The Wolf in the Attic

The Wolf in the Attic

by Paul Kearney

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ISBN-13: 9781849979184
Publisher: Rebellion Publishing Ltd
Publication date: 05/05/2016
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 21,323
File size: 537 KB

About the Author

Paul Kearney was born in Northern Ireland. He studied Old Norse, Middle English and Anglo-Saxon at Oxford University, and subsequently lived for several years in both Denmark and the United States. At present he and his family live by the sea in County Down.

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The Wolf in the Attic 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
JazzFeathers More than 1 year ago
This is a truly beautiful book, beautifully written, with a deeply human message at its core. It would be easy to say it is set in Oxford in 1929, but the setting is far more complex than that. While the city is present and vivid on the page, and even the country around it is vibrant of the winter’s life and mysteries, what really is at the heart of this book is something that goes beyond it. A place called the Old World, where doors get opened on New Years Eve connecting the before and the after, there ‘here’ and the ‘beyond’. It’s a place where a little girl may meet the Devil in the heart of the wood and defeat him. I truly loved the way historical Oxford merges with a place of legend that is a part of the city and its people, so much so that it feels perfectly normal and logic that the two cities mix together. Anna is a fantastic protagonist. Eleven years old, a refugee from the war in Greece, she’s a candid but also very mature observer and then actor of what happens in the nights between the 1920s and the 1930s. There’s a constant feeling of ‘changing’ and ‘becoming’. Luca, one of the main characters, is a shapeshifter, nor completely human or wolf and still both of them. Anna herself, who came to England when she was five, is deeply aware of her people’s history (her history), but she also feels part of the culture she grew up in. I really like the way Anna’s dual identity is treated, not as a problem, but as something that simply is and sometimes needs to be address. The story – the plot – plays with the idea of the changing, the passing, all the time. The middle months of winter, when the year ends and starts. The passing from a decade to the other. Anna becoming a woman as she has her first period, but also as she learns to tell the truth from the lie. Remembrance is also a very strong theme, because there is no evolution, no ‘becoming’ without memory. And so the theme of loss is also central to the story. Kearny weaves all these ideas in a story that offers so much to ponder, but is also sweet enough, even in its harshest moments, to drew the reader in. I cared for these characters and what happened to them, because beyond the fantastical adventure (beyond that storyteller’s door) their feelings and their fears and hopes a very relatable. And finally, as a Tolkien fan, I loved the echoes of Tolkine’s work in the story. There are many recognizable episodes so skilfully woven into the story that I never doubted they belonged here, and still I could clearly see their origin in Tolkien’s work. Tolkien even appears as a character, as does C.S. Lewis who has a very important impact on Anna’s growing arc. As it’s true for all the rest, these two men merge in the fabric of the story seamlessly and meaningfully. There’s a lot to like in this book. A truly beautiful one.
Anonymous 3 days ago
This is one of my favorite reads!! A mix of mythology, fantasy, and dreams of a adventurous young girl who is displaced from her home in Greece and is living in England with her father under difficult circumstances. Anna’s brave heart and fierce determination kept me from being able to put this book down.