The Worst Best Friend

The Worst Best Friend


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The Worst Best Friend 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is a great book to read to children to show the measure of a true friend. Conrad and Mike have a friendship children can relate to. They do everything together until one day new, cool, big kid moves into their class and Conrad is drawn into a type of hero worship. Victor the new kid tends to brag about himself excessively. Mike is left without his best friend. One day a kickball game becomes a competition. The new kid will only pick BIG kids for his team so he can WIN. Mike isn't such a big guy and gets left out in the cold. Conrad comes to the rescue and includes his best friend in the game. Of course the story ends well with the best friends reuniting. I was pleased by the ending. It was more realistic and thus a good lesson is being a good friend and the value of being ones self. Victor doesn't change his ways or see the light of his actions. Victor only cares for him self. His strategy for choosing the biggest kids did help his team win in the kickball game but his snubbing of Mike showed is true personality. He really wasn't a good friend and didn't care about others feelings. The cartoon type illustrations were fun. Little comments about friends and feelings are imbedded in the illustrations such as "humble pie" written on the black board as a lunch special and A girl in the background reading a book titled how to be a best friend. Fun read with plenty of material to start great discussion with your children.
Guest More than 1 year ago
It is reported that bullying is one of the big problems in schools today. Not all bullying is necessarily physical. Bullying can be mental and emotional too. Mike and Conrad are best friends. That is, until one day Victor comes along. Victor does not beat up on other kids, but he boasts and brags about how good he is at sports. So Conrad no longer plays with Mike but follows after Victor. Mike feels very hurt. His best friend becomes his worst friend. The next day, Victor and Mike are captains of the kickball teams, so when Victor's desire to win does not leave any room for Conrad, what will Mike do? In addition to its being a fun read, there are some wonderful lessons in this story for children about the importance of true friendship, the need for showing kindness, and even the fact that winning is not always the most important thing. The lively illustrations will appeal to young readers, and observant students may find what is written on the blackboards in the classroom and cafeteria scenes quite amusing. I thoroughly enjoyed reading and looking at this picture book and recommend it highly. While the target audience is ages 5-8, even my twelve-year-old said that he liked it too.