The Wrecking Crew

The Wrecking Crew

by The Wrecking Crew


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Release Date: 09/04/2015
Label: Rockbeat Records
UPC: 0089353330828
catalogNumber: 3308

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Wrecking Crew   Primary Artist
Glen Campbell   Guitar,Piano
Ray Kelley   Cello
Lincoln Mayorga   Piano
Michael Nesmith   Guitar
Leon Russell   Keyboards
Frank Capp   Percussion,Strings,Drums
Buddy Childers   Trumpet
Victor Feldman   Percussion,Strings
Plas Johnson   Reeds,Saxophone
Barney Kessel   Guitar
Don Randi   Piano,Keyboards
Jimmy Rowles   Keyboards
Bud Shank   Flute,Reeds
Irving Ashby   Guitar
Don Bagley   Bass
Lou Blackburn   Trombone
Buddy Clark   Bass
Bob Enevoldsen   Trombone
Bob Hardaway   Reeds
Jerry Cole   Guitar
Lyle Ritz   Bass
Keith Allison   Guitar
Mike Post   Guitar
James Burton   Guitar
David Gates   Guitar
Jimmy Webb   Keyboards
Billy Strange   Guitar
Jim Gordon   Percussion,Drums
Michael Cohen   Keyboards
John Audino   Trumpet
Israel Baker   Strings,Violin
Hal Blaine   Drums
Steve Barri   Percussion
Arnold Belnick   Strings,Violin,Saxophone,Woodwind
Ben Benay   Guitar
Max Bennett   Bass
Chuck Berghofer   Bass
Milt Bernhart   Trombone
Bud Brisbois   Trumpet
Bobby Bruce   Violin
Dennis Budimir   Guitar
Larry Bunker   Percussion
Roy Caton   Trumpet,Brass,Woodwind
Jules Chaiken   Trumpet
Gene Cipriano   Reeds,Saxophone,Woodwind
David Cohen   Guitar
Gary Coleman   Percussion
Dave Costell   Guitar
DeLory   Keyboards
John DeVoogdt   Violin
Harold Dicterow   Strings
Harold Diner   Piano
Assa Drori   Violin
Bonnie Douglas   Violin
Jesse Ehrlich   Cello,Saxophone,Woodwind
Henry Ferber   Violin
Nathan Gershman   Cello
Bobby Gibbons   Guitar
Hyman Gold   Cello
James Gordon   Woodwind
William Green   Brass,Woodwind
Bill Green   Reeds,Saxophone
Rene Hall   Guitar
Freddie Hill   Trumpet
Bill Hinshaw   French Horn
Jim Horn   Saxophone,Brass,Woodwind
Howard Roberts   Guitar
Bones Howe   Percussion
Ernie Hughes   Piano
Harry Hyams   Strings,Saxophone,Viola,Woodwind
Jules Jacob   Saxophone,Woodwind
Ray Johnson   Organ,Piano,Keyboards
Raymond Johnson   Piano
George Kast   Violin
Carol Kaye   Bass,Guitar
Jerome Kessler   Cello
John Kitzmiller   Tuba
Manny Klein   Trumpet
Larry Knechtel   Bass,Piano,Keyboards
Ray Kramer   Saxophone,Woodwind
Bernard Kundell   Violin
Don Lanier   Guitar
Marvin Limonick   Violin
John Lowe   Saxophone,Woodwind
Alfred Lustgarten   Violin
Edgar Lustgarten   Saxophone,Woodwind
Leonard Malarsky   Violin,Saxophone,Woodwind
Lew McCreary   Trombone
Mike Melvoin   Piano,Keyboards
Jay Migliori   Reeds,Saxophone
Melvin Moore   Trumpet
Alexander Neiman   Saxophone,Woodwind
Jack Nimitz   Saxophone,Woodwind
Wilbert Nuttycombe   Violin
Barrett O'Hara   Trombone
Earl Palmer   Piano,Drums
Richard Perissi   French Horn
Bill Pitman   Guitar
William Pitman   Piano
Ray Pohlman   Bass,Leader
Sam Rice   Tuba
Johnny Rivers   Guitar
Gale Robinson   French Horn
John Rotella   Woodwind
Jesse Sailes   Drums
Joe Saxon   Cello
Ralph Schaeffer   Violin,Saxophone,Woodwind
Sid Sharp   Violin,Concert Master
Kenny Shroyer   Trombone
Jack Shulman   Violin
Paul Shure   Violin
Lou Singer   Drums
Phil Sloan   Guitar
Marshall Sosson   Violin
Paul Tanner   Theremin
Tommy Tedesco   Guitar
Tony Terran   Trumpet
Darrel Terwilliger   Violin,Viola
Tiny Timbrell   Guitar
Ritchie Valens   Guitar
Champ Webb   Saxophone
John West   Cordovox
Tibor Zelig   Violin
Vincent DeRosa   French Horn
Jimmy Bond   Bass
Larry Breen   Bass
Dick Hyde   Trombone
Gayle Levant   Harp
Dr. John   Keyboards
Bill Kurasch   Violin
Nick Pisani   Violin
Justin DiTullio   Cello
Donnie Owens   Guitar
Walter Rower   Cello
Ambrose Russo   Violin
Jimmy Zito   Trumpet
Jules Chaikin   Trumpet
Joe Howard   Trombone
Roy Mayorga   Piano
Betty Marks   Violin
Nick Pelico   Percussion
Alex Neimann   Strings
Mike Spencer   Keyboards
Jim Decker   French Horn
Sidney Miller   Brass,Woodwind
Casey   Guitar
Joe Osborn   Bass
Jim McGuinn   Guitar
Steve Douglas   Reeds,Saxophone
Clarence E. "Pete" Carpenter   Trombone
Milt Bernhardt   Trombone
Allen reid Breneman   Drums
Bob West   Bass
Jerry Reisler   Violin
Allen Ramsey   Bass
Armand Kaproff   Cello
Justin Gordon   Saxophone,Woodwind
Sam Boghossian   Viola
John Phillips   Guitar
Fred Seykora   Cello
John Kelson   Saxophone
Oliver Mitchell   Trumpet
William Hinshaw   French Horn
Johnny Vidor   Violin
Mike Rubini   Keyboards
Mike Deasy   Guitar
Nate Gershman   Cello
Vince Derosa   French Horn
Mannie Klein   Trumpet
Stan Levy   Drums
Isreal Baker   Concert Master
Joe DiFiore   Saxophone,Woodwind
Lou Morell   Guitar
Norm Botnick   Viola
Gary Nuttycombe   Viola
Robert Bare   Saxophone,Woodwind
Len Atkins   Violin
Norman Jeffries   Bass
Joyce Bertetti   Cello
Jimmy Getzoff   Saxophone,Woodwind
Don Radi   Keyboards
Bob Barene   Strings
Rich Perissi   French Horn
Gene Daniello   Percussion

Technical Credits

Erik Darling   Composer
Neil Norman   Liner Notes
James Burton   Arranger
Lee Hazlewood   Composer,Producer
Donna De Lory   Liner Notes
Gus Cannon   Composer
Marty Cooper   Composer,Producer
David Kessel   Liner Notes
Stan Ross   Engineer
Tony Valenziano   Producer
Hosea Woods   Composer
Travis Campbell   Liner Notes
Mark Kalmus   Art Direction
Willard Svanoe   Composer
Don Radi   Arranger
Denny Tedesco   Producer,Liner Notes

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