The Year 2000: All Your Fears and Questions Answered

The Year 2000: All Your Fears and Questions Answered

by Linda Moore



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ISBN-13: 9780824102869
Publisher: Allan Publishers, Incorporated
Publication date: 12/28/1998
Pages: 192
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Table of Contents

Introduction: What Is This Event We Call the Millennium?1
Chapter 1What Is So Special About the Year 2000?5
What is a millennium anyway?
Why do we assign special importance to decades, centuries, and millennia?
Why is the millennium associated with the end of time?
Is there a connection between the biblical millennium and the year 2000?
Why do some people say the millennium begins in 2001?
Will it be the year 2000 on all calendars?
How long has the Gregorian calendar been in use?
Why will most people celebrate the millennium in the year 2000?
What will we celebrate in the year 2000?
How will we celebrate the year 2000?
Chapter 2Is It the End of the World?17
Why do some people believe that the world will end in the year 2000?
Is the year 2000 the start of the promised millennium in biblical prophecy?
Are there any biblical prophecies that predict the end of the world in the year 2000?
Before the birth of Jesus, did people believe that the end of the world was near?
What are some groups in our own time that have believed the world will end?
What happens when end-of-the-world prophecies don't come true?
Why do people believe in end-of-the-world prophecies?
What are some scary ideas today about what will happen in the year 2000?
Does anyone think good things will happen in the year 2000?
Chapter 3What Do the Prophets and Seers Say?35
Saint Malachy
Helena Petrovna Blavatsky
Edgar Cayce
Jeane Dixon
Hal Lindsey
Dr. Billy Graham
Pope John Paul II
John Hogue
John Hagee
James Redfield
Marshall T. Savage
The Gaia Movement
Chapter 4What Is Predicted?55
Will World War III begin in the year 2000?
Is nuclear holocaust a possibility in the new millennium?
Could an environmental disaster destroy the earth?
Is global warming the next big threat?
What new diseases and plagues could sweep the world?
Is the population about to explode?
Will UFOs invade us?
Will an asteroid destroy the earth?
Can the economy endure?
What will happen to Social Security?
Could computers take over?
How long before scientists discover cures for cancer and AIDS?
Are human clones a possibility?
What are some of the new inventions expected in the next millennium?
What will everyday life be like in the next millennium?
Will the United States be the leader among nations?
What is predicted for other parts of the world?
Chapter 5Is the Millennium Christian?81
Is the millennium only a Christian event?
What is the relationship between Revelation and the millennium?
What events are described in Revelation?
What is Armageddon?
Does Revelation discuss the Second Coming?
What is the Messianic Age?
What or who is a millenarian?
What are premillennialism and postmillennialism?
Did Christians believe anything special about the millennium in the years right after the death of Jesus?
Were there any Christian premillennial groups before the twentieth century?
What do Protestants believe about the millennium?
Do Catholics believe the end of the world is coming?
Are Jehovah's Witnesses, Seventh-Day Adventists, and Mormons premillennialists?
What does the Bible say about the millennium?
Chapter 6Apocalyptic Cults of the Past Two Thousand Years: What Did They Believe?99
The Montanists
The Apostolic Brethren
The Taborites and Adamites
The Anabaptists of Munster
The Fifth Monarchy
The Millerites
The Counsellor of Brazil
The Ghost Dance Movement
The People's Temple at Jonestown
The Branch Davidians
Aum Shinrikyo
Heaven's Gate
Chapter 7How Do Other Societies and Religions See the Millennium?121
Did the ancient Egyptians believe in the millennium?
Who was Zoroaster, and how did he influence millennial thinking?
What did the ancient Greek philosopher Plato have to say about the millennium?
Did the ancient Romans believe in the millennium?
Were the ancient Mayans millenarians?
What is written about the millennium in the Dead Sea Scrolls?
Is there a millennial tradition in the Jewish faith?
Do Allah's faithful believe in the millennium?
What are some Hindu beliefs about the millennium?
Do Buddhists believe in the millennium?
Do Native Americans have a millennial tradition?
Chapter 8Were There Signs in the Year 1000?133
What is the big controversy over the first millennium?
Did people living in the year 1000 know what year it was?
Were there signs of a Second Coming?
Did the Bible predict the Second Coming for the year 1000?
What were the "Terrors of the Year 1000"?
What did Christians believe about the end of the world in the year 1000?
What was the Peace of God Movement?
Did people celebrate the millennium in the year 1000?
Did panic over the millennium cause the Crusades?
What were some of the great historical events in the year 1000?
What are some important historical events since the year 1000?
Chapter 9What If Computers Crash?149
What is the Y2K problem?
How difficult is it to fix the Y2K problem?
What will happen if the Y2K problem is not fixed?
Do computers need to be reprogrammed before the year 2000?
Can computers be reprogrammed in time for the millennium?
How long will it take?
Will the stock market crash if computers are not reprogrammed?
How much will it cost to correct all of the computers in the world?
Will the Y2K problem cause a recession?
What can you do to prepare?
Will your personal computer need to be reprogrammed?
Chapter 10Is America Ready?163
Why does the millennium have special meaning in America?
Are fears and hopes about the year 2000 more intense in America?
How are Americans preparing for the millennium?
What is the Millennium Watch Institute?
What is the U.S. Time Capsule Monument?
How has the millennium been depicted in science fiction?
What are some of the movies and television shows about the millennium?
How is the millennium being celebrated on the Internet?
What are some of the businesses and products named after the millennium?
How long will we celebrate the millennium?

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