The Wishing Stone

The Wishing Stone

by Tegon Maus

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During that last summer, as if in punishment for being happy, Kate was diagnosed with cervical cancer.
The last time we used the wishing stone was at the hospital the morning she died.

On that day, all three of us made a silent wish, certain the others had wished the same. Kate died that afternoon and I never thought about it again. It was the last time I believed in magic, in love or in the existence of God.

Then, after three miserable lonely years, the unthinkable, a second chance... Warwick.

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BN ID: 2940046102307
Publisher: Tirgearr Publishing
Publication date: 08/11/2014
Series: Eve Project , #2
Sold by: Smashwords
Format: NOOK Book
File size: 304 KB
Age Range: 18 Years

About the Author

Dearheart, my wife of forty five years and I live in Cherry Valley, a little town of 8,200 in Southern California. In that time, I've built a successful remodeling /contracting business. But that's just my day job... everyone that writes, everyone who tells you how to write, all say the same thing... Write about what you know and what I know is me. Well, at least the me I see when I write... a protagonist frequently wedged between a rock and a hard place but manages to work things out at the last minute after all. Like most of us when pushed into a corner it only brings out the best in us and we become the unstoppable force of a reluctant hero. If I have a signature style for creating a character then this is it. I have a Action / Adventure novel called "The Chronicles of Tucker Littlefield," published by Netherworld Books and a Paranormal Fiction story called My Grandfather’s Pants as well as Sci-Fi novel called "Machines of the Little People carried by Tirgearr Publiashing and a number of short stories published by The Short Humor Site.

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The Wishing Stone (The Eve Project, book 2) 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
lauralovesreviewingLT More than 1 year ago
Welcome to Ben’s world. Where machines short out and go up in flames in his presence. He has this thing called Bio-Chemical Electrical Discharge, B.C.E.D., a real condition. He gives off electrical discharges that cause machines to go haywire. Ben’s brother-in-law, Roger, put together some inhibitors, but they are no longer helping. Enter Warwick, an institute filled with zany geniuses, scientists of all shapes and sizes. Here’s where Roger claims he can help Ben. And here’s where the conspiracy and lunacy take place. You know those books you glance at but never pick up? You don’t know the author, or the cover or genre might not grab ya? You might want to slow down and pick one of them up, give it a try. That’s what I did with Tegon Maus. And boy did I get some great reading. Having read Bob and currently reading Service Before Self, I fell in love with Tegon’s humor, his ability to suck me into his stories quickly, and the wildly diverse cast of characters he comes up. I especially enjoy the humor. I anticipate it with each turn of the page. While the first book in this series, Machines of the Little People, gave me some, I got a whole lot more in this one. I actually got a whole lot more of everything. More conspiracy, more science fiction, more mystery. And more new characters. I often wonder where Tegon’s characters come from. Ben has three new friends at Warwick and I loved them. Digby, Marcie, and Peterson are a hoot. They actually believe Ben has X-ray vision and see through their clothes. More of that Tegon humor. You’ll get a deeper story about Ben and Roger here too. Roger tests Ben’s friendship. He’s deep into his inventions and losing his humanity. While Ben is seeing a side of Roger that scares him. I wouldn’t recommend you reading this without having read the first book. To get the whole experience you need to meet these characters and enter their world from the beginning. Remember what I told you, don’t judge or a book by its cover or genre. You never now what gem you might be missing.
Christy41970 More than 1 year ago
This review first appeared on my blog, Christy's Cozy Corners. The Eve Project: The Wishing Stone is the fourth book I’ve read by Tegon Maus. He just cracks me up…seriously. The fact that more people haven’t read his books makes me sad. He is so witty and his stories are so off-the-wall, that you have to have a certain sense of humor (and possibly intelligence…) to “get” him. His characters are always so well-developed that you begin to believe that they actually exist….maybe they do. I know that some of the characters in Service Before Self are sorta kinda based on reality. Read it. You’ll thank me for talking you out of having a handyman for everyone and anyone job! And then there is Bob. You’ll love Bob! So now we have The Eve Project which is the second book in The Wishing Stone series. I don’t want to spoil the first book for you, so I’m not going to go much into the plot. You can read my review of The Machines of the Little People on my blog as well. This book still follows Ben Harris and his “pretty much in his own world” brother-in-law, Roger. This one adds some more hilarious characters that you’ll love! This sci-fi/conspiracy/mad-cap ride of a book will leave you smiling. Make sure you read The Machines of the Little People first, or you’ll be completely lost. Trust me, you’ll want to read both of these. I recommend all of Tegon’s books that I have read so far. I’ve yet to read a couple of them, but they are on my for sure TBR pile (as opposed to my probably will never get to TBR pile). If you love reading books with quirky characters and tons of humor, you will love these books.
CathyGeha More than 1 year ago
This is the second book in the Eve Project series by Tegon Maus. It begins with Ben Harris, afflicted with Bio-Chemical Electrical Discharge (BCED), in a situation that makes him feel it is necessary to go to a scientific research center on the East Coast to see if a solution to his problem can be found. Upon his arrival he finds himself trapped in a situation that is more than he had bargained for. With his brother-in-law leading a team of scientists at top speed on a project that he seems to be the focus of Ben finds himself wondering what is really going on and who he can trust. Nothing is as it seems. This story is fast paced and filled with scientific ideas that Sci-Fi readers will enjoy. It had me questioning what I would do if faced with a similar situation and then asking the following questions: How important is love? How important is it to live longer than a lifespan? What would you do to live longer and more fully than it is possible to do as you are now? And would you make the choice Ben did at the end of the book?
Susan-Keefe More than 1 year ago
This is the second book in the Eve Project series, and at the beginning, we go back briefly to before book one ‘Machines of the Little People’ to when Kate and Ben were children, and Kate found the wishing stone. It seemed magical, and most of the wishes they made came true, however, years later, as adults, with Kate dying, Ben, Kate and her husband Roger made the last wish they would on it, one which thousands of people through time, before, and since have made. Book two opens with Ben, who suffers from B.C.E.D (Bio-chemical electrical discharge) which means he produces too much electricity and can’t be allowed near electrical instruments etc., discovering that the inhibitors which Roger, his impossibly brilliant scientist brother-in-law designed for him are now failing… In desperation, Ben agrees to go with Roger to the Warwick Facility, a top secret special scientific research centre. Roger reassures him that they will be able to help him, however, once inside, the Roger Ben now sees bears no resemblance to his brother-in-law. What would you do for love? “Anything!” is the common response. What has Roger done…? This is a great science fiction story, which follows on nicely from The Eve Project: Book 1, Machines of the Little People, however could easily be read as a stand-alone. It has it all for science fiction fans, top secret scientific projects, a great storyline, twists and turns round every corner, yet, at its very core lies, dare I say it, a love story. It has a great finish, however, at the end, all I wanted to know from the author – is there is another book in the series coming? I hope so…