The World of the Crusades

The World of the Crusades

by Christopher Tyerman


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A lively reimagining of how the distant medieval world of war functioned, drawing on the objects used and made by crusaders

Throughout the Middle Ages crusading was justified by religious ideology, but the resulting military campaigns were fueled by concrete objectives: land, resources, power, reputation. Crusaders amassed possessions of all sorts, from castles to reliquaries. Campaigns required material funds and equipment, while conquests produced bureaucracies, taxation, economic exploitation, and commercial regulation. Wealth sustained the Crusades while material objects, from weaponry and military technology to carpentry and shipping, conditioned them.
This lavishly illustrated volume considers the material trappings of crusading wars and the objects that memorialized them, in architecture, sculpture, jewelry, painting, and manuscripts. Christopher Tyerman’s incorporation of the physical and visual remains of crusading enriches our understanding of how the crusaders themselves articulated their mission, how they viewed their place in the world, and how they related to the cultures they derived from and preyed upon.

A note to readers: the grey-shaded pages throughout this volume look at the Crusades in detail, exploring individual themes such as food and drink, medicine, weapons and women’s role in the Crusades. These short essays are interspersed throughout the chapters and the main text will continue after each one. For instance, ‘Taking the Cross’ runs from pages 4 to 7, and the Introduction continues on p. 8.

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ISBN-13: 9780300217391
Publisher: Yale University Press
Publication date: 05/23/2019
Pages: 520
Sales rank: 1,242,427
Product dimensions: 6.50(w) x 9.30(h) x 2.00(d)

About the Author

Christopher Tyerman is professor of the history of the crusades at Oxford University and a fellow of Hertford College. His books include God’s War, The Debate on the Crusades, and How to Plan a Crusade. He lives in Oxford.

Table of Contents

The Holy Sepulchre xxiii

Taking the Cross 4

Women and the Crusades 10

Splitting Hairs 22

Byzantium and the Crusades 48

Interpreters 58

Urban II 66

Peter the Hermit 72

Jews and the Crusade 80

Plunder and Booty 94

Crusade Memorials 102

William of Tyre 108

Coins in Outremer 120

A Day at Jacob's Ford, 29 August 1179 128

The Melisende Psalter 138

Castles in Outremer 142

Bernard of Clairvaux and the Cistercians 170

Communes on Crusade 176

Second Crusade Manuscripts 182

Preaching 192

Paying Crusaders 202

Food and Drink 212

Weapons 218

The Sociology of Crusading: Who Went? 226

A Palace in Beirut 230

Innocent III 238

A Spring Day in Basel, 1201 244

Sacred Booty 252

The Children's Crusade 258

Acre Manuscripts and 'Crusader Art' 270

Crusaders' Baggage 274

John of Joinville 278

Medicine 282

Henry of Livonia 316

A Day in Venice, 1258 356

Sieges 372

The End of the Templars 380

Maps 386

A Meal in Paris, 6 January 1378 394

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