The Widow's Friend

The Widow's Friend

by Dave Stone

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The Widow’s Friend, is the compelling tale of an old flame suddenly rekindled. In some ways it is a common yarn, and will reach out and touch a lot of lives. You never know when love will find you, but find me it did in a surprising way.
My life was winding on. Widowed just four years ago, I was resolved to finish my life alone, but then something happened. An old friend found me on Facebook, and we began the renewal of an old courtship that had ended many years before. I had lived my life and he had lived his, and now we found ourselves talking again. I found it to be not only just a chance at hope, but it was also very much exhilarating, and much to my surprise, our personalities dovetailed perfectly.
Our lives were different, his and mine. After marrying multiple times, I had ended up a widow, and very much alone. He was the faithful spouse. Though generally unhappy in a turbulent marriage, he had raised his kids in the midst of it all, as he staunchly weathered the tempests of life.
He was so nice and so fun to talk to as our minds melded and our hearts touched. We were just two lonely people, becoming newly reacquainted and coming back together after all these many years, and now that we have, we’re so glad that we did.

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Publisher: Dave Stone
Publication date: 09/25/2013
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About the Author

About the Author Dave never dreamed he would write a book, let alone more than one of them, but things will happen and life will change as it twists and turns in its meandering way. Dave had a magical childhood. He grew up, like many others, in a small town at the base of the Rocky Mountains. Dave was always the little guy, the smallest kid in the class, but that made little difference in his early years. He was an energetic kid, filled with fun and surrounded by friends. He ran and played from summer to summer with the faithful and wonderful friends of his youth. Never much interested in sports; that changed dramatically in his fifth-grade year. An avid reader, he picked up a singular book and it effectively drew him in - "Shorty plays Shortstop" would change his life. The following summer, his last year in Little League, his desire burned to excel at the sport. He found his way to shortstop where he proved better than he thought he might be. He played that position for many years to come. In high school basketball became his love. Shy by nature and the smallest kid on the team he never played much for the school but found his way to the recreational leagues where he fought the battles and lived the dream with other boys who shared the quest. Tennis became his final love and he played it whenever he got a chance, well into his middle-aged years. Dave has always been an avid storyteller. He loved to frighten his brothers and scare the neighbors at every turn. Stories of monsters were delivered under star-filled skies. Tales of the dark-side were recounted in dimly lit rooms, and accounts of what-could-very-well-be were shared in cars packed with friends. As a young father he would share stories on a frequent basis with his three young children, most often making them up as he went along. Storytelling is part of Dave's nature, as you will soon discover on each and every page. Dave had a hip replacement at age 47. It changed his life. Not only did he change jobs. (He's now a stock broker for a major firm) but he also changed hobbies. No longer could he play tennis on a competitive level or basketball with the old men. He reflected on a quote that had struck him in an earlier year: "It is so sad when a person dies with the music still in them." What music was inside of him? He searched his soul for "something to do" that would give him joy and fill his days. The music he found was his small-town childhood - writing became the vehicle with which he would share. At present, writing awards him as much pleasure as sports did in years gone by, just in a new and different kind of way. He is currently working on his sixth book, a book about basketball. This web site is part of his hobby. He loves to write and he wants to share. Dave lives with his wife Peggy in Highland, Utah. They have one cat, three grown children and seven grandkids

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