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The Year of the End: A Memoir of Marriage, Truth and Fiction

The Year of the End: A Memoir of Marriage, Truth and Fiction

by Anne Theroux


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January 18, 1990

Paul left today at 8 a.m.

We had been married just over 22 years.

The previous evening, we had gone out to eat at a local restaurant, where we drank champagne and reminisced. In a short story which he wrote about that final evening of a marriage, the central characters talk wittily and poignantly about the explorer Richard Burton and the sad, misunderstood wife who burnt his books. The reality was different.

After 22 years, spent across four continents, with two children – Louis and Marcel – in 1990 Anne and Paul Theroux decided to separate.

For that year, Anne– later a couples therapist herself – kept a diary, noting not only her day-to day experiences as a busy freelance journalist and broadcaster, but the contrasts in her feelings between despairing grief and hope for a new future.

With reflections on truth and fiction, and the nature of marriage, The Year of the End offers a unique insight into the unravelling of a relationship and the attempts to rebuild a life.

It’s also a rewarding, triumphant and honest diary/memoir—the wife, so often thinly veiled in her husband’s fiction, tells her story. And the woman, newly released, emerges again: funny, wandering, reflective and, finally, emboldened.

  • Lead title: A previously unheard perspective of the partner of a great writer and a portrait of the end of a marriage, enriched by Anne’s own insights as a couples therapist.
  • A banner year: Explores the major shifts of 1990—the collapse of communism, the invasion of Kuwait, the ousting of British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.
  • Addictively readable: Better than reading a diary, Anne Theroux takes on the year her marriage ended and the cheerful, or self-conscious, or simply rudimentary entries in her journal and fills the reader in on what was really happening.
  • Emotionally rewarding: Anyone who has been through a break-up —especially after raising a family together—will appreciate the straightforward honesty, along with the twists and turns of emotions as Anne and her husband (the novelist Paul Theroux) waver between staying or parting.

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    Product Details

    ISBN-13: 9781785787393
    Publisher: Icon Books, Ltd. UK
    Publication date: 10/12/2021
    Pages: 208
    Sales rank: 1,088,912
    Product dimensions: 5.10(w) x 7.90(h) x 1.10(d)
    Age Range: 18 Years

    About the Author

    Anne Theroux has spent much of her life as a freelance journalist and broadcaster, predominantly at the BBC, where among other things was Head of Features and Arts for the World Service. From 1992 to 2016 she trained and worked as a relationship therapist.

    Table of Contents

    1 Once upon a time 1

    2 August 1989 9

    3 January 1990 25

    4 February 43

    5 March 59

    6 April 75

    7 May 89

    8 June 103

    9 July 123

    10 August 137

    11 September 145

    12 October 165

    13 November 181

    14 December 197

    15 Christmas 1990 and New Year 1991 219

    16 That was the end 237

    Postscript 243

    Acknowledgements 244

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