The World Almanac for Kids 2003

The World Almanac for Kids 2003

by World Almanac Editors


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The World Almanac for Kids 2003 by World Almanac Editors

With more than 2 million copies sold to date, The World Almanac For Kids 2003 provides kids with the information they crave on thousands of subjects, from aardvarks to Zulus.

The World Almanac For Kids is:

* The #1 almanac designed just for kids

* A New York Times and Publishers Weekly bestseller

* Completely updated from first page to last

* Colorful, fun and informative

* Packed with puzzles, games, activities and jokes

* Filled with kid-friendly facts on just about every topic imaginable

* Great for school reports and homework help

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780886878788
Publisher: World Almanac Books
Publication date: 07/17/2002
Pages: 336
Product dimensions: 6.34(w) x 8.98(h) x 0.65(d)
Age Range: 8 - 12 Years

Table of Contents

Remembering September 119
Faces & Places12
Faces & Places12
Best Beats14
Movie Magic16
TV Time18
Marvelous Medalists20
Animal News & Facts24
Ants Are Amazing25
Largest, Smallest, Fastest26
How Long Do Animals Live?27
Kits, Cubs, and Other Animal Babies27
What Are Groups of Animals Called?28
Habitats: Where Animals Live28
Animal Architects28
Endangered Species29
Danger! Poison!30
Animal Kingdom32
Life on Earth33
The World of Dinosaurs34
Through Artists' Eyes36
All About Animals on Parade36
All About Impressionism37
Some Famous Works of Art37
Art History Highlights38
Platform Nine and Three Quarters43
Books to Enjoy44
Book Awards, 2001-200246
Best New Books of the Year46
All About Comic Books47
Tallest Buildings in the World48
Roofs That Move48
The Pentagon49
All About Castles49
Calendars & Time50
What Are Time Zones?51
All About Atomic Clocks51
How Computers Work52
Computer Talk54
The Binary System55
Computer Games55
The Internet56
New Gadgets57
All About ENIAC58
Energy Keeps Us Moving59
The Sun and Its Energy60
All About Solar Cars60
Who Produces and Uses the Most Energy?61
Where Does Our Energy Come From?61
Sources of Energy62
What Is the Environment?64
What Is Biodiversity?65
Home Sweet Biome66
Where Garbage Goes68
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle69
What Is Made From Recycled Materials?69
Water, Water Everywhere70
Water Woes71
What Is Air Pollution?72
Global Warming72
Forests Forever?73
Games & Toys74
Board Games74
The King of Games...The Game of Kings75
A Time-Line of Video Games75
All About Trading Cards76
All About Robot Competitions76
Top Selling Toys of 200177
Classic American Toys...Yesterday and Today77
Looking at Our World78
Reading a Map79
The Seven Continents80
Tallest, Longest, Highest, Deepest81
Amazing Geography Facts81
The Four Oceans81
Some European and American Explorers82
Major Earthquakes85
Inside Your Body86
What the Body's Systems Do87
Surprising Facts About the Body88
Stay Healthy With Exercise88
A Few Facts About Lefties89
Old Wives' Tales89
We Are What We Eat90
A Little Fat Goes a Long Way90
Which Foods Are the Right Foods?91
Cool Ways to Say "No"92
Understanding AIDS92
Super Snacks93
Holidays in the United States94
Unusual Holidays95
Holidays Around the World95
Inventions Change Our Lives96
All About the Sign Language Glove98
Great Ideas--By Accident99
A Batty Idea?99
Abbreviations and Acronyms100
New Words100
Palindromes; All About Eponyms101
In Other Words: Idioms102
Jokes and Riddles103
Top Ten Languages; Languages in the U.S.104
Language Express105
Serious Business107
Out of the Ordinary108
In the Air109
All About the Army's Green Berets110
History of Money111
Making Money: The U.S. Mint112
How Much Money Is in Circulation?113
What Are Exchange Rates?113
All About the Euro113
Why Budgets Are Helpful114
What Do You Want to Be?115
Movies & TV116
20 Movie Hits of 2001 and 2002116
20 Popular Kids Videos of 2001116
Some Popular Movies117
Lord of the Rings117
All About SpongeBob118
Popular TV Shows in 2001-2002118
Popular Video Games in 2001118
People to Watch: Anne Hathaway, Hayden Christensen119
Kids' Museums120
Living History Exhibits121
Ethnic Museums121
Odd Museums122
National Air and Space Museum122
Music & Dance123
Musical Instruments123
Music and Music Makers124
Top Albums of 2001124
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame125
American Musicals126
All About Hip-Hop126
Kids Around the World128
Maps and Flags of the Nations130
Facts About Nations146
Numerals in Ancient Civilization166
Roman Numerals166
The Prefix Tells the Number167
Big Numbers167
How Many Sides and Faces Do They Have?168
How Do You Find the Area?169
All About 3.14 ([pi])169
Multiplication Table170
Where Do People Live?172
Population of the United States 2001173
Taking the Census: Everyone Counts174
Counting the First Americans175
The Many Faces of America: Immigration176
Becoming an American Citizen177
Prizes & Contests178
Nobel Prizes178
The Medal of Honor179
Pulitzer Prize; Spingarn Medal179
Entertainment Awards180
World Religions183
Major Holy Days185
Religious Membership in the United States186
What Everything Is Made of187
How Elements Are Named188
All About Compounds188
Minerals, Rocks, and Gems189
What Is DNA?; All About Cloning190
Some Famous Scientists191
Science Museums192
Solar-Powered Rainmaker193
Science Q & A194
Signs & Symbols196
Road Signs; Some Useful Symbols196
The Zodiac197
All About Native American Code Talkers197
Braille and Sign Language198
The Solar System200
The Planets201
The Moon202
Exploring Space203
Not Just Planets204
Big Questions206
First Astronauts in Space207
Shuttles and Space Stations208
International Space Station209
All About Space Camp209
Professional Basketball212
College Basketball214
Professional Football215
College Football217
Ice Hockey219
The Olympic Games220
Special Olympics224
X Games226
How Long Did It Take?227
Trains; Autos228
Air; Sea229
A Short History of Transportation230
All About the Transcontinental Railroad230
Historic Homes232
World Cities233
Amusement Parks234
Roller Coasters235
United Nations236
A Community of Nations236
UN Peacekeepers237
How the UN Is Organized237
United States238
United States: Facts, Figures, and Symbols238
The U.S. Constitution240
The Executive Branch: The President and the Cabinet242
Elections: Electing the President and Vice President243
Presidents and Vice Presidents of the United States244
Presidents and First Ladies251
The Legislative Branch: Congress252
The House of Representatives, by State253
What Impeachment Means253
The Judicial Branch: The Supreme Court254
United States History Time Line257
African Americans Work for Change264
They Made History265
Map of the United States266
Facts About the States268
Washington, D.C.: The Capital of the United States285
How the States Got Their Names286
National Parks288
Weather Words290
All About Lightning291
Taking Temperatures292
The Hottest and Coldest Places in the World292
Weights & Measures294
The Earliest Measurements294
Measurements We Use Today294
The Metric System296
How to Convert Measurements297
World History298
The Middle East298
All About Mummies of Egypt299
Gods and Goddesses299
The Americas310
Anniversaries in 2003, in 2004

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The World Almanac for Kids 2003 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I gave them as Chrismas gifts Dec. 25, 2002. My friends and nieces and other relatives enjoyed these gifts too.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Its a great book for kids to read during the summertime