The Working Mind of a Working Woman

The Working Mind of a Working Woman

by Debora Gossett Rivers



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ISBN-13: 9780974701707
Publisher: Neshee Publication
Publication date: 12/12/2003
Pages: 90
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 3.00(h) x 8.50(d)
Age Range: 15 Years

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Graduation Speech
To those newly graduated:
Academically emancipated from ivied, ivory collegiate towers
So eager to apply your education, cashing in on the investment
Made in you, marketing your degree to the highest bidder
Work and travel to many places to gain life experience
See what is out there in this world and find your place in it
Do this now so that you will not look back with hindsight
For you will learn more now that you ever did in college
Carve out a niche for yourself; make your mark if you can
Before you meet your occupational fate for a job may stifle your creativity, tying
you down with strings of a steady paycheck, paid holidays, stability, and complacency
You will barely bat an eyelash before 15 years on the job have gone by
And you are too young to retire and too old to start anew
You will look up in the mirror in the ladies' room with strained eyes and gray hair
And realize that 35 years have gone by
And retirement is looming, wondering where all the time went
Hopefully you will have something to show for your toil other than the car and the house
For some, that is enough, but for those whose spirit cannot be contained, now is the
time to take chances, make mistakes for the pill of pride is easier to swallow when you are young
Open your mind to what this world has to reveal to you before you close it off with age, fatigue, and fear
Your time is now; do not wait for the right moment for it may never be right in your mind's eye
Take the time you have now and make it your moment
So that you may shine brightly in the sun
As this is the sunrise of your new life
Now go to the horizon and visualize your potential to achieve greatness

Ode to Advanced Education
O' master's degree, sweet master's degree
A long time ago I should have earned thee
To have a better job and earn more money
Didn't heed the advice of dear daddy
Now I have two kids and a hubby
And I need more than my bachelor's degree
O' if I had my master's degree
I would have a career regarded highly
Bounce my laptop on my left knee
I wouldn't have to administrate dependency
I wouldn't hear the pleas of the needy
Or the slick lies of the greedy
And avoid young girls having many babies
I wouldn't need a hit from the lottery
I could wear clothes rich and classy
I could take a cruise on the seven seas
To rest my weary mind and my tired body
O' master's degree, sweet master's degree
Before I surely die, I will earn thee

My Resume
Every Sunday I search the newspaper
Hoping to solve the great employment caper
Enclosed with a cover letter my resume is justification
To why I should be hired for the desired position
Highlighting my experience and education
While showcasing my talents and qualifications
Paper texture and hues chosen so carefully
So that my resume will be taken seriously
Fitting neatly in an 8 � by 11 inch margins
So that I can ascend into corporate heaven
Reams of paper used, hundreds of resumes sent
In my quest for gainful employment
When my resume is received, it will be plucked from the rest
I'll be granted and interview, because my resume is the best

Dream Job
Hired in spite of bad interview
Making more money than I'll ever spend between pay periods
While having a great time at something that hardly seems like work
The sheer enthusiasm of the job gets me up faster than my alarm clock
Working for people who realize the reality of today's working conditions
And didn't forget where they came from
Traveling, wining, and dining
On the company's time and dime
A place where I don't mind spending forty years of my life
Making a living, a life and a difference

The Best
I'm summoned at midnight to correct afternoon mistakes
Because I'm the best at what I do
I'm a step ahead of my boss, confounding my competitors
Because I'm the best at what I do
I work hard, I play hard and live life well
Because I'm the best at what I do
I may bend the rules a little, step outside the lines a bit
I get the job done
Because I'm the best at what I do

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