The White Male Masters Problem

The White Male Masters Problem

by Lisa gene Cox
The White Male Masters Problem

The White Male Masters Problem

by Lisa gene Cox


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Societies are composed of groups and sub-groups. For a society to be fully functional, fair, and enjoyable for all groups to the fullest level, all groups and sub-groups must feel free to interact with other groups on a fair and equitable basis.

Who would claim that it is fair or proper that one groups should control and dominate other groups? Other than members of that particular group? Civil rights activism, and women's civil rights activism is necessary for this fairness to be achieved and maintained. Without it, "With Liberty and Justice for All," will be just an illusion and will not happen. It should be considered a crime for this activism to not proceed unfettered.

In every and all types of relationships, whether it is family, job, business, relationship, or social, there is a single overriding factor that will predict it's success. "I will put up with your shit if you put up with my shit."

When that model fails, due to one members attempted domination of the other, the relationship will fail to be fair and enjoyable by both.

In societies, in all types of groups, the same model is critical. "I will put up with your shit if you put up with my shit." And, "If you can live your life your way, then I can live my life my way." If groups in a society do not follow that model, caused by one group trying to dominate and control other groups, then that society will fail to be socially cohesive.

If the women of the world met, rather than the men of the world meeting, there would be no more wars. We don't have that testosterone problem. Work it out, not fight it out.

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ISBN-13: 9781548362294
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 06/25/2017
Pages: 316
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About the Author

Lisa Gene Cox - It is all about the adventure!

I don't write fiction adventure, I live adventure and record what it is like.

Transgender writer and activist. Business owner, hate hater, trying to make things fair.

Activist for many years. We must activate or it will not happen.

In all kinds of relationships, the guiding principle is that "I will put up with your shit, if you put up with mine." If that fails, then the relationship will fail.

Would you consider it fair for one group to dominate others? I do not, and that is my mission.
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