The Yes Effect: Accepting God's Invitation to Transform the World Around You

The Yes Effect: Accepting God's Invitation to Transform the World Around You


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ISBN-13: 9780802415936
Publisher: Moody Publishers
Publication date: 09/05/2017
Pages: 224
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.50(d)

About the Author

LUIS BUSH is a prominent strategist and the originator of the 10/40 Window Movement, which has brought into focus the region of the world with the greatest human suffering combined with the least exposure to the gospel. Born in Argentina and raised in Brazil, Luis has traveled the world over for the sake of the Great Commission. Over the decades, through work with Partners International and AD2000 & Beyond, he and his network of catalysts have mobilized millions of believers to impact the world through devoted prayer and a lifestyle of service. Since 2005, he has served as international facilitator of Transform World Connections based out of Singapore. And since 2009, he has championed the 4/14 Window Movement, which seeks to protect, nurture, and empower children worldwide to embrace the inheritance in Christ. Luis and his wife Doris make their home in the Chicago area near their four adult children and nineteen grandchildren.

DARCY WILEY is a storyteller who digs below the surface to find the transforming work of the Lord in unexpected places. As a youth, she took part in praying for the gateway cities of the 10/40 Window, and then traveled extensively, observing movements of God and serving on mission in various regions of the world. Even as family life has turned her from a world traveler into a stay-at-home mom, God continues to cross her path with the nations through international ministries or casual conversations in the grocery store. Darcy lives in the Indianapolis area with her husband and their three exuberant children. She writes about faith, family, and adventure at

Table of Contents

Foreword 11

Invitation 1 Follow Your Leaders 15

Invitation 2 Open Your Heart 39

Invitation 3 Fix Your Eyes 57

Invitation 4 Move Your Feet 81

Invitation 5 Find Your People 103

Invitation 6 Stand Your Ground 123

Invitation 7 Celebrate Your Chain Reaction 143

Invitation 8 Lead Your Followers 165

Conclusion: Choose Your Adventure 189

Notes 201

Acknowledgments 211

What People are Saying About This

From the Publisher

Praise for The Yes Effect

This is one of the best books on modern missions I have ever read. I recommend it not only to missionaries and mission candidates but also to local church pastors and officers. It tells us how to face problems honestly and define them accurately so we can trust God to use us to solve them effectively. I wish I had read a book like this sixty years ago! It will both educate you and energize you. Go for it!

 Warren W. Wiersbe, Internationally known Bible teacher and bestselling author

If the immensity of the world’s suffering makes you feel powerless, The Yes Effect is assigned reading. Its stories of real people saying yes to God illustrate the urgent task of loving God by loving God’s world. This book compels us to see those who suffer and to weep with them. It also invites us to pray and to work for the kingdom coming on earth as it is in heaven.

Jen Pollock Michel, Author of Teach Us to Want and Keeping Place

Luis Bush is a leader who embodies the gospel as well as anyone I know. If you are serious about making an impact on this world for the cause of Christ, Luis has always had much to say worth pondering. Listen to him and be moved!

Barry H. Corey, President of Biola University and author of Love Kindness

We are so thankful for Luis and Doris Bush’s vision and passion—to reach the most needy, lost, and broken people of the world. May these inspiring stories move the hearts of many to say yes to the Lord’s call in their lives and to bring the gospel, wherever God leads, to the ends of the earth.

Lane and Ebeth Dennis, President and Executive Vice President of Publishing Ministry at Crossway

Luis Bush has been a magnificent example of helping to transform the world wherever he has gone. The Yes Effect is packed with stories of humble peoplewho have transformed their cities by saying yes to God’s invitation to change the world around us. 

Paul Eshleman, Vice President of Campus Crusade for Christ International

Missionary tales were favorites of mine when I was young, but I stopped reading them as I grew up and sensed God calling me to put down roots and serve my neighbors. Reading this astonishing and beautiful testimony of God’s work in the world, I saw with new eyes the value of my own small yes. When we say yes to God, even in small things, our hearts and then our communities can be transformed to an extent we might never have imagined. The Yes Effect revealed my own place in a much larger story of God’s goodness and faithfulness and inspired me to go on, every day, saying yes.

Christie Purifoy, Blogger and Author of Roots and Sky

A terrific book! From beginning to end, Luis graciously proclaims the love of God and salvation through faith in Jesus Christ while at the same time tirelessly reminding us of the pain and suffering of mankind. To such a world of need and desperation, the book gives a passionate call for Christians to step up and be enlisted in God’s service to fulfill Christ’s Great Commission by carrying on the task of reaching the world with the gospel!

Thomas Wang, Director of the first Chinese Congress on World Evangelization and President Emeritus of Great Commission Center International

Almost every dedicated Christian is aware of the “10/40 Window” but few know the origin of this unique focus on a swath of land stretching from southern Europe and North Africa to the Far East. Luis Bush shares the secret of a productive life for Christ: a sincere yes to anything God asks. I have witnessed the “yes effect” in the life of the author from his days as a student at Dallas Theological Seminary to his present amazing leadership in mission outreach all over theworld. You will not want to miss reading this life-changing book.

J. Ronald Blue, Adjunct Professor in World Missions and Intercultural Studies at Dallas Theological Seminary

I had the privilege of serving as Luis Bush’s pastor in the early 90s. He soon became my mentor, birthing and shaping in me a passion for world missions that changed the trajectory of my ministry. If you know Luis, you know him as a visionary who can coalesce leaders from across the globe like none other. If you don’t know Luis, read The Yes Effect for the compelling stories and contagious passion. You might just put it down to go out and change your world.

Daniel Henderson, President of Strategic Renewal and Author of Old Paths, New Power

Luis Bush, an experienced leader, gives us excellent advice in this book. Because we know that God gives the gifts of the Holy Spirit to every believer, and that each of us is unique in our gifts and context, he encourages us use those gifts by listening for and responding to God with a resounding yes! When you do, amazing things will happen. 

Paul E. Pierson, Dean Emeritus and Senior Professor of History of Mission and Latin American Studies at Fuller Theological Seminary

It’s easy to look at all the needs in the world, the extreme brokenness and lostness, and to feel overwhelmed. But you will be encouraged, strengthened, and inspired as you read The Yes Effect. You couldn’t have a better guide weaving together stories of how the Lord has shown up again and again and helping you move from despair to glad engagement.

Michael Young-Suk Oh, Global Executive Director/CEO of the Lausanne Movement

In a culture increasingly shouting “no” to the beauty of the calling of Jesus Christ, Luis Bush gives his readers every reason to shout “yes” to the mission of the gospel. Whether you share the power of the cross with the local bank teller or an unreached tribe, as Luis says, “We take on God’s heart when we refuse to look away.”

Denise Jones, Author of Reclaiming Your Heart and Founder and President of Reclaiming Hearts Ministries

In our ministry, we often talk about the immeasurable effect of “small” and simple acts of ministry. When I think of the power of yes, I think of Luis Bush. He has truly revolutionized much of the way the church thinks and approaches world evangelization. Through moving stories and deeply rooted hope, The Yes Effect leads us on a journey to engaging the real (and sometimes overwhelming) need in our world through the compassionate heart of God, uncovering how each of us can boldly and practically say yes to God right where we are. Begin your “yes effect” journey by saying yes to reading this book.

Dick Eastman, International President of Every Home for Christ

Jesus commanded His followers to disciple the nations first by the transformation of individual lives through salvation and then through them to transform the lives, structures, and cultures around them. Luis Bush invites our participation by drawing on his own unusual life and ministries and upon those men and women of the global networks he has nurtured. These pages contain many inspiring stories of how ordinary people have been used by God to do extraordinary things in today’s world. May you also be inspired to obey God’s call!

Patrick Johnstone, Author Emeritus at Operation World

The Yes Effect is gripping and beautifully written. I could not put it down! Each chapter is filled with captivating stories that illustrate a greater challenge for each of us. I recommend it to anyone who isn’t afraid to have their heart stirred.

Kristin Berry, Author of Born Broken: An Adoptive Journey

Luis Bush and his wife, Doris, have been calling the international church to get knee-deep in transformational ministry for many years. What this means is seen here in the lives of real people who in different situations have moved out with God to change their world. The Yes Effect shows us that it is as inspiring as it is challenging to go into action where we are planted.  

Robert E. Coleman, Speaker, professor, and author of The Master Plan of Evangelism

Do you want to know what it means to say yes to God? After the Bible itself, your wisest counsel is likely to come from someone like Luis Bush, one of our generation’s global church leaders. The Yes Effect is chock-full of hard-won wisdom and is highly recommended for every Christian who aspires to a life of useful obedience.

Duane Litfin, Former President of Wheaton College (1993–2010)

Luis is a global mission mobilizer who has been engaged in crystallizing visions and calling the church of Jesus Christ to transform the world with the gospel of Christ for decades. And he does it again with The Yes Effect. May we all join him to say yes! 

Sangbok David Kim, Recent Chairman of the World Evangelical Alliance and Former President of Torch Trinity Graduate University

Luis Bush is a gifted missiologist and anointed visionary strategist, and in The Yes Effect is further revealing the heart of our Father God for His kingdom family. May our yes help us to realign our heart with the heart of our Father. 

Moses Tay, Former Bishop of Singapore and the First Archbishop of the Anglican Church in Southeast Asia

The Yes Effect is an instructive and inspiring book from one of the most influential missions mobilizers of our time. Luis offers us an instructive glimpse of the invitations of God in global missions, and inspires us to witness the “chain reactions of transformation” when we say yes to God! 

Edmund Chan, Founder of the Global Alliance of Intentional Disciplemaking Churches (IDMC)

World evangelization has been the beating heart of Luis Bush’s life. Once again in the pages of The Yes Effect, Luis has challenged us with the fact that God’s kingdom is expanding and in our monochrome preoccupation with mission from the West, gives voice to an empowered global church on the march. 

Paul McKaughan, Coordinator of Mission to the World, COO for Lausanne, and President of Evangelical Fellowship Mission Agencies (EFMA)

Luis Bush has been a great blessing in my life and in the lives of so many others. This book has the potential of being a significant blessing for everyone who reads it. I highly commend it to you!

Paul Cedar, Chairman/CEO of Mission America Coalition, Former Lausanne Movement Executive Chair

As I read The Yes Effect, along with the joy and tears I can see and sense our great God working miracles on one hand, and using His willing servants on the other. I thank God for all who are mentioned in the book and have taken up praying for them and others who may listen to the voice of God and respond.

Safwat EL-Baiady, President of the Protestant Churches of Egypt (PCE) and Honorary President of the Council of Churches of the Middle East

Thank you, Luis, for this challenging book that will unleash a new passion for the transformation of individuals and nations.

Alberto H. Mottesi, Evangelist and Host of the Café Libre TV program

If you want to find a way to act out your faith, connect with others, and make a positive impact on a broken world, then this book is a must read.

Ram Gidoomal, Businessman and Entrepreneur, Chairman of South Asian Concern and Stewardship Services UK

The Yes Effect is an invitation into mission and Luis Bush is a worthy guide, having been engaged in global ministry for decades. There is much to learn here in the array of accounts from around the world. There also is much to motivate you to go there––and say yes.

Darrell Bock, Author, Executive Director of Cultural Engagement and Senior Research Professor of New Testament Studies at Dallas Theological Seminary

The compelling stories contained in this book not only inform but also inspire! Woven throughout are true accounts of how God is moving in lives and communities around the globe. This book encourages one to say yes to God’s leading, wherever that may be. 

Marvin Newell, Senior Vice President of Missio Nexus

In The Yes Effect, Luis Bush opens his heart, sharing vital spiritual truths and practical suggestions for those who want to find Christ’s unique calling and destiny for them right they are. The provocative, moving stories feature himself, his family, and his real-life friends, contemporary men and women who, like the heroes of faith described in Hebrews 11, have taken real risks to become His instruments of transformation in very challenging circumstances around the world. You will be gripped and stirred to take the next step in that great adventure He has for you!

John Robb, Chairman of the International Prayer Council and International Facilitator of the World Prayer Assembly

For those of us who struggle to imagine that our actions could actually change the world for the better, The Yes Effect proves that saying yes to God is all it really takes. Luis Bush’s life and ministry demonstrate that there are no boundaries for God’s love when we follow the desires of our hearts to bring His presence to the world. From the crucial social cells of our own families to pockets of poverty and hopelessness around the globe, the “yes effect” is the ripple of blessing that inevitably comes when we trustingly say yes to our loving God.

Marybeth Hicks, Speaker, columnist, and author of Teachable Moments

Luis Bush has been blessed with a gift to see significant groupings of people to be targeted with the Good News. In The Yes Effect he shares insights on how this gifting can function and produce great benefit for the kingdom.

Bob Hoskins, Founder of OneHope, Inc.

May present and coming generations find both inspiration and encouragement here as they serve God’s purpose in their own time.

Reuben Ezemadu, Continental Coordinator of the Movement for African National Initiatives (MANI)

We are continually bombarded by depressig news of world events, and into this context comes the refreshing book The Yes Effect. It is a very readable combination of personal testimony, real cases of worldwide Christian commitment, and biblical principles that portray concrete avenues for Christian outreach in the world today. I heartily recommend this book as an encouragement to follow Christ.  

David Befus, Associate Professor of Business at Southeastern University and Author of Where There Are No Jobs

What an absolute joy it is to see The Yes Effect come to fruition.  Now many others have been able to witness as I have over the years, how our God is pleased to work through servants like Luis Bush, who embody the very spirit of a humble warrior for Christ and His Kingdom.

Daniel Sungwook Kim, Executive Chair of Transform World 2020 and Senior Pastor of Hallelujah Church, Bundang, South Korea

Luis Bush has written a very practical book for Christians who are faced with the opportunity to make a decision whether or not to step out in prayer and faith under the leadership of the Holy Spirit. The Yes Effect presents transformational-minded believers who said yes to Go

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The Yes Effect: Accepting God's Invitation to Transform the World Around You 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Terry Morrison More than 1 year ago
Remember the last time you gave your spare change to a homeless individual?  In essence you said "Yes" to God, through your actions, God's love and hope was passed to this individual.  In The Yes Effect, Luis Bush, teaches the reader though heartwarming, thought provoking and inspiring stories, how this simple one syllable word, "Yes" can have everlasting impact regardless of how small or big the Yes is.  A must read for the everyday christian to the missionaries serving in the some of the world's most miserable places.