The Whining Woods

The Whining Woods

by Ray Connor


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The Whining Woods by Ray Connor

When Willie Ford's best friend gets swallowed by a house in the Whining Woods, he gathers his friends and they go on a journey to rescue him. Along the way they encounter dragons, bullies, and an evil mage. Are Willie's newly acquired powers enough to overcome the odds and bring his friend home? This book continues the story of Willie and his friends after they return from The Interdimensional Dumpster

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ISBN-13: 9781491052907
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 07/20/2013
Pages: 164
Product dimensions: 5.25(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.38(d)

About the Author

Ray Connor lives in Western Massachusetts with his family. He grew up reading fantasy, science fiction and comic books. Visit for more info!

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The Whining Woods 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Msdafnee More than 1 year ago
The Whining Woods by Ray Connor ****SPOILER ALERT**** ****SPOILER ALERT**** ****SPOILER ALERT**** ****SPOILER ALERT**** ****SPOILER ALERT**** DON'T READ ANY FARTHER IF YOU DON'T LIKE TO READ ANY SPOILERS! The Whining Woods by Ray Connor starts with Willie and his friends waiting for school to let out for summer break. When Willie gets home, his mom (Mrs.Ford) told Willie that the reason she and Mr. Ford couldn't go to Placidia with him over the summer was because they had to work at the store. Willie didn't understand because his real father King William gave them plenty of money so they didn't have to work. Mrs. Ford tells Willie that they promised to keep the store open so they could guard the dumpster so nobody came through who wasn't permitted. When he was at dinner that night, Willie thought he saw Arnoth across the street from the restaurant they were eating at. When Willie went to bed that night, he woke up to Arnoth in the corner of his room. Arnoth was getting ready to take his powers until Mrs. Ford opened the door and turned on the lights to Willie's room. Mrs. Ford thought Willie was dreaming and told him to tell the King about his dream because he would know what to do. That morning Willie and his friends left for Placidia. Mrs. Ford watched the kids as they jumped into the dumpster but failed to see that at the other end of the alley, a kid with a skateboard was watching them and a cloaked figure grabs him by the shoulder. Willie and his friends arrive in Placidia in the cave and once they exit they are greeted with great fanfare. Willie called for Jetar and 3 other dragons to take him and his friends to the castle. While flying, Willie looked for Amy in the crowd but did not see her. That was because she was flying in the air which she tells Willie she has been working on since he`s left. Willie and his friends arrive at the castle and Willie is sad because he had not seen his father King William. Queen Malinda tells him he had to do something that was very important. Sir Samuel tells Willie and the others that the King wished to see them in Council Chambers. (Even though they have been sealed for years.) they go to a room and Willie says his prince name and after he said it the wall began to glow and a doorway appeared. They all walked into a big room and saw the meeting table used by the Council of Dimensions. Willie and Amy found that they had chairs marked with their names on them. They were then introduced to another council member, a boy with a skateboard named Nevil. The King tells them he and Nevil just visited Nevil's birth parents in the dimension of Machinopia . When they were there Nevil's powers of being able to create a machine for any circumstance were activated. That night, Willie listened to two mice in his room talk to each other about a talking house that was in the Whining Woods. He asked the mice about it and decided he was going to go see it. In the morning he and Travis go off on an adventure to the Whining Woods to see the talking house but when they get there, a tongue rolls out of the house and snatches Travis. Willie runs back to the castle and the King goes out to the house (with the rest of the kids) to speak with the house. The house tells the King he made a deal with Arnoth to give him one of the children and Arnoth would release him from the house. Martin, the house, tells the king he just was so lonely not being able to see his friends and family. The King tells Martin that he just met one of his family members, his son, and he just handed him over to Arnoth. The King goes after Travis while the others go back and let everyone know what was going on. Willie and the others decide that they have to go help save Travis. After the King makes it into Amastia, he speaks with Penelope who tells him that he saw Travis walking through the Whining Woods but that was it. Then a young man came up to the King and said his brother had seen a man with black robes at the old elementary school. The young man takes the King to where he could see the school. The King was able to see some children but didn't see Travis, so he decided he would wait until nightfall when everyone was asleep to do anything. Meanwhile, everyone gets through the portal and Candy tells Willie he smells both Travis and the King. Willie tells Amy to fly above to see what was over the hill. Nevil begins to try and make something to locate Travis and they decide to go wait in the woods behind the school and wait until night to do anything. They don't realize that they had been spotted by Arnoth through the Orb of All Seeing. Willie and the others found the King and they all devised a plan to get Travis and he others away from Arnoth. Meanwhile, Arnoth stole one of the children's (Jordan) powers. Then when the King and kids went into the school they unfortunately were caught by Arnoth. Arnoth tells Jordan that he took his powers to keep the all the children safe from the unwanted intruders. Jordan asks for his powers back but he was told he would get them back later. (Jordan realizes he isn't getting his powers back.) Jordan does as he is told by Arnoth and stands watch over the King and kids who are all tied up. Travis had developed his power, which was invisibility, so he went around and untied everyone. They jumped on Jordan but he didn't even fight with them. Jordan told them he wanted to go with them. Maddie and three other girls (April, May and June) also went back with them. Travis went back for the Orb of All Seeing and Arnoth tries to stop him. Willie comes to help Travis by using a second power he developed. Willie turned into a black bear and took Arnoth's staff away from him too. They all go back to the portal to leave and Penelope asks if the found her son (Travis). Travis finally is able to materialize and meet his mother. They all go through the portal back to Placidia. Once through, Travis is able to retrieve his father from the house. After everyone has eaten, the King speaks with Travis and Willie in the Council Chambers. Travis tells the King he knows were and who Arnoth`s son is and tells him it is Vinnie Scarpacci. They use the Orb of all Seeing and check in on Vinnie and see that he is by a dumpster with the serial number of the dumpster that is supposed to be behind his other parent's store. The Whining Woods is a fun and creative story geared towards 8-12 yr. old kids. The story has some amusing and cool characters. I like that how it deals with issues that a kid in this age group might come across. The story flow nicely and has a nice pace. It is easy to understand and shows that the kids believe in themselves and when they put their mind to something they can accomplish anything. I think that is a great message to be sending out to young readers. I definitely would recommend for young readers. 4 Stars *I won this book through Goodreads First Reads giveaway. In no way has this influenced my rating or opinion of this book.*