The Year of What Now: Poems

The Year of What Now: Poems

by Brian Russell



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ISBN-13: 9781555976484
Publisher: Graywolf Press
Publication date: 07/09/2013
Pages: 88
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.80(h) x 0.30(d)

About the Author

Brian Russell has an MFA from the University of Houston, where he served as poetry editor for Gulf Coast. His poems have appeared in Bat City Review, The Cincinnati Review, Epoch, Mid-American Review, and Verse Daily. He lives in Chicago.

Table of Contents

Introduction Tom Sleigh xi

It's a Strange City

We Remain This Way 5

In the Event 6

Waiting for Radiation 7

On Airs Waters and Places 8

The Year of What Now 9

For Good 10

Again and Again 11

Meanwhile Here on Earth 12

The Universe Said co Invoke Infinity 13

Preface 15

Awash 16

Crisis and Confidence 17

X-Ray 18

The Rhythm of the Empire

Lightness Arises from the Usual Gravity 21

Love and Later 23

Our Hour of Suspense 24

The Long Haul 25

No One in Particular 26

What Makes It Worse 27

The Royal Society 28

Romance of the Unfamiliar 29

In the Wing of Catastrophe 30

Emergence and Emergency 31

Everything Every Time 32

In the Dark and Wait

Pageant of Squandered Fortunes 35

Hell Is Everyone 36

The Higher Order 37

Economies of Scale 38

Nerves 39

The Poor Souls of the Faithful 40

Vital 41

Because It Feeds Us 42

Another Instance in Which I'm Good for Nothing 43

Base Pairs 44

Acceptance 45

To the Prospects of the Experimental 46

Tepid 48

They Run You 49

Deep into the Treatments 50

Apollo the Healer 51

In a Sedimental Mood 52

Disproving the Humors 53

Belongings 54

Back to You

The Renaissance 57

Get Used to It 58

By Now 59

The History of Right Now 60

Given Everything 62

A Good Year 63

Disgrace 64

You're Supposed to Laugh 66

Physical Therapy 68

You're Welcome 69

As Soon as We're Outside 70

Swell 71

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