The Wild Fields

The Wild Fields

by Purple Hazel

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Ludmilla is a young farmer's daughter living in 16th century Russia. Motherless since age three, and with five older brothers constantly taunting her about her gender, Ludmilla sheds her identity as a girl by age thirteen. She dresses like a man, walks like a man, and smells a lot like one too. Then one day, she goes into town and sees the most beautiful girl she's ever laid eyes upon.

It is Tatyana, daughter to the local innkeeper, who has practically grown up working there. The lovely brunette has become inured to the fact she might very well turn into an old maid some day running the family business. But when Ludmilla enters her tavern what happens next will change both their lives forever.

Ludmilla is everything Tatyana needs in her life. She is the best friend Tatyana never had growing up, and the "boyfriend" she thought she'd never find.

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ISBN-13: 9781682992982
Publisher: Torrid Books
Publication date: 11/12/2018
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 256
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

Great news! We sold our first copy of our second book "The Wild Fields" ! Look out world! Also it's now on Amazon. Purple Hazel is... King and Caroline Medlin from Denver, Colorado. We fell in love and King started writing short stories to Caroline while we were dating. Eventually the stories got better and better, so we started writing full length novels. Starting with Star Kitten in the fall of 2015, we have written five books that will be launched over the next year or so including Wild Fields (launched November 21, 2015), Morgana's Handmaid, Spanish Posse, and Free Company. These are all historical romances using fictional characters in real-life situations amidst the backdrop of actual events that shaped world history. People and places may very well color our notion of history and the moral principles that people follow or ignore; yet we feel only true love truly endures all things. It's all that really matters in the grand scheme of things. Therefore LOVE is all that we write about. Love, true devotion, and the desire to find a companion to accompany us through life's many trials, tribulation, and best of all those moments of profound joy that give life real meaning.

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