The Woodworker's Guide to Pricing Your Work (PagePerfect NOOK Book)

The Woodworker's Guide to Pricing Your Work (PagePerfect NOOK Book)

by Dan Ramsey

NOOK Book(eBook)

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ISBN-13: 9781440316401
Publisher: F+W Media
Publication date: 03/16/2005
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 128
Sales rank: 909,166
File size: 13 MB
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Table of Contents

Chapter 1The Craft of Pricing
Making Money With Your Hobby: Intrinsic Value vs. Pricing13
The Basics of Pricing: What Is Pricing?, How Are Prices Set?14
Types of Pricing: Simplified Pricing, Sophisticated Pricing, Pricing Categories15
Estimating Material Costs: Record-Keeping, Pricing Book18
Estimating Labor: Using Worksheets, Your Time and Your Skills21
Defining Overhead Costs: Rent, Tools, Utilities, Taxes22
Establishing Your Profit24
Setting Your Shop Rate: Developing a Price Sheet, Odd Pricing24
A Pricing Method: Your Costs, The Economy, The Competition, Hunger, Problem Projects26
Price vs. Volume27
How to Sell Value Over Price: Selling the Artistic Value, Copyrighting Your Work29
Why Customers Ask the Price: Illustrating Value30
Selling the Value of Your Work: Should You Use Price Tags?, Salesmanship31
Selling to Friends, Relatives and Neighbors: Stick to Your Pricing, No Freebies32
Selling "Art": Adding Art to Craft, Give a Little Extra33
How to Show Your Woodworking: Use Photos for Larger Items; Venues for Showing Your Work; Catalogs, Brochures and Business Cards33
Developing a Reputation for Quality: Set Your Own Standard, Build Your Reputation, Using a Business Name35
How to Negotiate for Fun and Profit: Giving the Customer a Good Deal, Negotiation Techniques, Trading Discounts, Bidding Wars36
Maintaining Your Pricing: How to Reflect Cost Increases38
How to Price Seconds: Other Techniques with Seconds38
When to Raise Your Prices: The 80/20 Rule: When Everyone's Buying...; How Much to Increase; Increase Price, Maintain Shop Rate39
Regional Pricing: Factoring in Regional Differences40
Chapter 2Pricing Crafts and Folk Art
Basics of Pricing Wood Crafts and Folk Art: Costing Materials, Setting Shop Rates, Estimating Overhead, Ensuring Profit, Selling Value43
Toys and Games: Shop Rate, Pricing44
Birdhouses: Pricing, Selling Related Items45
Whirligigs: Pricing46
Picture Frames: Shop Rate46
Clocks: Pricing, An Atypical Markup, Pricing Examples47
Lamps: Shop Rate48
Wooden Boxes: Pricing, Copying Antique Designs49
Kitchen Tools and Accessories: Shop Rate, Selling Related Items49
Tools: Shop Rate50
Desk Accessories: Shop Rate, Finding a Market50
Miniatures: Shop Rate51
Other Crafts and Folk Art: Shop Rate51
Chapter 3Pricing Woodcarving and Woodturning
Basics of Pricing Woodcarving: Costing Materials, Setting Shop Rates, Estimating Overhead, Ensuring Profit, Selling Value53
Carved Figures and Scenes: Pricing54
Carved Decoys: Shop Rate, Specializing55
Chain-Saw Art: Shop Rate56
Basics of Pricing Woodturning: Costing Materials, Setting Shop Rates, Estimating Overhead, Ensuring Profit, Selling Value56
Candlestick Holders: Pricing, Shop Rate57
Turned Bowls: Shop Rate58
Turned Lamps: Pricing59
Wooden Jewelry: Shop Rate, Pricing59
Custom Carvings and Turnings60
Chapter 4Pricing Furniture and Cabinetry
Basics of Pricing Furniture: Costing Materials, Setting Shop Rates, Estimating Overhead, Ensuring Profit, Selling Value62
Outdoor Furniture: Shop Rate64
Benches and Chairs64
Tables: Shop Rate64
Chests: Shop Rate65
Shaker Furniture: Shop Rate65
Antique Reproductions: Shop Rate66
Children's Furniture67
Custom Furniture: Specialties67
Basics of Pricing Cabinetry: Costing Materials, Setting Shop Rates, Estimating Overhead, Ensuring Profit, Selling Value67
Freestanding Cabinetry: Shop Rate69
Kitchen Cabinetry: Shop Rate, Square-Footage Pricing69
Bath Cabinetry70
Custom Cabinetry71
Chapter 5Increasing Profits Without Reducing Quality
Almost Painless Record-Keeping: Tracking Jobs and Time73
Estimating Your Break-Even Point: Calculate Fixed and Variable Costs, Spreadsheet Programs76
Managing Cash Flow: Projecting Income, Credit Card Sales76
Staying Out of Business Traps: Handling Credit, Tax Problems78
Developing Your Business: Get a Business Phone, Answering Systems79
Free Business Advice: Business Development Centers, SCORE80
How to Pay Taxes: Necessary Tax Forms81
Effective Craft Show Sales Techniques: Booth Design, Develop a Mailing List, Know Your Market, Resources82
Selling at Flea Markets: Choosing Your Market and Your Site, Specifications83
Developing New Sales Channels: Contacting Craft Shops, Wholesale Craft Shows, Other Retail Opportunities, Pricing Guidelines, Credit Terms, Other Sales Opportunities84
Consignment Selling: How Consignment Works, Record-Keeping Is Important, Alternatives88
Setting Up a Showroom88
Finding a Sales Representative: Paying the Sales Rep90
Selling By Mail: Marketing By Mail, Product Dealers90
Selling Commissioned Art: Shop Rate, Knowing Your Customers, Tailoring Your Product to Demand91
Building Repeat and Referral Business: Repeat Business, Referral Business93
When to Increase Prices: Don't Sell Yourself Short93
Outsourcing Specialized Work: Start a Cooperative95
Bidding a Job: Get Bid Instructions, Types of Bids, Payment Terms96
Reducing Material Costs: Buying in Quantity, Networking With Other Woodworkers, Finding Suppliers97
Upgrading Tools and Equipment: Tax Deductions98
Making Your Shop More Efficient: Convenience and Space Needs, Design Work Areas for Efficiency, Shop Safety99
Do What You Love100
Chapter 6Profitably Using Technology
About Computers and Hardware103
Useful Software: CAD, Word Processor, Accounting, Database, Integrated Programs, Other Programs105
Using the Internet107
Setting Up Your Web Site108
Setting Up Your E-mail Account110
Computerized Woodworking Tools110
Other Technology111
AppendixUseful Forms for Woodworkers
Useful Forms for Woodworkers112

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