The World Atlas of Coffee: From Beans to Brewing -- Coffees Explored, Explained and Enjoyed

The World Atlas of Coffee: From Beans to Brewing -- Coffees Explored, Explained and Enjoyed

by James Hoffmann


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Professionals and enthusiasts alike will love this beautiful book by James Hoffmann. From overviews of the world's most vibrant coffee-growing regions, to step-by-step brewing tutorials, the content is educational, thought-provoking, and substantial. I've already recommended this book to Barista Magazine readers countless times.
— Sarah Allen, Editor
Barista Magazine

A beautiful world guide to the brown bean.

Taking the reader on a global tour of coffee-growing countries, The World Atlas of Coffee presents the bean in full-color photographs and concise, informative text. It shows the origins of coffee — where it is grown, the people who grow it; and the cultures in which coffee is a way of life — and the world of consumption — processing, grades, the consumer and the modern culture of coffee.

Plants of the genus Coffea are cultivated in more than 70 countries but primarily in equatorial Latin America, Southeast Asia and Africa. For some countries, including Central African Republic, Colombia, Ethiopia, and Honduras, coffee is the number one export and critical to the economy.

Organized by continent and then further by country or region, The World Atlas of Coffee presents the brew in color spreads packed with information. They include:

  • The history of coffee generally and regionally
  • The role of colonialism (for example, in Burundi under colonial rule of Belgium, coffee production was best described as coercive. Every peasant farmer had to cultivate at least 50 coffee trees near their home.)
  • Map of growing regions and detail maps
  • Charts explaining differences in growing regions within a country
  • Inset boxes (For example, what is the Potato Defect? Is Cuban coffee legal in the United States?)
  • The politics of coffee and the fair trade, organic and shade grown phenomena
  • Beautiful color photographs taken in the field.
  • Americans consume 400 million cups of coffee per day, equivalent to 146 billion cups of coffee per year, making the United States the leading consumer of coffee in the world. The World Atlas of Coffee is an excellent choice for these coffee lovers.

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    ISBN-13: 9781770854703
    Publisher: Firefly Books, Limited
    Publication date: 11/21/2014
    Pages: 256
    Product dimensions: 7.80(w) x 10.00(h) x 1.00(d)

    About the Author

    James Hoffmann is a coffee expert, author and the 2007 World Barista Champion. Along with a team of experts, he operates Square Mile Coffee Roasters, a multi-award-winning coffee roasting company based in East London, UK, which sources and imports coffee direct from growers, and roasts the beans on their premises. James also travels as a popular speaker about the coffee business. His website is

    Table of Contents

    Introduction 7

    Part 1 Introduction to Coffee

    Arabica and Robusta 12

    The Coffee Tree 15

    The Coffee Fruit 21

    Coffee Varieties 22

    Harvesting Coffee 27

    Processing 31

    How Coffee is Traded 42

    Part 2 From Bean to Cup 48

    Coffee Roasting 50

    Buying and Storing Coffee 60

    Tasting and Describing Coffee 64

    Grinding Coffee 68

    Water for Brewing 70

    Brewing Basics 73

    Espresso 94

    Home Roasting 116

    Part 3 Coffee Origins

    Africa 120

    Burundi 122

    Ethiopia 126

    Kenya 132

    Malawi 138

    Rwanda 142

    Tanzania 146

    Zambia 150

    Asia 152

    India 154

    Indonesia 160

    Papua New Guinea 167

    Vietnam 170

    Yemen 174

    Americas 178

    Bolivia 180

    Brazil 182

    Colombia 188

    Costa Rica 194

    Cuba 200

    Dominican Republic 202

    Ecuador 206

    El Salvador 208

    Guatemala 217

    United States: Hawaii 222

    Honduras 227

    Jamaica 230

    Mexico 232

    Nicaragua 236

    Panama 238

    Peru 242

    Venezuola 246

    Glossary 248

    Index 250

    Acknowledgements 256

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