The Work-Life Equation: Six Key Values That Drive Happiness and Success

The Work-Life Equation: Six Key Values That Drive Happiness and Success

by William L. Maw


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This book supplies a simple, memorable, and effective formula to solve problematic behaviors in the work environment and life in general. An invaluable guidebook, it will help readers move beyond mediocrity and achieve happier, more successful lives.

The Work-Life Equation: Six Key Values That Drive Happiness and Success is for the millions of people and business managers who are surrounded by bad behavior—with its attendant mediocre or unsatisfying results—at work and in their private lives, but who hope and dream for happier and more successful lives. The book begins with a frank explanation of the need for self-awareness and self-improvement, then describes how the "winning formula" and the equation for happiness and success in work-life—(H,S) = f(4C,2R)—can be applied via six types of behaviors to effect sweeping changes. The formula means Happiness and Success can be achieved by (is a function of) Cooperation, Consideration, Compassion, Courtesy, Respect, and Responsibility. The book focuses not just on the meaning of these values but also on how to "better live" them. It concludes with a self-assessment tool for the individual, team, or organization to complete that enables objective measurements of behaviors and identification of areas of potential improvement.

Dismissing the familiar, corporate value clichés, the author focuses on six key values most readers probably learned as kids but have forgotten about in adulthood—or didn't realize were still apt and relevant. The book provides priceless information and guidance for all readers but will be especially appreciated by those in the corporate workplace interested in self-improvement and success, educators and business students, executives looking to shift their firm's behavioral atmosphere in a positive direction, and individuals seeking inspiration and hope in their daily lives.

• Presents a simple and practical formula with six key values that drive happiness and success in work-life: (H,S) = f(4C,2R)

• Explains why and how to deal with the complex need for self-awareness and self-improvement

• Shows readers how to apply the Pareto principle (or the 80-20 Rule) to address the majority of bad work-life behaviors

• Provides an in-depth review of each of the six key behaviors and ways to improve

• Supplies a self-assessment tool that enables readers to gauge how they measure up on each behavior spectrum

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781440832451
Publisher: ABC-CLIO, Incorporated
Publication date: 03/03/2015
Pages: 158
Product dimensions: 6.40(w) x 9.30(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

William L. Maw is a business executive, social entrepreneur, and mentor with more than 30 years of workplace experience with large-, mid-, and small-sized companies.

Table of Contents

Foreword Suzanne Bates ix

Preface xi

Acknowledgments xiii

Introduction xv

1 The Need for Self-Awareness and Self-Improvement 1

2 The Winning Formula for Happiness and Success in Work/Life: H, S = f(4C, 2R) 19

3 Value #1: Cooperation 29

4 Value #2: Consideration 47

5 Value #3: Compassion 63

6 Value #4: Courtesy 81

7 Value #5: Respect 95

8 Value #6: Responsibility 109

9 Empowering Yourself, Your Team, or Your Organization to Behave Better! 127

A Final Note from the Author 135

Appendices 137

Index 149

What People are Saying About This

Laura Du

"From the breakfast smoothie of champions to the importance of investing early in a life coach, Bill's book is full of illuminating anecdotes and practical takeaways to help young professionals fast track their careers in a sustainable and fulfilling way."

Dennis Kneale

"Bill Maw isn't being metaphorical when he uses the word ‘equation'—it really is an alphanumeric riddle: (H, S) = (4C, 2R). And by the end, it all makes sense."

Adam Grant

"The Work-Life Equation takes us back to the core principles that we learned as children, but forget as adults. If more workplaces were marked by Bill Maw's values of cooperation, consideration, compassion, courtesy, respect, and responsibility, we'd all be happier and more successful."

Iain Mackay

"A source of sound advice, given thoughtfully with humour and humanity. An easy read full of things that if you were lucky as a child, your parents taught you over breakfast and dinner, and which we often forget or ignore as we grow older."

Robert D. Smith

"Maw has created a valuable blueprint for a happy life by fleshing out the definitions of words you thought you knew the meaning of. If you're unhappy, read this book."

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