The World of Fire: Ascending into the Heavenly Kingdom

The World of Fire: Ascending into the Heavenly Kingdom

by Zinovya Dushkova


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The World of Fire is the Kingdom of Heaven promised by almost all religions and spiritual traditions to those who follow simple moral commandments. Created from the Divine Fire, this Paradise is characterized by an atmosphere of absolute Enlightenment, Joy, and Love.

Your spirit came to the Earth from this place, and you can return to it after accomplishing your earthly purpose. But how can you, while living on the Earth, approach the Fiery World? And how does it already affect your daily life?

No one will answer these questions better than the Lord of Love and Compassion — the Lord of the Fiery World. In Book 7 of The Teaching of the Heart series, He will acquaint you with the concept of Agni, the Divine Fire, which was the basis of fire-worshipping in antiquity. He will teach you the unexplored properties of the Fire and its manifestations in man and space, thereby empowering you to prepare yourself for the life in the Fiery World.

The book will also help you understand the complexity of our current moment as a transitional time during which the convergence of the Worlds is taking place. In ancient times, this period of evolution was called the Age of Fire, and today it is often called Ascension. By following the advice given by the Lord, you can facilitate not only your own life, but also that of the planet, since the ease or difficulty of the inevitable transition depends directly on you.

Will you take a step towards your Heavenly Home?

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ISBN-13: 9785604058633
Publisher: Radiant Books
Publication date: 05/19/2018
Series: Teaching of the Heart , #7
Pages: 296
Sales rank: 182,407
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