The Witches' Coven: Tools and Activities

The Witches' Coven: Tools and Activities

by Tamara Von Forslun


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Witchcraft is far more than just spellcraft and celebrations. It is about honouring the ancient tradition and all the witch tools and fellowship that kept the tradition alive through the burning times before it was reawakened in the twentieth century.
The Witches' Coven will help you discover the secrets, the origins, and the symbolism behind every tool of the witch. Each tool has a magickal purpose as a key within our magick circle, which is the temple of the Goddess and the God of Nature. Each tool is also a sacred key to a specific magickal power that acts as a conduit for either electrical, magnetic, electromagnetic, or alchemical change with one's will. Many modern witches are not aware of these ancient tools, which are as important today as they were thousands of years ago, both for solitary witches and for full working covens.
The coven fellowship is a committed working spiritual family and is more important now in the twenty-first century than it was in the past, since we need the fellowship of a spiritual and magickal family to commit to a way of life that is as ancient as life itself. In The Witches' Coven, you can work with the tools and enjoy the activities of fellowship, becoming one with the Goddess and God and all of Nature.

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Publisher: Balboa Press AU
Publication date: 10/08/2018
Pages: 480
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Anointing Oil

Anointing oil is a special consecrated oil blend that we make in the Magick Circle. When seekers ask for wiccaning, I get them to make their own anointing oil so they can start their Magickal journey and consecrate and bless their tools. It is a simple blend (if not sure, see an aromatherapist) of your favourite fragrances combined with just one drop of your blood. Do not put more than a drop as blood goes off and can turn quite rank. It has a base oil, and then you add several of your own personal Magickal essential oils to the mix to get the perfect blend and aroma for all your anointing and Magickal purposes.

This is a very important item in Wiccecraft to have as it is used to anoint every item or Wiccetool that you will be using in the Magick Circle. Every tool must be consecrated and anointed. And I mean every tool, especially yourself. Whenever you enter a Magick Circle, you must anoint yourself with your anointing oil.

Start by facing the altar. Put a pentagram with the oil on your forehead to open your mind and bless yourself. Then draw an inverted triangle on your left palm with the oil and an upward triangle on your right hand. Finish with an equal-armed cross (the tau) over your heart.

Cakes — Lunar or Sabbat

Whenever we have a gathering, we always make an offering of cakes or bread. These are differently made to suit the ceremony or festival you are having. It is not an offering so much to the Goddess and God but to yourself and those attending your gathering.

If it is a New or Full Moon, we make what are called Luna cakes, which are made in the shape of crescent moons. We make enough for all in attendance, one each for the Goddess and God, and one for the centre of the Magick Circle.


I find the best recipe is the following.

1 cup oats
1 tablespoon raisins
1 tablespoon sultanas
1 to 2 tablespoons honey
½ cup red wine or Port
½ cup mixed chopped nuts self-rising flour (enough to make a good blend)

These are all evenly mixed together and then formed into crescent moons. Glaze with egg wash and sugar, and then baked in the oven until ready. For Sabbat cakes, which are traditionally used at festivals, we can use any shape we desire. I prefer to make a large loaf with above ingredients, so it can be used and broken into pieces for all to partake. This is also used at the Harvest Festival by adding a mixture of grains and seeds.

If you are making a harvest loaf as an offering, bake a normal loaf of grain and seed bread but inside, place an emptied eggshell filled with red food colouring and then bake.

The loaf of bread is placed on the altar and for a sacrificial offering. Consecrate the loaf under the God name Cernunnos, and as at all harvests, the old God is slain so that the God can be reborn. When you are ready for the sacrificial act, bring down your dagger and plunge it into the loaf of bread. As you do, the loaf of bread will bleed, with the red dye coming out of the concealed egg filled dye in the loaf. The bread is then broken into pieces and shared by all participants who take the God into themselves as an act of devotion.


Candles are very much a necessity in the craft as they are used for so many things. We all know how easy it is to buy candles, but is what the candle is made from important? So many inexpensive candles come out of Asia that are not real wax. They are forms of plastic called paraffin, a petroleum product, and include many hardening agents. They can be toxic, and some should never be burned in confined spaces, let alone anywhere near your family, especially your children.

There are also many candles out there made by people who are pure and beautiful. These candles contain essential oils. But with Wiccecraft and Magick, you are required to have certain colours, aromas, and so on, for specific rituals and ceremonies.

Magick of Colour

Colour has an intense energy that radiates powerful influences on humans, especially psyche and emotions. Our emotions are sometimes triggered by certain colours, and they become integral parts of our innate creativity and self-expression. Colours give life to our homes and our hearts. And when we wear certain colours, our feelings and emotions are elevated so that we feel more attractive, sexy, businesslike, or strong. In Magick, colour takes on a very important role as it triggers not only our inner emotions and psyche but also raises and elevates the psychic energies on an astral level in Magick. So in connecting deeper to these Magickal colours, we must understand their deeper meanings and the vibrations they relay to our psyches.

The sun, an emitted source of solar light, is the source of all colour. White light has within its spectrum all the colours but is not actually a colour itself; it is a carrier of colour. By the power of the Source and its certain energy, it also activates the energy frequency of all colours that vibrate at certain frequencies to omit the Magickal vibration we use in our rituals and spells.

Red — The most powerful colour is of energy, power, strength, and expansion. It resonates a high sexual vibration as well and is a creative force that gives life to its colour. But on the flip side, in its negative mode, it represents anger, destruction, pain, war, and hate. It is the colour of survival, self-pleasure, and lust. It associated with the fire element and the ancient primordial earth, Pachamama — the first Earth Mother — followed by Gaia.

Pink — When you mix the power of red with the softness of white, it reflects the gentler side of red. It softens sexual and survival instincts to a more sensitive and sensuous nature to protect and care. It resonates love more than sex or lust; it is about sensuality and the desire to give to others emotionally. It is the heart chakra. All relationships built on the foundation of pink are far superior and last longer than those built of red.

Orange — Again we use red, combining its power with yellow to create this colour of fertility and change. Yellow is mental, while red is physical. This colour radiates rationale and assertiveness, and self-worth when in a positive mode. When in its negative mode, it is about survival and logic. But foremost about fertility is the creation of something new.

Gold — This colour resonates with yellow but has a higher vibration. It resonates joy, happiness, laughter, and good cheer. Gold is a gentle masculine force that is about the communication of truth and love to others. It is the higher essence of creativity, sharing its beauty, colour, and artistry with warmth and unconditional love to the world. It is the colour of perfection combined with the vibration of wisdom. This colour is attuned to the yellow of the chakra the solar plexus.

Yellow — Yellow is of the high intellect of the mind, very analytical, full of knowledge and a lust to learn, and quite logical. It must always have a sense of learning or boredom will set in. Yellow is of the outer sun and the internal sun, the solar plexus. The colour yellow encourages rational thinking and logic. Yellow is magnetic and attracts and sends out vibrations of desire. It is associated with the magnetic ability to receive and send telepathic responses. This is the colour of the true teacher, the mentor, as it is always the student first and then the teacher.

Green — The beautiful colour of life and nature, green is the power of being restful and regenerative. It is also about calmness and the ability to take your time and replenish your energy reserves. It is a soft, cool colour associated with the feminine aspects of life. It teaches trust and love, knowing that as you give, so shall you also be given. This means not only with others but more important, with self-love. Too much green creates vanity, conceit, and lack of consideration towards others. But green is the radiance of life and love combined and is the bridge between the two. It, like red, is associated with the heart chakra but on a higher frequency and represents spiritual and Divine love.

Brown — Representing the surface and energy of the life of the earth, brown is the deeper vibration of the earth, the very soul; it is the primordial nature and the need for continued life. All life starts in green and ends in brown. The cycle is complete with its reabsorption. Brown is about stability of home life and material wealth. Too much brown, and you are filled with greed; too little, and you lose the zest for life. It is at the base of your chakras and is the root, or base, chakra.

The Personality of Colour

Colour, as we have seen, is an integral part of our lives. But we also need colour to show individuality, and we must know what its vibrations portray. In Wiccecraft, colour enhances our rituals and spells and makes it less hard and simpler. If everything is in sync with each other, they act on their own with just with a little Magickal intervention from us. Let your ritual or spell speak for itself. Each will act upon another, making the vibration clearer and more powerful.

Each colour vibration also has a numerical vibration, which is in balance with each other. Numerology is a science of Magick and like Colour can determine your life and actions and events. By adding and using your alphabet, in sync with the numbers sets off a colour rainbow vibration that we can use in everyday life and in Magick. Here is a Personality Chart that will give you your Magickal Personality number and colour, which is your "Soul Number" or "Wicce Number".



NUMBER: 2 1 4 1 9 1

COLOUR: Orange Red Green Red Gold Red

Total Number 18 - when broken down to a single digit is 1. 1 + 8 = 9

The Colour of Personal Expression

Red: The Leader. With power, creative, leader, sexual and master of they're destiny.

Stand securely and firmly on the ground full of ambition and creativity. Red people hate to follow; they need to be leaders, as they get frustrated and confused easily. Red people live their lives to the fullest with aggression, sometimes to the detriment of their own lives.

Orange: The Listener, gentle natured, peacemaker, with plenty of energy and interest to be challenging, they love to organize and always persuasive. They love the quiet and calm and seek peace and harmony. Balance is their key tendency of searching their Truth. But can be demanding.

Yellow: The Dreamer, who is thoughtful, creative, and intelligent and loves to move forward, Yellows truth is in the future; they live little in the past or present and usually miss opportunities. They constantly are building castles in the sky and need to be grounded often. Although they are Intellectual and love to be the centre of attention with a large array of friends, they at many times prefer to be alone.

Green: The Nature Lover. A Lover of Life, Earthy, understanding, tolerant, peaceful, and accepting, seeking truth for their own well-being. They love to create and achieve in a positive way, through honesty. But sometimes get caught up in their personal ideas and views. They need to nurture, reflect, connect and nourish.

Blue: The Psychic. A spiritual person, reliable and dependable, but has a free spirit. They seek Truth on all levels and build their lives based on devotion, trust, loyalty and a deep connection with the Environment. Blue can be an activist for the preservation of species, planet, and seeks knowledge and skills to help the Natural Earth.

Indigo: The Philosopher, The Priest or Priestess who is a Spiritual leader, and lover. Indigo sees beauty in all things, always strong in their positivity to understand and accept others. Indigo believes in unconditional love, for without this emotion there is no purpose in their life. Good at solving problems but sometimes loses concentration and gets off track. Needs to be away from turbulence and negative people. As they absorb this negative energy and can lose sight.

Violet: The Spiritual Teacher. Has deep perception and understand of Spirit. Violet needs to know WHY in everything, and in everything do they question. They are the true Occultist to searches the closed off areas restricted from lay people. They yearn for tranquillity in their Environment. They are the Lucifuge, The Light Bearer who brings the gift of Spirit and the Goddess to man. Violet does need to be grounded so they do not become too Heavenly and ignore their own physicality. If this happens they have flights of fantasy and will not find their Truth.

Pink: The Lover. Pink is the true friend and is usually friends to everyone; they connect with reality especially in Nature and have few illusions, as they always understand material life. Pink can judge fairly and be arbitrator between people, as they can always see both sides truthfully. Pink loves to succeed and achieve their dreams especially for their family, as they are the Provider.

Gold: The Hope of the World. This masculine colour denotes intellect, gentle energy, god force, especially Universal hope and love to the world. They love to be the centre of positive attention, always spreading laughter and joy and are a ray of sunshine. Gold find it hard to live up to other ideals, and sometime needs to aware of depression, as they become disappointed within themselves if they fail their families.

Working With Candles

The first step in Candle Magick is to choose a candle by selecting a colour and shape, which represents your Magickal purpose and desire. Next you will have to anoint the candle this is done by wiping the entire candle with specific Magickal Consecration Oil. The oil is usually made of some plant or flower, which also represents your desire. Place some oil on your fingertips. As you concentrate on your desire, rub the oil into your candle, starting from the centre and rubbing upward. Then rub the oil from the centre downward. Be sure to cover the entire candle with the oil, even the wick, as doing this infuses it with your desire, or rhyming spell.

When you are planning a Magick Candle Spell, try to keep all your symbolism or vibrations the same. For example: if you were doing a love Spell, you would want to use a green candle and love drawing oil, like rose, lavender or Venus Oil. For a peaceful home, use blue candle and Tranquillity oil, I would even burn matching incense. The whole idea is to keep your colours, objects, and thoughts similar in meaning and symbology. By doing this, your energy is focused for a maximum positive result.


Candle Magick Hints

•If you can make your own candles. While the wax is in a liquid form add a corresponding oil, herb or flower, even colour. For example, if you are doing a money spell you could add Heliotrope Oil and mint leaves, green dye.

• When anointing a candle, close your eyes and concentrate, visualize, see in your mind's eye, what the candle represents. Anoint with your fingers from the centre of the candle upwards and downwards, removing all negative energies, and then from the outside of the candle to the centre, bringing in positivity.

• Always allow the burning time of the candle to complete its time as shown in the graph.

• Read and know your Spell or Ritual, rehearsal makes perfect. Know your Spell.

• Don't forget to make your ritual check list "PROPERLY PREPARED YOU SHOULD ALWAYS BE."

• But remember the law of threefold return! Only do the ritual or Spell if you are 100% sure!


1. Make sure to always keep records in your book, write down the preparation, the tools, the time and date, your emotions, phase of the Moon, even the successes or failures, as this is how you learn.

2. You must always be comfortable, with loose clothing or robe and a relaxed meditative body. Know your Spell, this will make you more sure and comfortable.

3. Have a total fast at least 3 hours prior to your ritual or Spell.

4. Meditation first prior to your ritual and Spell.

5. You are now ready to enter your Magick Circle, so acknowledge the Goddess always, and call to the Elements and the Elements to guide you and assist when necessary.

Altar Candles

Altar Candles represent the Divine Feminine – the Goddess and the Divine Masculine – The Horned God. They are traditionally place either side of the Altar. Goddess Candle to the West, usually is a Black Candle representing Women's Mysteries and the Moon (Night). God Candle to the East, usually a White Candle representing Men's Mysteries and the Sun (Day).


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Table of Contents

Tools of the Seeker, 1,
Tools of the Wicce, 71,
Tools of the Priesthood, 121,
Tools of the High Priesthood, 139,
Tools of the Covenstead, 165,
Coven and Circle Activities, 199,
Wicces Calendar, 431,
Epilogue, 457,

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