This is a nice, light-hearted and flirty type of story that was fun to read. There's a lot of banter between the characters and small town incidents that can be humorous. The story is well written and moves on smoothly, as Bec and Lincoln are trying to figure out their lives with the new challenges they are facing. Even though this is a stand-alone novel, I would recommend reading the first book of the series before this one. I felt that a lot of the backstory was lacking, about the sisters and their relationships, why didn't Bec want to come back home, the time in Italy that was often referenced but never completely revealed, how close truly were Bec Watson and Lincoln Mathews since the story gives a two different kind of pictures of the relationships. What took me by surprise was a number of characters that I didn't like or were not very pleasant. Bec herself was immature and a bit flaky. Maybe she really wasn't mature enough for the responsibility she was facing, since most of the decisions she made were odd. Bec's sister Piper and Lincoln's mother are not amongst the nicest people in the literature world, even though Lincoln's mother did warm up towards the end, but the choices she had made were still in my mind and counting against her. I didn't understand what was the huge deal that Lincoln didn't reveal his whole identity to her in Italy. Especially since it seems their relationship was more of a physical attraction at that point. Also hiding the baby news was an odd choice in my eyes but maybe not for her. Lincoln was a solid character, he was easy to like, to understand his reasons, and his feelings towards Bec were believable as the story moved on. This is a fun story with some original twists and lots whimsy and wisecracks embedded in the dialog, providing a light, quick, and a good read. ~ Three Spoons
etoile1996 More than 1 year ago
bec watson never thought she'd find herself back on her aunt's farm. since turning eighteen she'd made it a point to be anywhere but there. but when she is heartbroken while backpacking in italy all she wants to do is come home. and wishing bridge farm is the closest thing she's got to call home. the wedding planner's baby is the second book in the series, and though i have read falling for the best man it's not necessary to read it first in order to understand the plot of this book. lincoln matthews, aka the earl of ashford, might not have been completely honest about his background when he first met up with bec. but for once he was happy to be free of responsibility. his ancestral home, snowden manor is on the verge of being lost to the family, and the last thing he wants is to be the one who lost it all for everyone. but he also wants to be the free-wheeling artist he is with bec. but first he has to make amends, because she is so upset that he withheld the truth. and this is maybe what i found frustrating about bec, she's the kind of "free-spirited" that uses her itchy feet as an excuse to avoid the truth. her itchy feet are less about wanderlust and more about running from the hard stuff. at every turn she tries her hardest to avoid the hard stuff with lincoln. even trying to get out of telling him that she's pregnant with his baby. and then refusing to talk about how her having this baby is going to work, especially given that he seems to want to be a part of the baby's life. lincoln has the patience of a saint. even when bec tries to cut him out of her life he reduses to go away. and it doesn't come off as stalkerish or unreasonable. he simply knows that he's found what he's looking for with bec and he's not going to let her itchy, runaway feet get in the way of a good thing. but he has his work cut out for him, because bec has gotten so good at running that she has no idea what it means to face the hard stuff. even though it can be really, really worth it to let someone love you. she's too familiar with loss to see it, but her family and friends can, and they help lincoln out by not letting bec run. and when he finally gives her a reason to stay, it is totally worth it. beyond the bec and lincoln drama, we also got a hint of something brewing between pepper and cooper. those two are hiding some secrets, and i can't wait to see what those are as the series concludes. **the wedding planner's baby will publish on april 10, 2017. i received an advance reader copy courtesy of netgalley/entangled publishing (bliss) in exchange for my honest review.
HumorMyWay More than 1 year ago
A very sweet warm romance that just leaves you all warm inside giving you a very sweet read you can relate to. The twists and turns keep you hanging on as the author throws in a few surprises along the way. It was well put together with details that really adds to the excitement of the read. Bec finds herself in a mess being lied to and now expecting a baby by that lying man she doesn’t have much choice but to return home. She is a wedding planner by trade and plans to make a living this way supporting her baby. Lincoln who is the lying baby’s father has other ideas. He is in a mess his self duty calls but love might be stronger. First find the women who stole his heart and having his baby, than make her understand why he wasn’t all the way truthful. After that well he just isn’t sure, one step at a time and he will work the rest out later. The author spins a tale that grabs your attention from the first page. The twists and turns keep you guessing and invested throughout. The plot was outstanding I even loved the characters as my heart went out to each of them. I really loved the tale behind the Wishing Bridge. It was very exciting to learn more about it and what part it plays in the story. Both of these characters will have some tough decisions to make with Lincoln having the toughest ones. He will have to decide between the women he loves and the family who needs him. He has always been the one they run to, always working out the problems. Maybe it is time for him to have what he wants and let the family deal with things on their own. The question is can he and who or what will he chose? I really enjoyed this even though I had not read the first book in the series. I didn’t feel lost, the author explained everything very clearly. The supporting characters added a lot to the story from her sister who is a little pushy to the epilogue. I am looking forward to the next book and seeing what the next sister brings to the story. She has a secret that should be very interesting.
Lashea677 More than 1 year ago
Lincoln and Bec found the stuff of romance novels in each others arms. Yet, when the euphoria starts to fade and the real world intrudes, hearts are bound to be broken. Will these two star crossed lovers be able to keep the dream alive? A noteworthy effort, that casts a spell not easily broken.
Splashesintobooks1 More than 1 year ago
Twenty-two year old Bec Watson had been off globe trotting, staying in Italy, when she met Lincoln Matthews. They had a brief holiday romance that seemed to be going much further – until she met his mother and learned that he is actually a Lord and owner of a crumbling estate in England. She decides to run back to Wishing Bridge Farm, the place she grew up and now owns with her older sisters and which they now run as a wedding venue. Finding out she’s pregnant is a shock and, despite the advice of her sisters, she’s determined not to tell Lincoln until she’s reached three months. However, Lincoln isn’t giving up on his romance with the free spirited Bec, who has captured his heart. He turns up and accidentally discovers that she’s expecting his child and he’s determined to be more than an absentee father with the Atlantic between them. The perseverance of the hero of this story is creditable, despite the set backs and an interfering Mum! I actually had mixed feelings about Bec, sometimes loving her and really feeling for her and other times wishing she’d grow up. By the end, however, I was really hoping things would work out well for them and the other romances in the story. There are plenty of twists and turns, I love the farm and nearby community with all the brilliant characters. It is a relatively quick, sweet romance and would probably make a great beach read. I requested and was given a copy of this book via NetGalley. This is my honest opinion after reading the story. It is part of a series but I believe it still works well as a standalone.
repsgoddess More than 1 year ago
The Wedding Planner's Baby by Amanda Ashby is Book 2 of the Sisters of Wishing Bridge Farm Series. Although this book is part of a series, it can be read as a standalone. This was a quick romance that was sweet, heartfelt and very enjoyable. Although quick, it was by no means incomplete. I found the characters to be engaging and the world nicely defined, not to mention who doesn’t enjoy a good baby surprise romance?!?! Ms. Ashby did a good job with this story and it is a nice addition to her series. Please note that an ARC was generously provided in exchange for an honest review of which this is both honest and completely voluntary.
Crystal_Yawn More than 1 year ago
Lincoln is to die for! He's loyal and sexy, does what he needs to for his family and that includes the family he wants. He's the glue that holds this story together and keeps the pages running. He's a Man in all senses of the word. The town characters are lively and help add charm to the story, the event planning and mishaps keep you entertained. Piper is a bit of an odd duck and I'm thinking their is a story between her and coop that I don't know yet (didn't read book one). She's harsh and bossy like any oldest sister, looking forward to her falling head over heels for someone. Didn't see much of Emmy in this book and I've not read hers, soon opinion there. Then we come to Bec. Bec is flighty and immature. I get she's 22, I get she's an orphan, I get she's the baby , but seriously you just want to yell " grow up". If it were not for Lincoln, Coop and Piper, that baby would be beyond screwed up. And lastly, Lincoln's mom. In my opinion, she's forgiven multiple times way to easy. She's a conniving old lady who is very mean. The carefree moments between Lincoln and Bec are fun to read. They work great together as a couple when they are not discussing their status as a couple. I did enjoy their story and would recommend it to others. Though it is part of a series, you do not have to read the first book to understand the rest.
Bette313 More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed this one. It's another light, fun read in this series and I adored these characters. The story is very well done with great pace and character development. Definitely left me wanting Pepper and Coop's story! Bec has always been the flightly, carefree Watson sister. Never one to settle down but now she's back at Wishing Bridge Farm trying to prove she's serious about staying and working as a wedding planner. Yeah she might be slightly pregnant. She may have left the father back in England after finding out the truth about him. That doesn't make her irresponsible does it??? Then the baby's father shows up trying to explain why hadn't been completely honest with her. Will she listen? Do they have a chance? I highly recommend this one.
HeyerF4n More than 1 year ago
This was a fun read - family, friends, small town folk, weddings and a pregnancy. Bec is kooky and thinks differently to the rest of her family but in Lincoln she has found her soulmate and it was great to see her free Lincoln to be the man he wants to be. I received a complimentary copy of this book from NetGalley. I was not compensated for my review, and I was not required to write a positive review. The opinion expressed here is my own.