The Witches' Sleep

The Witches' Sleep


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The Witches' Sleep by Kaitlyn Deann, Anna Rose Designs

At only seventeen, Ella Barnes is shot and killed for an unknown reason. She is shocked when she wakes up in a different world, a world of witches. Ella has to learn to adapt to a new body, new life and new world, surrounded by new people. As Ella gets to know Raena, the world of the witches and its people, she realizes they aren't the perfect creatures they believe themselves to be, and she's not the type of person to stand around and twiddle her thumbs. Will Ella succeed in changing the mindset of the people? Or will she be doomed to die another cold and tragic death because of her rebellion?

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ISBN-13: 9781540580658
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 08/31/2012
Pages: 332
Product dimensions: 5.98(w) x 9.02(h) x 0.74(d)

About the Author

Kaitlyn Deann has been telling stories since she was very young, whether through at-home productions with her cousins and siblings or through verbal tellings. She decided to try her hand at writing when she was eleven, and it became a part of her in an unexplainable way. She fell in love with writing, fell in love with the stories she could tell by simply stringing together a few words. As a writer, Kaitlyn hopes to keep a reader turning pages late into the night and give them something to think about long after they finish the last page. She loves her friends, family, and God. Laughing is her favorite calorie burner. She lives in somewhere, Texas with her family.

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The Witches' Sleep 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book is amazing! Kaitlyn Deann has a great imagination, she really captured my attention with her lovable characters and interesting story plot. I couldn't put it down! I'm amazed at how well written it is, she really knows how to make the characters come to life. You just can't help but fall in love with them! Great job, Kaitlyn! Can't wait for what else you have in store for us!
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Lit Amri for Readers' Favorite Murdered by a mysterious stranger, Ella Barnes died as a 17 year old teenager and wakes up in Raena, the witches’ world, as Sunlight Reflecting off the Moon. A different body, a different name as well as different parents; a world that is seemingly perfect but laden with injustice decree. Will Ella or the new Sunlight be able to accept her unique role in a society that only exists in human imagination? "The Witches’ Sleep" is an exceptionally well-paced story, a pleasure that I rarely experience as an avid reader. I was truly immersed in my reading and connected with the story and its characters so well as if I was experiencing it for real. I was able to picture the surroundings easily as they are very well-portrayed. I’m glad that Raena has comparable modern settings as the normal world instead of an entirely different scenery which is normally depicted in other novels with similar themes. Ella or Sunlight is definitely the center that anchors the story and the other characters. A very well-created character, and very vibrant with acceptable weakness and admired strength. I loved the fact that the witches’ names depicted their main traits and I found it a bit humorous that the were-creatures had normal human names. Kaitlyn Deann is my new favorite author and she did extremely well with the first installment of this trilogy. I can’t wait for the next book form this remarkable author.
InkspelledFaery More than 1 year ago
I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again—dystopia and I have a bad history. Suzanne Collins broke my heart and I haven’t been especially drawn to any dystopias since forcing myself to read about Katniss. That being said, this is nothing like any of those or really anything I’ve read in a long time. It was centered much more around mercy, forgiveness, and justice than other titles in my literary diet have been lately and it was refreshing. In fact, the messages Ms. Deann conveys greatly remind me of those in Madeleine L’Engle’s Time Quintet, which is one of my favorite series of all time and is the only one I have ever read twice. (Even if I have a much less pacifist view than either author promotes, I can appreciate non-violence.) The plot: This story was inspired by the theme from the DiCaprio thriller, Inception—“When we die, we wake up.” It was a new and fascinating storyline and I found it to be original with sweet romance, a shot of mystery, and an adequate dose of suspense. It moved along very quickly for being 400+ pages, not lagging yet not quite reaching the pace intensity of a thriller or adventure novel. I really had no idea how it would end, but thought the conclusion was satisfying and gratifying. There is this one part where the main character talks about the American Civil War and I kind of got mad because it WAS NOT about slavery, but that’s a history lesson for another time. The characters: This story is told in first person present tense from the perspective of Ella Barnes/Sunlight Reflecting Off The Moon (Sunlight). I thought she was a relatable, engaging MC and it was made easy to relate to her as she tried to adjust to her new life, new planet, new family, and even new body. Kindness is Sunlight’s soulmate and intended and their romance was adorable, sweet, and yet you could see that they had a strong and fireproof love that would get them through the tough times. Kindness was an astute diplomat and unwavering activist and I thought their determination in their fight against slavery was admirable. My favorite characters were Tuck and Sea-Anna. Tuck was such a sensible and caring persona and he made me think of a cuddly little tiger cub that you just want to hug like a teddy bear. Both he and Kindess really reminded me of Maggie Streitvfer’s Sam Roth and I think he’s just one of the sweetest love interests ever. Sea-Anna was timid, small, and easily frightened, but she was stronger than she thought and had a good heart and I wanted to put her some place safe and keep her away from all the villains who didn’t seem to care that she and the others had feelings, hearts, dreams, and fears. Together they made the cutest couple ever and I found it impossible not to smile when they were being sweet. Tuck and Sea-Anna are the MC’s for the second book, World of the Beasts, and I’m excited because I just adore them! This book will appeal to fans of dystopia, fantasy, and maybe even sweet, clean paranormal romance. It certainly appealed to me and I look forward to the next in this series!
LaNaya7 More than 1 year ago
"The Witches' Sleep" is a captivating book. It is filled with intriguing twists, subplots, and narratives. The characters are fascinating and well developed. Kaitlyn Deann has truly created a one-of-a-kind story. The world in which her characters live is so different, yet so similar to our lives today. Her plot is beautifully thought out, and filled with cliffhangers – I often had trouble putting the book down. As a Christian, I also want to mention that for those who might be hesitant to buy this book due to the title “Witches” – don’t worry. The “witches” in this story have absolutely no connection with the common image of witches. They are simply a different kind of “being,” for which Ms. Deann chose the title “witch.” Don’t let the title of this book turn you off. I was truly captivated and intensely intrigued by this novel, and I look forward to the sequel, “The World of the Beasts.”
girlonfire1 More than 1 year ago
The world of the witches is extremely captivating and pulls you in. I love a book that pulls me into another world  and makes me forget all my worries in life. The Witches Sleep did this for me. I couldn't put the book down and  when I did I could only think of how they're going to end slavery and free the were-tigers. I highly recommend this book and support it. I can't help but be over-enthusiastic for the next book. The only thing I found a bit grueling was the book stretched out at some point and it became boring...only once though. Description of clothes was usual, and sometimes I found this boring, and other times I enjoyed it. The plot was amazing and Kaitlyn Deann is a fantastic writer.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I read very little but this book was great. TJ
twoodwriter More than 1 year ago
Let me start by saying that YA is not my area of expertise. I have read very little that I have liked. And then I read this. The Witches’ Sleep by Kaitlyn Deann was a surprising jaunt into the genre for me. The world-building in this book is incredible. It’s well thought out, has a sense of grandness, and is pictured so vividly. It was easy to get lost in what Ms. Deann has created. The characters are well developed, making it effortless to get into a love-hate relationship with them. Human faults are at play here with jealousies, prejudices, and the eternal question of “Where do I fit in?”. Aptly appropriate for the age group this is targeting. The book also touches on the empowerment of self and the willingness to fight for the rights of others. I found the political elements to be handled with a deft touch. I found Sunlight to be typical of her age. She has her moments of deep insightfulness, yet is still fresh with her youthful flights of fancy. She has an inner strength that is quiet as she adapts to her new identity and life, but is able to come alive once she realizes more about the world she is now a part of. I founds Songs to be one of my lesser favorite characters, and I think that may be intentional of the part of Ms. Deann. She came across as immature, juvenile and petty, and there were moments where it was hard for me to reconcile this woman as a mother. Clap, on the other hand, was the penultimate father-figure from the beginning, and it isn’t until further in the book that the reader gets to see how deep that well of feeling goes. I had warm fuzzies. Kindness, I’ll admit, I waffled on. For a great deal of the book, he seemed weak and ineffectual and I had a hard time seeing what Sunlight found so wonderful about him. His character comes together in the end and grows a backbone, but it felt a little rushed. Tuck and Sea-Anna were a delight and I eagerly absorbed every tidbit Ms. Deann threw my way regarding them. The whole concept regarding their species and others was fresh and inventive. The more I read, the more I liked. I am hoping this continues as a series, as I would like to see where else the author can take me. There were a few quibbles. This book was long, and there were lots of moments for me where it felt even longer. Understandable due to the amount to exposition and information that was needed to get across to the reader, but this may be off-putting to some. Also, there were, for my taste, far too many descriptions of the opulence of clothing. In the beginning, it was used as a tool to differentiate the witch world from the human in terms of everyday life, but I felt as the book went on that it was a little tedious. A tighter edit is definitely needed. Once or twice I came across words that wouldn’t be picked up with spell check, but the context was obviously incorrect, and a beta reader or editor should have found those mistakes. Nothing that took away from the overall impact of the story, which I loved, but in the moment, those mistakes pull away the reader’s attention, and that can be jarring. Overall, this was a highly enjoyable and engaging read and it was a book that I can without a doubt recommend. That being said, I suggest you buy your copy of “The Witches’ Sleep” and introduce yourself to the fantastic world of Raena and the imaginative characters of Kaitlyn Deann. Four out of five stars.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
When I read a book I want the book to inspire me; to some how call me to be a better person. At the same time I want the book to be intriguing. I was able to find both in The Witches' Sleep. The were-creatures were exciting, the powers of the witches made me wish for a special power of my own. In the end I was inspired to stand up for what I believe in, even if I have to stand alone. I highly recommend this book.