Weight Of Night

Weight Of Night

by C L Stegall


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ISBN-13: 9781456575854
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 01/25/2011
Pages: 344
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.72(d)

About the Author

CL Stegall, former publisher and author of speculative fiction, has written work ranging from Fantasy (the Progeny series) to Horror (the Valence of Infinity series) to Thrillers such as The Ordeal and the forthcoming Rising. He is the editor of (and contributor to) the novella anthologies 4POCALYPSE - Four Tales Of A Dark Future and 4RCHETYPES: Modern Interpretations of Classic Horror. His short stories have appeared in anthologies such as Past the Patch: a Halloween Anthology and Twice Upon A Time, An Anthology - Fairytale, Folklore, & Myth Reimagined & Remastered.

A frequent speaker at writers' conferences and workshops, CL loves to share his knowledge and experience with other writers.

CL is a fan of sci-fi and fantasy in all their forms, a lover of carrot cake and a former military intelligence linguist. He lives in Texas with his lovely Wife and two dogs who think they run the joint.

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The Weight of Night 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
JJessie More than 1 year ago
I have been stalking on purchasing this novel ever since I was informed of its publication. I had other things going on that prevented it. I picked this novel up on 06/25/2011 and started reading it around 9:30PM. I could not put it down, I mean literally. I purchased it on my Nook so it was easily portable to my downstairs smoking area and to the refrigerator to get more tea, but I simply could not put it down. THe way that this novel is written will keep any reader enthralled to the end. The way that C.L. Stegall writes this piece is amazing, from the detailed and relateable characters, to the amazing landscape in which the story unfolds. This is one of the greatest pieces I have read in my lifetime. Ranks on my list with R.A. Salvatore pushing past it hopefully when Redtome comes out next year. Definitely a must read for anyone who loves Greek Mythology.
MelyMoore82 More than 1 year ago
From the beginning this book sucks you in. The characters are relatable, and well formed. It has the Greek Mythology that I love so much but only find with a handful of authors. What was even more nice is that this book took the Greek Myth to a new playing field. C. L. Stegall did not just do the basic gods. Nope. We are talking gods, demigods, and even deities. So Thumbs up on the originality! The writing style, plot/storyline, and even the pace, flowed easy, and seamlessly. The world that this story was built, is just. Wow! It was such an awesome read and I do recommend that you grab this book up.
arthistorychick on LibraryThing 8 months ago
**Spoiler Alert**The Weight of Night is CL Stegall¿s impressive first offering in what will become the Progeny Trilogy. Although written for a young adult audience this contemporary version of Greek mythology will certainly appeal to adults as well. With that being said this is a novel that has a bit of a slow start but once you get past the slow start the read is absolutely worth the wait!Eighteen-year-old Alexis Rain lives a charmed life: she¿s been accepted to Oxford, she drives a BMW, has two parents who adore her and, a best friend, Keats, who is her absolute other half. Here¿s the rub: Alexis Rain isn¿t a normal teenager but is, in fact, the daughter of Nyx, the Greek goddess of Night; she kind of didn¿t know about that. Along with her newly discovered paternity, Alexis also notices that she glows when experiencing extreme emotion, she can teleport, and she knows any and every bit of information that has ever been written or spoken. Sweet!! Super-powers rock!! Or not. Turns out, Alexis isn¿t the only child of the Greek deities but one of many that are spread across the globe. Smallish side note: most of the other kids are bat-crap crazy and lethal. Alexis is forced to track down these demigods, befriending some and fighting others, in order to find out who killed her father and just as importantly, who kidnapped Keats. This portion of the novel and right on through to the end is where the action and drama really kick into high gear and it is fun and fast-paced. As a character, this is where we really see Alexis begin to develop; she is smart, cunning, lethally skilled, and wonderfully sarcastic. As Alexis comes to the completion of her task she begins to understand and embrace not only her true nature but the nature of the demigods as well. She gets to meet her mother as well as another deity or two and to top it all off, Alexis also discovers that the person behind the killing and kidnapping are just pawns in a much, much larger game. What that means for us dear reader is this: there will be more books to come!! The bottom line: just suck it up and get through the slow start because the middle and ending are well worth the beginning. Alexis is a fine, strong female that is wonderfully balanced by her best friend, Keats. I LOVE Keats! Keats is calm, cool, collected, intelligent, funny, and hot. I also love the fact that Greek mythology is making its way back into mainstream reading markets. Greek mythology is fun, devious, naughty, complicated, and flat out fascinating. Stegall¿s re-invention or re-imagining of the old myths is a great new trend that I truly hope continues.
ndpend More than 1 year ago
The Weight of Night is a fabulously written story of Alexis Rain and her struggle to discover her destiny. Alexis suffers great loss in the beginning chapters of the book, and the road she is forced to travel after the tragedy she endures, is a frightening one. Her one true friend, Keats, has been a part of her life since they were small children. As Alexis travels the road to find her true self, Keats is with her and learns more than he thought possible. Alexis is thrown into a whirlwind world of danger and secret agendas, of demigods and deities. Each character in this book is brought to life in the reader’s mind by a writing style that is truly unique and uncommon. The reader is drawn in from the beginning and left wanting more at the end. Alexis and Keats become friends to the reader, and the emotional involvement between the reader and the characters grows stronger as Alexis and Keats come to grips with who Alexis truly is and what she is capable of. CL Stegall is a writer to watch. His style of writing is beautiful. He draws the reader in immediately and never lets them go. The Weight of Night is rich in Greek mythology and brings it to life for the reader. While this novel technically falls into a Young Adult category given the age of the characters, there is true appeal for all ages.
CrystalS84 More than 1 year ago
I love reading books in series, because along the line, you learn so much about the characters, and who they are. Downfall of that is if you're used to waiting til there is already several books of that series out. With this series, I'm going to have to find patience for the other books to come out, because I'm already sucked in! Alexis and Keats feel like someone you already know, and so it's easier to want to know more about them and see what CL has to say about them as characters. I can't wait until the next part of the story comes out, and see where CL takes the story. Great Job! Please, for the love of Pete, keep up the good work!