The Wildwood Way: Spiritual Growth in the Heart of Nature

The Wildwood Way: Spiritual Growth in the Heart of Nature

by Cliff Seruntine


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ISBN-13: 9780738740324
Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide, LTD.
Publication date: 11/08/2015
Pages: 480
Sales rank: 1,282,309
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 1.30(d)

About the Author

Cliff Seruntine (Nova Scotia, Canada) is a naturalist, a practicing shaman, a writer, a fiddler, and has a psychotherapist private practice. Since 2007, he has lived with his family on their semi-remote homestead where they teach classes on buschcraft and homesteading. Visit his blog at

Table of Contents

Table of Contents



Winter: The Long Sleep of the Land

December's Journey: Inuqun Places

Wild Life: The Friendliest of Trees
Enchanted Forest: The Wood-Lady
Wood Witchery: The Tarbh Feis Rethought
Woods Lore: The Animals Never Knew You Were There

January's Journey: A Sliver of Moon

Wild Life: The Toll of Winter
Enchanted Forest: The Star Lady
Wood Witchery: Spirit Ladders—the Art of Incense
Woods Lore: Finding Your Way With a Compass

February's Journey: The Forest of Indifference

Wildlife: Mushroom Rings
Enchanted Forest: Rhys at the Fairy Dance
Wood Witchery: The Enchantment of Faerie Rings
Woods Lore: The Knife—Essential Tool for Trekking Into the Wild

Spring: The Renewal of the Wood

March's Journey: All That Is in the Nowhere

Wild Life: The World In a Dead Tree
Enchanted Forest: Gluskabe and the Maple Eaters
Wood Witchery: Sacred Symmetry
Woods Lore: Gone Mapling

April's Journey: Green Man's Blood

Wild Life: The Resurrection of the Brook
Enchanted Forest: The Water Sprite's Wife
Wood Witchery: Waterways of Power
Woods Lore: Healthy Working With Wild Water

May's Journey: Contentment

Wild Life: Musical Frogs
Enchanted Forest: Candle Flicker Spirits
Wood Witchery: Living Well With Spirits
Woods Lore: Wild Food Foraging—the Fiddlehead

Summer: Into the Green

June's Journey: Goldilocks & the Hobgoblin

Wild Life: Meadow Lights
Enchanted Forest: The Ellylldan's Path
Wood Witchery: Sacred Landscapes
Woods Lore: The Light Show

July's Journey: Like Stars On Earth

Wild Life: The Bunchberry: Ubiquitous Boreal Apples for the Woodsman
Enchanted Forest: The Gwragedd Annwn
Wood Witchery: Cooking Up Potions
Woods Lore: Growing Sacred Souls

August's Journey: Malign

Wild Life: Black Bears
Enchanted Forest: An Afternoon With the Bear
Wood Witchery: Meeting Predator Spirits
Woods Lore: Coping with Aggressive Wildlife

Autumn: The Fading of the Forest

September's Journey: In the Kingdom of the Black Bear

Wild Life: The Dance of Life & Death
Enchanted Forest: Coyote Guides the Way of Life & Death
Wood Witchery: Making the Spirit Journey
Woods Lore: Tracking Basics

October's Journey: Mythical Wood

Wild Life: Raven--the Winged Prankster
Enchanted Forest: How the Raven Helped Men
Wood Witchery: Natural Power Objects
Woods Lore: Camping Comfortably

November's Journey: The Lord of the Meadow

Wild Life: The Ingenuity of the Wild Tribes
Enchanted Forest: The Old Lady of Winter
Wood Witchery: Bone Shrines
Woods Lore: Fire From Stone



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