The Wikomsette

The Wikomsette

by Emerald Lavere
4.5 4

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The Wikomsette 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
California loneliness to jungle fever love. Regina finds herself transformed into the queen bee of eight hot chiseled intelligent men. Almost any woman would fantasize having multiple pleasurable partners, who adore her, bear gifts, and bring her to climactic events…but as the story unfolds, complications arise. At first, Regina loves her new life, but as her feminine emotional nature magnifies between the different men. She finds herself falling deeper and deeper into an emotional trap of turmoil and distraught. Her subconscious search for her ONE knight in shinning armor who will grant her unconditional love begins. Which one of the eight picture perfect bachelors will it be? One steamy sex scene after the other, this novel will surely leave any female feeling hot, bothered, and falling off the edge of her seat… Wowzers!
Wildcat91 More than 1 year ago
This book is an excellent blend of erotica and actual plot. Many books are one or the other. The sexy scenes do start rather abruptly, however the reason for this is explained later on when the plot really gets going. During the course of the book you really do get to know the characters and their motivations and you begin to care about each one. This is an enjoyable "forget about your world and let go" kind of read.
CrystalMarie218 More than 1 year ago
This is one of those books where I have complete complete mixed emotions about it. After reading the blurb of this book several times to make sure I don’t give any spoilers away, I think there might be some small ones. If that is so, I am really sorry! So we have Regina, who travels somewhere, she doesn’t know where at first, and is met by a group of men. After getting jiggy with some of the men, and yes she does that right away, she finds out that she is the “wife” of 7 men. All of whom it is her job to “service” and they will take care of her during her time with them. Ok now let’s think about this, she is taken from her house to what could be a different planet, and is told she has to have sex with 7 different men. To me, that sounds like she is told if you don’t have sex with these men willing, you will still have to have sex with them. (I don’t agree with that.) And yes, there are scenes of rape that happen in this story. As you get further into the story, it starts to get more interesting as Regina starts helping them out with their jobs. Granted they still aren’t telling her where she is, or even what they are doing their jobs for, it was still fun to read about that stuff. There were some parts of the story that were extremely interesting, and there were some parts that felt like they were dragged on for longer than they needed to be. When it came to the ending of the book though, I felt like it was really rushed. I was hoping for more about what had “happened” but I felt like there wasn’t enough told about it. Overall, this was a good read!
mike91848 More than 1 year ago
Emerald Lavere has written an Erotic fantasy that weaves a young woman’s needs with those of others in a story that I found to be well written and full of surprises. Regina’s journey in this story is a roller coaster ride that pulled me in and took me along for the ride, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Her life in the beginning is a lonely and sad place for her, isolated from relationships and withdrawn emotionally due to the loss of her late husband and her miscarriage. Then something happens that changes everything, demanding Regina’s total involvement, emotionally and physically.  Emerald’s writing style pulled me in from the beginning by exposing Regina’s inner turmoil’s and how challenges along the way affected her and how she in turn affected others. Regina’s place in life in the beginning of the story is a far cry from where she ends up. It’s the journey she takes, emotionally and physically, that Emerald has written so well. Once I started reading her novel I couldn’t stop.