The World of Biology and Politics

The World of Biology and Politics



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ISBN-13: 9781781907283
Publisher: Emerald Group Publishing Limited
Publication date: 10/28/2013
Series: Research in Biopolitics , #11
Pages: 250
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Editorial Advisory Board ix

Chapter 1 Biology and Politics: An Introduction Albert Somit Steven A. Peterson 1

Chapter 2 Biology and Politics as an Organizational Enterprise 13

A International Political Science Association's Research Committee #12 Albert Somit Steven A. Peterson 15

B Communicating Biopolitical Knowledge through the Association for Politics and the Life Sciences David Goelze 20

Chapter 3 Graduate Education in Biology and Politics

A The Program at the State University of New York at Stony Brook Milton Lodge Albert Somit 31

B The Biopolitics Program at Northern Illinois University Andrea Bonnicksen 34

C Bootstrapping "Biology-Minded" Graduate Programs Rebecca J. Hannagan 38

D Other Related Aspects of Training Students Albert Somit 41

Chapter 4 On the Evolutionary Roots of the Social Sciences Tatu Vanhanen 45

Chapter 5 Neuropolitics and Political Science: Providing a Foundation for the Study of Politics John M. Friend Bradley A. Thayer 71

Chapter 6 The Biopolitics of the Great Apes Johan M. G. van der Dennen 91

Chapter 7 Biopolicy: Can It Provide a New Paradigm? Odelia Funke 135

Chapter 8 Attempted Assassination and Presidential Achievement: The Case of Ronald Reagan Robert E. Gilbert 161

Chapter 9 Toward an Evolutionary Synthesis of Individualist and Communist Anarchism: The Evolutionary Bases of Cooperation Steven A. Peterson 185

Chapter 10 Success or Failure? A Critical but Optimistic Evaluation of Biopolitics Robert H. Blank Michael Bang Petersen 199

Chapter 11 The Politics of Evolutionary Theory and Biopolitics in the Future Albert Somit Steven A. Peterson 217

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