The Works of Geoffrey Chaucer: The William Morris Kelmscott Chaucer With Illustrations by Edward Burne-Jones

The Works of Geoffrey Chaucer: The William Morris Kelmscott Chaucer With Illustrations by Edward Burne-Jones


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Designer, social reformer, and writer William Morris (1834 – 96) was a founder of the Arts and Crafts movement and a towering figure of Victorian artistic and cultural history. Inspired by the hand presses of the fifteenth century, Morris established the Kelmscott Press to publish books of his own design and to revive the quality achieved by the pioneers of printing. The Works of Geoffrey Chaucer represents Morris's most ambitious undertaking as a printer and designer as well as his swansong; the four-year undertaking was completed just a few months before his death. Morris supervised every detail of production, including the choice of ink and paper, the design of the type, and the use of ornaments and illustration. His lifelong friend, the celebrated painter Edward Burne-Jones, drew 87 magnificent full-page woodcut illustrations. "If we live to finish it," Burne-Jones wrote, "it will be like a pocket cathedral — so full of design and I think Morris the greatest master of ornament in the world."
The expensive, beautiful books from the Kelmscott Press were designed to be read slowly, to be savored and treasured in a way that formed a lasting bond between the reader, the text, and the author. For all their decorative richness, the books maintain a clarity and simplicity that make them easy to read as well as a delight to the eye. As the culmination of the work of art that was Morris's life, the Kelmscott Chaucer embodies the printer's attempt to restore the connection between artist, art, and society. Upon its 1896 publication, The Athenaeum stated, "In its own style, the book is, beyond dispute, the finest ever issued," and to this day it is regarded as one of the most beautiful printed books in existence. Originally published in a limited edition of fewer than 500 copies — hardly any of which surface on the rare book market — this extraordinary work is now available to a new generation of collectors and bibliophiles.

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ISBN-13: 9781606601044
Publisher: Dover Publications
Publication date: 05/17/2017
Series: Calla Editions Series
Pages: 576
Sales rank: 989,592
Product dimensions: 9.00(w) x 12.00(h) x (d)

About the Author

Geoffrey Chaucer (1343–1400) is widely considered the greatest English poet of the Middle Ages and The Canterbury Tales is his greatest work. At a time when French and Latin were the dominant languages of literature, Chaucer played a crucial role in bringing Middle English vernacular to the fore.
Polymath William Morris (1834–96) was a prolific writer of novels and essays as well as a translator of medieval texts. Although best known in his lifetime as a poet and social activist, Morris is chiefly remembered today for his designs, which he issued from his highly successful decorative arts firm. He also founded the Kelmscott Press, which he dedicated to the hand-printing of a select number of beautiful books with the highest standards of typography, printing, and craftsmanship. Among the works of literature that the Kelmscott Press issued in very limited editions, and which have always been highly prized by collectors, The Works of Geoffrey Chaucer is considered the greatest masterpiece.
Sir Edward Burne-Jones (1833–98) was an original member of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood and a close friend of William Morris's from their days as Oxford undergraduates. In addition to his painting and stained glass work, Burne-Jones worked closely with Morris in the area of decorative arts and illustrations, creating the 87 full-page woodcut illustrations for The Works of Geoffrey Chaucer.

Table of Contents

The Canterbury Tales
The Prologue
The Knyghtes Tale
The Milleres Tale
The Reves Tale
The Cookes Tale
The Tale of the Man of Lawe
The Shipmannes Tale
The Prioresses Tale
Chaucers Tale of Thopas
Chaucers Tale of Melibee
The Monkes Tale
The Nonnes Prestes Tale
The Phisiciens Tale
The Pardoners Tale
The Tale of the Wife of Bath
The Freres Tale
The Somonours Tale
The Tale of the Clerk of Oxenford
The Marchantes Tale
The Squieres Tale
The Frankeleyns Tale
The Seconde Nonnes Tale
The Chanouns Yemannes Tale
The Maunciples Tale
The Persouns Tale
An A. B. C. of Geoffrey Chaucer
The Compleynte unto Pite
The Compleynte of Mars
The Compleynte of Venus
Anelida and Arcite
Chaucers Words unto Adam, his owne
The Former Age
Balade de Bon Conseyl
To Rosemounde, A. Balade
Proverbe of Chaucer
Lenvoy de Chaucer a Scogan
Lenvoy de Chaucer a Bukton
Gentilesse, Moral Balade of Chaucer
Lak of Stedfastnesse, Balade
Lenvoy to King Richard
Balades de Visage sanz Peinture
The Compleint of Chaucer to his Empty Purse
Merciles Beaute, A Triple Roundel
A Compleint to his Lady
Womanly Noblesse
The Romaunt of the Rose
The Parlement of Foules
Boethius de Consolatione Philosophie
The Book of the Duchesse
A Treatise on the Astrolabe
The Legend of Goode Wimmen
The Hous of Fame
Troilus and Cressida

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