Thechristians' God Exposed: A Woman Scientist Is God

Thechristians' God Exposed: A Woman Scientist Is God

by Al'samaw'al O. O. Onagbola


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American Scientist Discovered Bible- Mentioned God

The Bible-contained errors have always confused, make people disbelieve, and never wished to reckon with the indeed, Book of the world's truths. Pathetically, this supposed life-saving, and human behavior-guiding historical Book emanated from the earlier Church's Ocean of Truths' Manipulation. Deliberately, the Romans' Church mistranslated the discovered Hebrew and Greek language-written scrolls for greediness and selfishness. Fortunately, after about 1000 years of trapping the Word in the Romans Latin Vulgate language; the malpractice-refuting English caught up with them, and became poised to deliver humanity from the Church's enslavement. Sadly, the English scholars' relentless efforts, to correct the Bible's inborn mistakes; never did the Book of truths any good. Rather, it has caused the Historical Book to give birth to over 450 versions in more than 2000 languages. Additionally, the world's most reverenced Christians' Book handed the World's Key to the 'Men of God' (MOGs) that normally utilize Jesus Christ's name to steal from nations, and to exploit their God's help-seeking citizens.

Genesis 1: 1-31 was carefully assessed, and appropriately (scientifically) interpreted. The Chapter was discovered to be a prehistoric scientist's notes about mitosis, a biological process that causes a single cell to divide, and give rise to two daughter cells with roughly equal shares of the original cell's components. The Christians' God Exposed: A Woman Scientist is God! unearthed Genethics (Gene of Ethics), a heritable spiritual factor that usually codes for, and controls humans' behaviors; discussed how spirits normally incorporate into humans' formation; and exposed the Christians' God as a woman scientist.

Additionally, the author paralleled matrimony to a simple leaf whose front (marriage), and back (respect) must never be separated; and explained why the Bible warned maritally-immature men, who often find it difficult to respect (worship) their wives (idols), to desist from marriage. How worshipping (respecting) idols (women) emanated from the renowned Il

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