The Wolf Gift (Wolf Gift Chronicles Series #1)

The Wolf Gift (Wolf Gift Chronicles Series #1)

by Anne Rice
3.7 407

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The Wolf Gift 3.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 407 reviews.
FARIEQUEENE More than 1 year ago
Rice revisited her roots in Wolf Gift and I am glad she did. The plot, centering around a young journalist who goes through a most exotic and emotionally perplexing transformation is different from other werewolf books. The change isn't exactly horrific and while the wolves do kill, they kill for a reason and its one of those moral gray areas which makes the reader think. I like it, I like Rice, and like all of her other very compelling novels...this book describes atmosphere and emotion better than anything. I am so glad to see her back in a supernatural genre where she belongs, if you want a slightly different take on the wolf myth, go for this book.
danja More than 1 year ago
Great book with great story line. Stayed up late to finish it.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Finally Anne has came full circle, and it dosent let you down. A little slow to start but the story finally held me in its grips to the weee hours of the morning. As good a tale as the Vampires, the Mayfair Witches or Ramese the Damned and I'd not mind seeing more from these age-old morphenkind, past and present. I know when a story has really hooked me, its when I think, please mamm may I have another.
AlbertG More than 1 year ago
From the Wolf's Gift: "Actually, I haven't accomplished one single thing in my life yet," he said with an ease that shocked him. "My mother's a brilliant surgeon; my big brother's a priest. My mother's father was an international real estate broker by the time he was my age. But I'm a nothing and a nobody, actually. I've only been with the paper six months. I should have come with a warning label. But believe me, I'll make this a story you'll love." Unfortunately it doesn't. This is a very sanitized PC correct retelling of the werewolf mythos and surprisingly the most believable aspect of the novel is that there is a werewolf in it. The actions and reactions of all others involved fail to ring with any truth to them. You are reading a book, by a talented author who brings nothing fresh, new and exciting to the genre. For any story, especially a story that should be classified as horror there needs to be a definite suspension of belief and in this The Wolf's Gift fails. The protaginist meets an older women at a house he falls in love with and by connection falls in love with the older woman as well. Nevermind the fiance he left back in town. In the space of the single day he has dinner and sex and while he waits for her to return to bed, she calls her lawyers and wills the house to him. All in one night, must have been some night. But then she is attacked and so is he, but in the midst of the attack something comes to their rescue and bites him. She dies and he turns. The fiance and his family are incredibly understanding (the fiance is a DA who is involved now in the murder investigation. Hey he slept with the woman but he didn't kill her and it was a romantic night so she understands. His mom the surgeon is worried that he is healing so quickly. As a werewolf he can only attack evil doers as shedding innocent blood is repugnant and the beast cannot kill innocence.... It gets more unbelievable from here. I once read that horror, done poorly, becomes comedy. A farce. This is the Wolf's Gift.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I love Anne Rice but this is beneath her. Or perhaps I'm getting a more developed BS detector. First, the characters were AWFUL. When Rice wasnt using them to suffer the reader through descriptive fireplaces, herb salad, or redwood forests... she made them dialogue in the most ridiculous manner. I dont know who the hell talks the way Reuben does. It was irritating, unneccesary, and distracting. Reuben himself was completely unlikeable. When he was with Laura, he tells himself whatever 'thing' he had with Marchent wasn't love. Then when Felix shows up, he mourns the love he lost that was Marchent. So either Rice was lazy, or Reuben is exactly what I thought he is-- a tool. Someone reviewed that 'reading this is akin to a creative writing assignment in highschool.' You know, the awful story your friend wrote that you pretend to like but just sucked 3 hours of your time? There's so much more to pick on... lack of plot, the forced presence of religion, that Laura came from practically nowhere, or the unintended hilarity of an orgasmic transformation....
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I don't know what happened to Anne Rice, her earlier stories were riveting, her characters fully fleshed and dynamic, and despite the absurdity of the world she still sold it. Not so with The Wolf Gift. The premise is a joke, the characters wooden, and the situation's are implausible to say the least. What's worse is despite the fact that the main character is a homicidal werewolf, she tries to sell you that he's still a good christian man, complete with sending the werewolf to confession. She never felt the need to sell Lestat as a good guy. He wasn't, yet we still loved him, faults and all. Sorry Anne, you may have found god, but you lost your soul.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anne Rice is known for her well researched books, story lines and plots but this book was beyong wonderful. At times it seemed a hell of a lot to take in: the rich history and the lore, the whole idea of the werewolf in general...she managed to put a new spin on the subject. This book definitely will make one evaluate their beliefs in the lore and even God. She consistently offers a new way of thinking and explains the mass hysteria humanity is capable of as well as the sincere understanding so few posess. That inate ability for persistance and a belief in something greater, that humankind can be human and monster, hero snd villian all at once is an amazing concept. These morphenkind seem far more close to humans than her vampires and far more fallible to the world of today. This book is highly recommended if you like to think and ponder within yourself, and if you open yourself to new possibilities!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I loved this book and could not put it down. This is traditional Anne Rice. I can not wait to read the next. I was not real happy with her last series and I have read most her books from the beginning. This is Anne at her best on the Human Condition. Thanks Anne.
HenryMiami More than 1 year ago
I am on my second read of The Wolf Gift, 3/4 of the way done. I know as soon as Im done I will read it for the 3rd time.Yes its that good, the book is fantastic, Classic Anne Rice, Plot, fantastic characters, suspense, romance, it has it all. The details in Anne's writting puts your mind in a 3D movie. Another best seller for Anne Rice and a instant classic. I highly recommend this book to everyone, and give it a 5 star rating because thats the highest score, but it really deserves a 10 star rating. Henry Valdes (Miami FL)
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
At first it was a little slow. But then i really gobt into it. Reubban is a different kind of werewolf. Instead of killing humans for blood lust. He kills humans who are evil like murderers crueltly hes like a viglante. Its a new and refreshing twist on werewolf stories. Im not done with the book yet.but i know i will like it. Try it its a new angle on werewolf stories. (:
MarySharon More than 1 year ago
This book is a mish mash of faulty philosophy, ersatz catholicism, and such burning questions as "Is it okay to kill and eat people as long as they're badddd people? Really? If she intended to ask the big questions about good and evil and what constitutes moral behavior, she missed. What a waste of paper.
VoraciousReaderWP More than 1 year ago
I have always been a fan of the werewolf genre; (movies, books, etc.) and I had to force myself to finish this book. The characters were flat and boring, the dialogue was the worst I've come across since George Lucas' wooden dialogue in the Star Wars prequels, the pacing felt rushed, like Rice just wanted to be finished with the book, and even the descriptive language felt like a high schooler's attempt at creative writing. I wish I could get my money and my time back after reading this incredibly disappointing book. I wish I could give less than a one star rating.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The central love story is terrible and ridiculous. The characters arent likeable. Theyre pretensious and unrealistic. I was very disappointed. As an Anne Rice reader, I'm shocked at the way this book dragged on. The book was often super predictable or totally mind boggling because of the inorganic actions of the characters. Most of the book was unbelievable not because it was a werewolf involved, but because the series of thoughts, actions and conversations made no sense. There were short bursts of interest, but they were far and few between.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
As a fan of paranormal genre I was excited to see The Wolf Gift from Anne Rice. However I was terribly disappointed. The book started out promising and then just never developed. The only part of the book that seemed to have any effort from her were the gorry scenes of him "feasting on flesh". Save your money.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I was excited to experiance another supernatural tale by A. Rice! A HUGE fan of her vampire series I was vey intrested to see her vivid twist on werwolves, and twist she did! Rice is never one to follow suit in "traditional" tellings of the supernatural and she leaves you with a taste in your mouth longing to know more, page after page. I feel this is a new series being developed, that we will need the rich back story as the mystery unfolds.....just as Interview with a Vampire lead us into her world of vampires, The Wolf Gift leads us into her impresive tales of the man wolf. It is my greatest hope the story does not end here as it has left me excited and yearning for more.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I have just read one chapter and I can not wait to finish, I am really partial to wolves myself and now another wonderful wolf tale by a wonderful writer!!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I hadn't read any Anne Rice books since the Interview with the Vampire series so thought I would give this a try. I can't even begin to tell you how unbelievably stupid and moronic this book was. I mean really, a woman who falls in love with a werewolf and has sex with him while he is in his wolf form. Ugh.. Seriously the whole storyline was pitiful. The only reason I finished reading it was because I paid for it. It was actually kind of painful to read it was so bad. I will never read another Anne Rice book again.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
How does this have the average rating of 3.5??? I have loved Anne Rice since high school. I devoured every vampire book she ever wrote and then compared every other vampire author to her with subpar like. When I heard she was writing about wolfs, I ran out and bought the book with such high hopes. Maybe this was my problem. I hated most of this book. You heard me....hated! I kept putting it down and coming back to it weeks later hoping that it could pick my interest. Don't get me wrong, it had shimmers of hope, but they were few and very far between the drab writing you had to get through. This is A SPOILER, so be warned. Her main character, Reuben was not interesting!!!! Rice seemed to not know how to write a modern day man. He is suppose to be early 20's, current day and living in California. He speaks like he is Lestat's long lost brother. I am starting to wonder if she confused him with the other characters which would speak old world. Come on! Also, he meets a woman, falls in love, has sex with her the same night. Ok. That sounds like a man in his 20's. Then after she dies and he turns wolf, he meets a woman in the woods who has what I think of as ptsd from tragically losing her entire family in one shot (kids and all), falls in love and has sex with her immediately while in wolf form.. many many times he has sex as a wolf with her. I began to wonder if he could do it as a man. He can, just doesn't want to, I guess. Yuck. His mother is a doctor, his brother is a priest. Neither of these have much of a play in this book. Towards the ending, it gets sorta interesting with the history of the older wolves but it is short lived and doesn't go anywhere because she is obviously trying to set up for more books. I can not say how disappointed I am in this book. Save you money. Reread her older work.
hunter_97 More than 1 year ago
Ugh. Who wrote this book and used Anne Rice's name? I made it slightly past the part where the werewolf has tender sex with a strange woman he mysteriously comes across in a cabin in the woods. Not only isn't she afraid when she sees a werewolf hanging out in her yard, she welcomes him in, in more ways than one. Then he goes to his brother the priest to confess that he's the werewolf... In a confessional in a church, no less. Your eyes should be bleeding about now. Not scary, not smart, and not even mildly enjoyable. The second book in my life that I couldn't finish.
MichaelTravisJasper More than 1 year ago
Mrs. Rice had done it again. The Wolf Gift introduces a great new cast of characters. This pack of werewolves will, no doubt, be featured in several more volumes in much the way that her wonderful vampires and witches were explored and developed in so many previous volumes. The main character of Reuben reminds me somewhat of the lovely Louis of the Vampire Chronicles, and Stuart brings to mind the little vampire girl of those novels. I suspect that Felix or one of the other guys introduced towards the end of the book will play a role similar to the vampire Lestat (including a wonderful historical backstory). The story in this novel unfolds in a unique way, with the werewolves sort of presented in the role of super hero. The novel also considers religion in interesting ways that I am sure reflects the author’s on-going personal evolution in her spiritual beliefs. One suspects that some aspects of this story probably reflect or ponder meaning and truths in the author’s gay son’s life. I can’t help but wonder if the blonde teen wolf (who is openly gay) represents at least some of her thoughts about her boy. I think it’s wonderful that she is more directly than ever focusing on this subject matter and how it co-mingles with all of society. I have very much enjoyed Anne’s books about angels and the life of Jesus, but no one is better than she with these supernatural beings and creatures of folklore. I eagerly await the next novel in what will hopefully be a large series. Michael Travis Jasper, author of the novel “To Be Chosen”
bookwormbookreview More than 1 year ago
This book was a complete disappointment. It started out like classic Anne Rice and I loved it, but it guickly turned to complete stupiity. I had to give up onthe book. Anne needs to get off this religious high horse and stop involving the Church in everything she does. When the wereeolf goes to confession AS A WEREWOLF, the boundry has been crossed and can not be recovered. such a sham to see an amazing author go to waste
Taletha75 More than 1 year ago
This is the first Time I have ever written a review for a book. I wanted this to be a Moment that will never be forgotten, so Im about to review a book that has changed my life in so many ways. When I first heard about the wolf gift back last November, I was ecstatic and over whelmed with excitement as the days got closer to Feb.14th 2012 I met many fans of Anne Rice that had little or No money but these were good people that were saddened that the release date was approaching and they could not share the anticipation or joy with all the other fans, so discretely I began a collection of address's of fans that I knew would love this book and would give anything to have a copy. On Feb. 14th and the week following, I bought 16 copies of The Wolf Gift, one copy for myself and sent the rest of them to complete strangers around the globe so that they could share this moment with all of the Rice Fans. I had not read a book by Anne Rice since Interview with the Vampire in 1994 when I was a senior in High school and I carried that book from class to class and when I got bored in class I would read, It took me to a world that I could see and Imagine and all I knew is that I wanted to be apart of that world forever, I read it several times before the movie was introduced ohh yes! I was full forced into Vampire fever when I First saw the movie in the Theatre :) so now fast forward to 2012 on Feb. 14th, I spent my lovers day curled up wearing my snuggie on my new royal blue Micro Suede couch in my office and away I went into another world.. Anne's description of the redwoods was a feeling of home as I have touched these redwoods many times through out my life, I know the smell of the bark and I know the fog very well as I have grown up on the west coast and have been to California many times so I can feel what Reuben was seeing as he first came to Nideck Point and from those first couple of pages I was hooked and read three quarters of the book nearly finishing the book that night as it was the 5 most incredible hours of my decade. The most intense moment for me was when Reuben experienced his transformation into the unknown darkness that he was about to face for the very first time of his existence and that gave me the chills down to the core of my bones, as I preceded on I felt the desire to want to be the merchant and feel Reuben in my arms. Anne Rice gave me a chance to live inside The wolf Gift and I have never lusted any story quite like this in my whole life and I had great desire for more of this story as I read the last words of the book "and Lord, I thank you for the Wolf Gift.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I was excited to see Ms. Rice had went back to this genre. I was disappointed that the quality was not the same. This book seemed to drag in many places. I would not buy another of this series.
mjRusher More than 1 year ago
A big disappointment. When does a 'writing style' cross the line and simply become the same scenes from previous works recycled again and again? (Especially those scenes describing intimate situations). I am not certain. However, there is no question that Rice crosses that line in this book. For the first time in my experience, I chucked a Rice novel. It was downright annoying, and the one intimate incident I forced myself through was nauseating in its description of what amounts to bestiality. This IS the first Rice novel I did not finish. It is also the last one I will ever attempt.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Like most previwers on this, I have to agree on how horrffic I found this book to read. I love The Interview with Vampire, among other books that were brillant. However, this book didn't even survive past the 15 pages before I just through it down. I knew I should have just listened to the reviews. Within the first few pages the main character (who by the way has a girlfriend) has an assignment to take pictures of an heirss estate. I felt as if I was on a museum tour with Ann Rice, while the characters were detailing every single thing in that estate. You can imagine what happens next.... They fall madly IN LOVE after one night of passion. Then someone broke into the home, killed her, but not before she transfered the estate into him name, paying all expenses for a year up front...and dies. Oh and the girlfriend he cheated on forgave him and got him from going to jail.