The Write Way to Murder: A Marlene Dreyfus Technical Writer Mystery

The Write Way to Murder: A Marlene Dreyfus Technical Writer Mystery

by Renee B. Horowitz


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Marlene Dreyfus, an expert technical writer for a cutting-edge Phoenix aerospace firm, is drawn into a maelstrom of terror when her colleague Sam Garfield is found dead in a company hallway. Sam is covered in blood, with a huge knife sticking in his back.

Everyone is under suspicion as Security starts to investigate. Why was Sam Garfield killed? Was he involved in industrial espionage? Was he selling high tech secrets to foreign agents? Or had he uncovered the real perpetrator? Who will be next?

Marlene and her colleagues start looking over their shoulders-and at each other. Marlene is romanticallyh interested in engineer Kevin Bronson-could he know more than he lets on? Assigned to replace Sam as project chief for a multi-million dollar proposal, Kevin has much to gain by Sam's death.

But suspects abound, and the clock is ticking. With so many baffling leads and dead ends, Marlene must find the killer before he (or she) strikes again.

Besides murder and love at work, Marlene has a home life to deal with. Daughters Fran and Cynthia add to Marlene's trials. Where did Bruce Underwood, Fran's fiancée, get the money for the mega-mansion he's building in Scottsdale? Why does Cynthia support her sister's former stalker?

From the acclaimed author of the Ruthie Kantor Morris Pharmacy Sleuth Series (Rx for Murder, Deadly Rx, Rx Alibi, etc.) comes a new female sleuth based on the author's years of experience in the exciting aerospace industry.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781478149491
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 06/27/2012
Pages: 110
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.26(d)

About the Author

Novelist Renée B. Horowitz is a retired professor of Technology at Arizona State University (ASU). She published many academic articles and conference paper during her university career, but now writes fiction full-time.
Renée is a founding member and past president of the Desert Sleuths Chapter of Sisters in Crime. She lives in Scottsdale, Arizona, with her husband. She has two sons and a granddaughter.
The Write Way to Murder is a departure from Renee's Rx series of cozy mystery novels. It opens with a murder victim who's employed as a technical writer by a fictional aerospace company. Renee was a senior documentation engineer (a.k.a. tech writer) for many years before her professorship at ASU.
The Rx Series of cozy mysteries, with Registered Pharmacist Ruthie Kantor Morris as the principal sleuth, presents an authentic, behind-the-scenes look at the retail pharmacy business.
The series is inspired by her pharmacist husband, and also by both their pharmacist dads. Look for Rx for Murder, Deadly Rx, and Rx Alibi, mysteries. Renée's website is

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