The Wolf Connection: What Wolves Can Teach Us about Being Human

The Wolf Connection: What Wolves Can Teach Us about Being Human

by Teo Alfero


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Discover the transformative lessons from one of humanity’s oldest teachers—the wolf—with this enthralling and accessible guidebook to help us restore our connection with nature, our communities, and our deepest selves.

The wolf has enthralled humankind for millennia, as a creature to be both feared and admired. It is the focus of countless myths around the world, in cultures as varied as the Ainu people of Japan to the Apache First Nation elders who worshipped the wolf. Now in The Wolf Connection, Teo Alfero, shamanic practitioner and wolf sanctuary founder, shares the profound knowledge that can be gleaned from these majestic creatures to restore our bond with nature and our connection to humanity.

Legends, behavioral science, and biological research all suggest that human beings picked up many of their key evolutionary traits—such as cooperative hunting and raising of their young, and their high degree of emotional intelligence and deep bonding—from wolves. Teo and his team at Wolf Heart Ranch conservatory have seen first-hand how wolves and wolfdogs can shift people’s outlooks, empowering at-risk youth and benefitting people from all walks of life through their wolf therapy program, the Wolf Connection. As we restore our ancestral bond with these inspiring, resourceful beings, we begin to reclaim the best of what it means to be human.

Grounded in Teo’s years of working with wolves, as well as the findings of wolf biologists and the wisdom of First Nation elders, The Wolf Connection offers a set of twelve Wolf Principles to awaken our intuition, live more authentically, and heal from past trauma. By integrating a myriad of sources—including inspiring stories from the Wolf Heart Ranch—Teo provides a complete understanding of wolves and the lessons they have to teach us, so you can harness their powerful and transformative insights in your own life.

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ISBN-13: 9781501193163
Publisher: Atria/Enliven Books
Publication date: 06/25/2019
Pages: 320
Sales rank: 780,678
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 8.80(h) x 1.20(d)

About the Author

Teo Alfero is the founder of the Wolf Connection sanctuary and creator of Wolf Therapy®, a singular program that empowers individuals dealing with psychological and emotional pain, addiction, and trauma using the human-wolf bond. Teo is a transformational teacher and shamanic practitioner whose work is strongly influenced by that of Carlos Castaneda. He is a TEDx speaker, one of the 100 Making A Difference, and a member of the Association of Transformational Leaders. He has been featured in the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, and other major media. Born in Argentina, he now lives with his wife and daughter and the Wolf Connection pack in California. To learn more, visit

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The Wolf Connection

Neo approaching visitors during a program at Wolf Heart Ranch. Photo by Chris Perry's Wildside Galleries.

Table of Contents

Introduction 1

From Wolf Connection to Wolf Therapy 4

Why Wolves and Wolfdogs? 8

One Step Beyond Fear: Miko and Nina 9

The Nine Realms of the Wolf 14

Realm One: The Wolf Heart Awakens 19

Tala, The Messenger Wolf 22

Wolf Connection: Beginnings 27

A Wolf's Gift: Renee, Maya, and Me 28

From Cradle to Den 33

The End of the Beginning 48

Realm Two: The Ambassador Wolf 51

Chosen: Logan and Andrea 53

Principles from the Pack 58

Am I Okay? Rocky, Zimba, and Jack 59

Setting the Intention 62

Healing Trauma: Willow and the War Hero 64

Taking Care of the Pack: Wolf 21 67

Prison Diversion: Miko and Tom 69

The Reluctant Leader: Kenai, Ayasha, Susan, and Matt 72

Realm Three: The Ancestral Wolf 79

Ancestral Memory 82

Ancient Humans Lived Alongside Wolves 85

The Social Wolf 89

Observing Wolf Behavior 91

How Hypersocial Wolves Became Dogs 95

Constant Adaptation-Color, Immunity, and Wolf-Coyote Mixes 101

Life Redirection: Kyra and Michael 103

Realm Four: The Wild Wolf 107

What Is a Wolf? 116

Nothing Can Stop a Wolf 118

A Wolf for Every North American Ecotype 120

The Circumpolar Wolves 121

The Role of Wolves in Nature 123

Alpha, Beta, and Omega … Mom, Dad, and the Kids 126

Collaboration over Competition 130

Aggression … Sometimes Ritualized, Sometimes Real 132

Territorialism 137

Sharing Risk and Reward 138

Sticking Together 139

Consciousness in Wolves 141

Family First: Triangle and His Sister, Wolf 571 142

Realm Five: The Human Wolf 149

Territory 153

Pack 160

Self 166

Feel like a Wolf 167

Realm Six: The Cosmic Wolf 175

The Wolf Dream 177

Further Conversations with Wolf 187

What's Next? 191

Realm Seven: The Mythological Wolf 199

A Westerner's View 203

Wolves of Creation 205

The Wolf People 206

The Kwakwaka'wakw 206

The Dene People 206

The Quileute 207

The Pawnee People 208

Wolf-Human Transformation Stories 209

Peoples from the Eastern Region 209

Peoples from Southeastern North America 211

Winnebago Peoples 213

Huichol Peoples 213

Peoples of Siberia, Northern Russia, and Finland 214

Tuvan … Turkic-Mongol 215

Wolf Peoples of China 217

Tibetan Wolf Stories 219

Peoples of Scandinavia 219

Medieval Europe 221

Realm Eight: The Ritualistic Wolf 225

Ritual Forms and Enhanced Bonds 232

Animals and Ritual 235

The Ancient Wolf Rituals 237

The Power of Dreaming 240

Realm Nine: Your Own Wolf Practices 249

Elucidating the Twelve Wolf Principles 252

Epilogue: Stories for My Daughter 283

Acknowledgments 287

Notes 293

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