The West Bluff

The West Bluff

by Jon Bunn


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The West Bluff and surrounding swamps along the Sabine River between Texas and Louisiana have provided a modest but comfortable shelter and satisfactory sustenance for Robert Andrew (“Dick”) Jackson and his Cajun sweetheart, Penny, for many years since the loss of both his parents—his dad through divorce when he was young, and his mother years later in a horrendous explosion and fire in Texas City. But lately, things have not seemed right. Trapping has become dangerous, as a terrifying aspect of death and a fearful presence seems to have crept its way into this region known as the Big Thicket. Dick has already lost two of his hunting dogs within days of each other under unusual circumstances, and the remaining dogs whine and pull at their chains. Four friends come from Georgia to join in the hunt for whatever it is, and Cajun folkways are employed to ward off this haint. But the challenges seem only to multiply.

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ISBN-13: 9780692090954
Publisher: Jon Bunn
Publication date: 04/30/2018
Pages: 190
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.40(d)

About the Author

Jon Bunn grew up in and around the marshes and swamps that bordered Texas and Louisiana from about four years of age until he struck out on his own before his 16th birthday. The sanctuary of the bayous brought peace and solitude when he explored, hunted, fished, and trapped the rivers and backwaters. It was the place he felt most at home, and his fascination with the flora and fauna and people of the region have provided a touchstone throughout his life.

The journey for this high school drop-out continued when Jon re-entered high school in Indiana and, though steered by counselors towards vocational classes, he went on to graduate from Indiana University, with a B.S. in Speech and Theatre and a minor in Folklore, and later earned his M.S. in Secondary Education. His experiences along the way were wide and varied- welder, machinist, carpenter, busboy, waiter, cook, dishwasher, recording technician, actor, stage hand, bartender, musician, teacher, recruiter, glass blower-and now, writer.

Jon returned to Texas in the mid-70s, after hitchhiking around Europe and North Africa. He now lives in Houston with his lovely wife Donna. He has two daughters, Kandace and Chelsea, and a grandson, Ryland. Jon and Donna travel about the U.S. with their German Shorthaired Pointer rescue dog, Jenny, from mountain to shore. They are both avid freshwater and saltwater anglers. The West Bluff is Jon Bunn's first published book, but he has several more waiting in the wings: The Complete Tangiers to Cost Rica Grace Baptist Temple Broken-Down Blues Bus, a road trip adventure, and Pike's Peat and Worm Farm, a coloring book.

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