The Woman in Our House

The Woman in Our House

by Andrew Hart


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What happens when you open your home to the perfect stranger?

Anna Klein is ready to return to work as a literary agent for the first time since having children. She and her husband, Josh, decide to hire a live-in nanny with some trepidation, but all their misgivings disappear as soon as they meet Oaklynn Durst. She has stellar references, a calm disposition, and a natural way with children. Not to mention their kids simply adore her.

But not long after Oaklynn arrives, the children start to come down with the most puzzling illnesses and inexplicable injuries. When the maternal Oaklynn is there to comfort everyone, Anna can’t help feeling a little eclipsed. And suspicious. Her husband and friends assure her that her anxieties are getting the best of her—Oaklynn is perfect. But Anna’s not so sure…

As she delves into Oaklynn’s past, she discovers too late that the woman who has been living in her house is not at all who she claims to be. But Oaklynn’s not the only one who has been lying. And when everyone’s dark secrets are forced into the light, the consequences may just turn deadly.

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ISBN-13: 9781503905443
Publisher: Amazon Publishing
Publication date: 06/18/2019
Pages: 352
Sales rank: 160,913
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.20(h) x 1.10(d)

About the Author

Andrew Hart is one of the pseudonyms of New York Times bestselling and award-winning author A.J. Hartley. His twenty novels straddle multiple genres for adults and younger readers, and they have been translated into dozens of languages worldwide. As Andrew James Hartley, he is also the Robinson Professor of Shakespeare Studies at the University of North Carolina, Charlotte. His website is

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The Woman in Our House 3.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 13 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Written in my favorite style of multiple point of views this thriller was a solid four stars. Started a little slowly but increased the anxiety as we moved along.. by the end I was rushing through - always a good sign!
Jamie Sutch 12 months ago
3.5 ⭐️ Thanks to Netgalley and Lake Union publishing for the EARC in exchange for an honest review. This was the first book I’ve read by Andrew Hart but it won’t be the last. I enjoyed the book. It kept me engaged and I flew through it. Some things I figured out but there were plot twists that I never saw coming. Kept me guessing that’s for sure.
Carolefort More than 1 year ago
The Woman in our House begins as a domestic drama and quickly escalates to an edge-of-your-seat thriller. Andrew Hart, the author, is a pen name for A.J. Hartley. Anna Klein, a young wife and mother of two young daughters, decides to return to her job as a literary agent. It is clear that Anna will need help with the children and proceeds to meticulously research recruitment agencies in the search for a reliable nanny. She chooses Oaklynn Durst, a mormon woman from Utah who has excellent recommendarions and she quickly moves into the family home and the children take an instant liking to their new nanny. Soon, Anna notices odd behaviour: her otherwise healthy children begin to require visits to the ER where Oaklynn basks in the sympathy she receives from the medical staff. The rest of the story will be divulged when you read this cringe-worthy novel. Creepy only begins to describe what happens. Highly recommended. Thank you to Lake Union Publishing and NetGalley for the e-ARC in exchange for an honest review.
Amanda_Dickens More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed this one. The characters were well developed and fleshed out. The husband was a little dry but he really was a side character so it was understandable. The atmosphere was a little confusing at times. It felt like the setting was in the UK but it was supposedly in the US south. Okay, I looked the author up, He was born and raised in the UK and moved to the US as an adult. That explains the writing style being slightly different. The overall atmosphere that the book makes you feel is ominous. You know that something is not right but you do not know what it is. The multiple narratives and third and first person narratives felt a little overused. I really did not need to know the inner thoughts of all the characters to be allow the story to progress. Normally it would be confusing but all of the different narrators have very distinct personalities which is a hard thing to pull off and impressive. The plot was intriguing and as the reader, we know more information than the main character but we don't know everything and we are left guessing. I think it was the author's intentions for us to use the foreshadowing and extra information to build our own speculations. Logically the story is not very believable in real life for main different reasons but I can respect the authors creatively in bending believability enough to not make it stand out too much. Overall I was intrigued from beginning to end. I would recommend this to everyone. Especially if you like a psychological thriller. This one left me constantly second guessing my theories.
KerryACroucier More than 1 year ago
A Solid Read! This had an interesting premise and was thrilling enough to keep me interested and turning pages, especially while reading it on a long flight. As a mother, I did find it hard to believe that someone would let a nanny into their house to live and take care of her two young children without meeting her first. Glowing references are great, even a phone conversation, but I would still want to have face-to-face interaction. I wish there was a little more character development with Anna and Josh. Overall, this was a solid read, and a good one to keep me engrossed, and there were a few surprises I didn’t expect. #thewomaninourhouse #andrewhart #lakeunionpublishing
Janice Lombardo More than 1 year ago
A brilliant thriller with many twists on the "usual" nanny stories. I was gripped from the start Excitement builds as the reader is continually thrust with another surprise! Cannot say much more without letting out a spoiler. Recommend ! One of this summer's best! Many Thanks to Lake Union Publishing and NetGalley for a real rollercoaster ride !
SerenaNJ More than 1 year ago
This book is a thriller that took me on a journey of what may happen if they invite a nanny who is a stranger into my home. It makes you stop and think..... I could not put this book down.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anna and Josh live in a very nice home in Charlotte, North Carolina. Anna had been a literary agent in New York before their move to North Carolina where she soon became a mother. Josh works in finance. They are parents to Grace, 9 months, and Veronica, age 3. Anna wants to go back to work out of her home and needs a nanny. After much research, she thinks the Nurture agency out of Utah sounds like the best place. Most of their nannies are Mormon. Oaklynn is a Mormon woman who had worked for years with the Nurture agency as a nanny. She has just gotten married and she along with her husband are moving to Japan to be missionaries. Oaklynn’s good friend, Nadine, is helping her with the move and all the details involved with it. Now, Nadine has taken over Oaklynn’s name, identification, and using Oaklynn’s past work time with them, has put in to be a nanny with Nurture. Soon, Anna and Josh offer a job to Oaklynn who accepts and seems to be a good fit for them. She settles in well and the girls like her. But, before long, some unexpected illnesses and injuries happen to the girls and Anna is puzzled as to how they are occurring. In the meantime, Edward Flanders is looking for Nadine and is coming up cold for leads. Where could she have gone and why if he looking for her? This book has some very slow parts that made me struggle to stay with it. But, it picked up and came to a very shocking ending. That’s what saved this story for me. There are some things I question in the story that seemed to be glossed over in the book. For instance, why would you have a cell phone that does not get a signal in your house? I’ll let you read the book to see if you are left with the same question. Enjoy. Copy provided by NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.
357800 More than 1 year ago
2.5 Stars with rounded up to 3.0. THE WOMAN IN OUR HOUSE was just ok....for me. I REALLY liked the premise of the storyline....young well-to-do married couple with 3 1/2 and 9 month old hire live-in nanny so mom can resume job as literary agent in home office. We all know going in the new nanny will probably have some personality quirks and dark secrets....she really does, but the voice and actions of the parents, oldest child and other characters, i.e. hospital personnel were was the ending. There are moments of suspense, but also unnecessary subplots and overall, so much is predictable. ***Arc provided by Lake Union Publishing via NetGalley in exchange for review***
M-Harrison1 More than 1 year ago
You think you have chosen the right person to leave your children in their care, but you couldn’t be more wrong. This is every parents worst nightmare. Told in the perspective of multiple characters, the main character Anne struggles with the burning need of wanting to return back to the work force and makes the hard decision with her husband to hire a live in nanny. Enter the nanny Oaklynn. She is perfect, comes with outstanding references and her children love her! At first Anne struggles with this new arrangement but once a rhythm is established, it doesn’t take Anne long to get into the groove of being able to work from home while Oaklynn watches over the children. It isn’t long until Anne starts to get her nose out of joint though where she feels the nanny is taking over and starts to do over and above what she is being paid for. Isn’t this what Anne wanted so she could return to work? Then the cracks start showing and unusual events take place which has both children taken to the emergency room on multiple occasions. Why is this happening and is Oaklynn responsible? This is a predictable story but this is still an enjoyable read. In terms of the characters, I found Anne to be quite unlikeable and self centred and I had more sympathy for Oaklynn than I did for Anne in some instances and I felt she could have been portrayed better. The story started as a slow burn and did pick up, but there were a few instances of the story that were left unexplained which I struggled with. In saying all that it is a good story that should be read. Thank-you to NetGalley, Lake Union Publishing and Andrew Hart for allowing me to read an advanced copy of The Woman in Our House in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own and are not biased in anyway.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I really did enjoy reading this story, of a couple looking for a trusted person, to take care of their precious offspring. The thrilling storyline though, was enough, to keep me right on reading, but I must mention that the concept, reminded me a little of other previous 'nanny type' books, of the same genre, as well as similarities to the movie, 'The Hand That Rocked The Cradle'. It was good though, I think, because who would have suspected a 'religious' person', of doing what she did. Not me, anyway! Definitely a must read, if you love a 'turn the page' thriller!
lauriesophee More than 1 year ago
This is a twisted psychological thriller that had my heart racing, as I was trying to decide who Oaklynn or Nadine really was. It took me until the end of the novel to understand, and it was not what I ever thought! Could she truly hurt the two precious little girls she claims to love and is in charge of? Will any parent who becomes entwined in this plot ever leave their children with anyone again? Although, a bit slow in the beginning of this book, the tempo picked up full speed and by the last page, it all became clear and heart stopping! Excellent!
MatteaLC More than 1 year ago
The Woman In Our House was one of the best thrillers that I have read in awhile. It is definitely a page turner, and I burned the midnight oil, on this one. Anna Klein is a literary agent, who has been idle, raising her two young daughters. Wanting to get back to work, she hires a nanny Oaklynn, a well recommended caregiver. The children love her and she is just about perfect in everything she does. Then uncertainty sets in, as things are not what they seem. This is a riveting novel, told by a very skilled story teller, Andrew Hart. He manages to provide plenty of twist and turns that kept me guessing about the intentions of this diabolical nanny. I liked the way the conclusion came about slowly, building up the suspense, allowing the pieces to fall into place. Reading some of the negative reviews, I totally disagree with their criticism. If you like suspenseful thrillers, this will do it for you. My thanks to Net Galley and Lake Union Publishing for the ARC. I hope my review makes you want to read this super scary book! #NetGalley #LakeUnionPublishing