Theater of the World: The Maps that Made History

Theater of the World: The Maps that Made History


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A beautifully illustrated full-color history of mapmaking across centuries— a must-read for history buffs and armchair travelers.

Theater of the World offers a fascinating history of mapmaking, using the visual representation of the world through time to tell a new story about world history and the men who made it.

Thomas Reinertsen Berg takes us all the way from the mysterious symbols of the Stone Age to Google Earth, exploring how the ability to envision what the world looked like developed hand in hand with worldwide exploration.

Along the way, we meet visionary geographers and heroic explorers along with other unknown heroes of the map-making world, both ancient and modern. And the stunning visual material allows us to witness the extraordinary breadth of this history with our own eye

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ISBN-13: 9780316450768
Publisher: Little, Brown and Company
Publication date: 12/04/2018
Pages: 384
Sales rank: 93,790
Product dimensions: 7.10(w) x 9.20(h) x 2.50(d)

About the Author

Thomas Reinertsen Berg is a Norwegian journalist and writer. He has written for several Norwegian papers including Morgenbladet, Klassekampen and Dagsavisen. Theater of the World, his first book, was honored with the 2017 Brageprisen, an award given annually to Norway's premier non-fiction book.

Table of Contents

Preface ix

Acknowledgements xv

The First Images Of The World 1

Prehistoric maps, stories of creation, and Sumerian, Babylonian and Egyptian maps.

Like Frogs About A Pond 29

Ptolemy, one of the greatest geographers of his time, and the Greeks' increasing knowledge of the world throughout antiquity.

Holy Geography 63

A world made for humans by God, in which the clerics and cartographers of the Middle Ages depict the holy story of creation.

The First Atlas 95

Abraham Ortelius and Gerardus Mercator map the world's expansion as a result of the Europeans' numerous voyages and the Renaissance thirst for knowledge.

Venturing Out 135

A Norwegian map on the move, Dutch nautical charts, the battle for the biggest atlas, and more about Mercator and all he never managed to complete.

The Great Surveys 167

France, Denmark and Norway learn to survey large areas. Kongsvinger gets a prime meridian in 1779, and maps play a role in central government administration.

White Spaces In The North 209

The second Fram expedition sets out in 1898, in the wake of the many others that had previously tried to map the northern regions.

As Seen From Above 243

The First World War paves the way for aerial surveys, which in turn pave the way for a Norwegian economic map series and the appearance of maps in most. areas of society.

Blue Planet 271

About the seven tenths of our planet that are covered by water, and Marie Tharp's attempts to understand what the ocean floor looks like, and why.

The Digital World 305

Satellites and computers provide and manage vast amounts of information, and give us maps that are able to speak to us.

References 335

List Of Illustrations 349

Further Reading 351

Index 365

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