The Whole Internet for Windows 95: User's Guide and Catalog

The Whole Internet for Windows 95: User's Guide and Catalog

by Paula Ferguson, Ed Krol


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ISBN-13: 9781565921559
Publisher: O'Reilly Media, Incorporated
Publication date: 11/08/1995
Series: Nutshell Handbooks Series
Pages: 644
Product dimensions: 6.99(w) x 9.15(h) x 1.28(d)

About the Author

Paula Ferguson is the Executive Editor for O'Reilly Web and Scripting editorial group.

Krol has a degree in computer science from the University of Illinois. He is assistant director for Network Information Services, Computing and Communications Service Office, University of Illinois.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: What Is This Book About?
Something for Everyone
What You Will Learn
What You Need
What an Internet Connection Means
How This Book Is Organized

Chapter 2: What Is the Internet?
How Did the Internet Get Started?
What Makes Up the Internet?
Who Governs the Internet?
Who Pays for It?
What Does This Mean for Me?
What Does the Future Hold?

Chapter 3: How the Internet Works
Moving Bits from One Place to Another
Making the Network Friendly

Chapter 4: What's Allowed on the Internet?
Historical Perspective
Legal Implications
Network Ethics
Ethics and the Private Commercial Internet
Security Consciousness

Chapter 5: Electronic Mail
When Is E-Mail Useful?
Hints for Writing E-Mail
How E-Mail Works
Acquiring E-Mail Addresses
Choosing an E-Mail Package
Exchange--Windows 95's E-Mail Package
Sending Other Documents in E-Mail Messages
Unusual and Non-Standard Features
When E-Mail Gets Returned
Mail Lists and Reflectors
Accessing Mailing List Archives
The Eudora E-Mail Package

Chapter 6: The World Wide Web
Getting Started
Navigating the Web with Internet Explorer
Navigating the Web with Netscape Navigator
Working with Other Services
Creating Your Own Home Page
Windows 95 on the Web
Where the Web Is Going

Chapter 7: Network News
Newsgroups and News System Organization
Getting Started
Reading News
Posting Articles
A Summary of Trumpet Commands
Other Hints and Conventions
A Different Approach: Netscape Navigator

Chapter 8: Remote Login
Connecting a Remote Computer
Non-Standard Telnet Servers
Telnet Program Options
Telneting to IBM Mainframes

Chapter 9: Moving Files: FTP
Introducing Windows 95 FTP
Anonymous FTP
Browsing on a Remote Machine
Moving Files in Private Accounts
ASCII and Binary Transfers
Handling Large Files and Groups of Files
A More Friendly FTP
FTP Over the Web
Hints, Advice, and Problems
File Retrieval Using E-Mail

Chapter 10: Finding Files
How Archie Works
Contacting Archie
Using Archie from the Web
Special-Purpose Archie Clients
Contacting an Archie Client Remotely

Chapter 11: Finding Someone
Why Isn't There a Single Internet Directory?
CSO Directories
Finding a User on a Specific System
The USENET User List
X.500 Directory Services
Knowbot Information Service
In Closing

Chapter 12: Tunneling Through the Internet: Gopher
The Internet Gopher
Working with Gopher Resources
Searching with Gopher
Remembering Where You Are
The Web and Gopher
A Last Word

Chapter 13: Searching Indexed Databases: WAIS
How WAIS Works
Getting Access
WAIS and the Web
Public WAIS Clients
What the Future Holds

Chapter 14: Other Applications
Time Services
Fax Over the Internet
Audio and Video
PGP--Privacy and Encryption

Chapter 15: Dealing with Problems
The Ground Rules
Gather Baseline Information
The Battle Plan
Talking to Operations Personnel

Resources on the Internet
Stalking the Wild Resource
A Few Special Resources
How We Did It
Using the Catalog
The Whole Internet Catalog

Appendix A: Getting Connected to the Internet
Grades of Service
Service Providers

Appendix B: Setting Up Your Internet Connection
Microsoft Internet Jumpstart Kit
Windows 95 PPP
Windows 95 on a LAN
Microsoft Exchange

Appendix C: International Network Connectivity
Country Codes and Connectivity

Appendix D: The Microsoft Network
Accessing the Microsoft Network
Exploring MSN
MSN and the Internet
Some Final Thoughts

Appendix E: Internet Explorer 2.0 and Netscape Navigator 2.0
Internet Explorer 2.0
Netscape Navigator 2.0
Netscape Navigator Gold

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