The Winning Cars of the Indianapolis 500

The Winning Cars of the Indianapolis 500

by J. Craig Reinhardt


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At speeds of over 230 miles per hour, the Indy open-wheel race cars set the bar for American Championship car racing. For over 100 years, the Indy cars and their drivers have drawn hundreds of thousands of spectators to Speedway, Indiana, with another 6 million people watching the race on television or by live stream. In The Winning Cars of the Indianapolis 500, James Craig Reinhardt, author and official tour guide for the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, details the history of the famous race and how the open-wheel race cars have evolved over the last century. Starting in 1911 with the first running of the Indy 500, Reinhardt profiles each race and car, including the starting position, engine, tires, race speed, margin of victory, and much more. Featuring nearly 200 images of the automobiles and individuals who make the race renowned, this book showcases the top drivers and how racing has changed through two world wars, the Great Depression, and unforgettable accidents.

This beautifully illustrated book is a must-have for veteran and rookie race fans alike.

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ISBN-13: 9781684350704
Publisher: Red Lightning Books
Publication date: 04/01/2019
Pages: 368
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About the Author

James Craig Reinhardt is an official tour guide for the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and author of The Indianapolis 500: Inside the Greatest Spectacle in Racing.

Table of Contents


Part 1 The Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Part 2 The Winning Cars of the Indianapolis 500 Mile Race

1911 Ray and the Wasp "Sting" the Competition

1912 The Push Falls Short

1913 The Good Wine

1914 "Deux" for France

1915 DePalma Gets His Win

1916 A 300 Mile 500

1919 The Race Resumes

1920 Lighter is Better

1921 Chevrolet Again

1922 Murphy Dominates

1923 Milton is the First with Two

1924 It's a Dusie!

1925 A Glimpse into the Future

1926 A Great Day for Lockhart, Miller, and Firestone

1927 Duesenberg's Last Hurrah

1928 Only the Beginning

1929 The Millers Rule

1930 Arnold Nearly Perfect

1931 Not to Be

1932 Arnold's Final Effort

1933 Too Fast?

1934 Slow Down!

1935 My Name is Offenhauser, but You May Call Me "Offy"

1936 A Third for Louis

1937 The Silver Anniversary: One for the Books!

1938 Innovation, Innovation, and Innovation!

1939 Wilbur's Second

1940 Back to Back!

1941 Back to Back!

1946 The Dawn of a New Era

1947 Too "EZY"

1948 A Rose is a Rose is a Rose

1949 Holland Finally Has His Day

1950 The California Invasion

1951 Broken Records, Broken Cars, and Broken Dreams

1952 Beginnings and Endings

1953 A Promise Fulfilled

1954 "Vuky" Prevails

1955 Triumph and Tragedy

1956 Luck of the Irish

1957 Hanks and Salih Wind Their Way to Victory

1958 Victory Overshadowed by Sorrow

1959 Watson, Ward, and Wilke Win

1960 An Instant Classic

1961 The British Invasion

1962 Records Are Made to be Broken

1963 Old Calhoun Triumphs

1964 The Last Hurrah

1965 Here to Stay

1966 Where are all the Cars?

1967 What's That Sound?

1968 "Maybe somebody up there doesn't want me to win."

1969 "I can still smell the garlic."

1970 Another Unser

1971 Two in a Row for Al

1972 Speed, Speed, and More Speed

1973 "Low-level Aviation"

1974 Supertex versus Lone Star J.R.

1975 Mother Nature Has Her Say

1976 A Soggy Conclusion

1977 Four for Foyt

1978 Cosworth Makes a Statement

1979 Ground What?

1980 The Yellow Submarine

1981 "and the winner is ..."

1982 0.16 of a Second!

1983 The "Gas Man" Triumphs

1984 A Mears' Masterpiece

1985 ".. and around he goes!"

1986 The Greatest Gift

1987 The Reading Connection

1988 Mears and the Baby Borg

1989 Two Thumbs Up!

1990 The "Flying Dutchman"

1991 The Pass

1992 "You just don't know what Indy means."

1993 Farewell to a Legend

1994 "The Beast"

1995 "Get back to Indianapolis!"

1996 "It's a new track record!"

1997 The Flying Dutchman Flies Again

1998 No "Under A-Cheever"

1999 A.J.'s "Fifth"

2000 A "Juan-derful" Performance

2001 "The Best Day of My life!"

2002 "Two for Two"

2003 A Penske "Hat Trick"

2004 Vindication

2005 Dan and Danica

2006 "As Good As It Gets!"

2007 One for Dario

2008 "The Ice Man"

2009 Three for Helio

2010 A Great Day for Britain

2011 "The Most Important Race in History"

2012 A Third for Dario

2013 "Finally!"

2014 USA! USA!

2015 Sixteen and Counting

2016 The 100th Running of the Indianapolis 500 Mile Race




Winning Entrants (Owners)

Winning Engines

Winning Engines' Specifications

Winning Chassis

Winning Tires

Winning Drivers

Winning Chief Mechanics

Rookie Winners

Winners from the Pole Position

Starting Positions of Winning Cars

Winning Car Numbers

Race Summaries

Race Records

Race Milestones

Qualifying Records

Qualifying Milestones

Broken Speed Barriers




What People are Saying About This

Lyn St. James

OMG! This book is amazing! It's full of stats, records, as well as a recap of every Indianapolis 500 race. I truly couldn't put it down. It's easy to read, and full of interesting anecdotes.

Bill Simpson

This book is an amazing work about the 500 and all that surrounds this Super Bowl of Motorsports. Full of fact and the Real Deal.

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