The Youth Sports Coaching Guide

The Youth Sports Coaching Guide

by Doug MacGregor


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The Youth Sports Coaching Guide contains the advice every coach wishes they had been given when they first started. Written by a father of four with coaching experience spanning three decades, the book reads like a down-to-earth conversation with someone who has been in the youth sports coaching trenches. The book covers every aspect of navigating the twenty-first century youth sports coaching arena.

The book travels from the logistics of team selection and practice itineraries to the interpersonal complexities of working with players, parents, other coaches and officials. The book challenges coaches to look at their own motivations and relationships and to have awareness of their actions and words.

The Youth Sports Coaching Guide is divided into six sections:

• Coaching Essentials: Eight guiding principles every coach needs to know to lead a team with integrity, hard work and fun.

• Building the Team: Strategies and tips for choosing assistants, drafting players, running tryouts, the hard decisions of selecting players and the tough discussions that follow.

• Practices: Designing and running practices with an emphasis on how to teach and speak to children.

• Parents: Communication advice from the mundane to the ultra-sensitive. Includes a special section for coaches for when youth sports goes off the rails of the Crazy Train.

• Games: Real-life examples on how to prepare for games and to coach in the heat of the moment, win or lose.

• Wrapping up the Season: Describes different ways to cap off the season on a positive and fun note.

Whether you are a new coach or someone who has been at it for years, The Youth Sports Coaching Guide is sure to inspire and drive you to have a more positive experience coaching the kids.

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Publication date: 05/12/2020
Pages: 262
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