Themes from the Scriptures of the New Testament

Themes from the Scriptures of the New Testament

by Thomas Sutton


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I wrote this book to be used as an aid. I chose the themes and scriptures. If you think of other scriptures that were left out, add them. After publishing this book, I know I'll find additional scriptures I left out and wish I had included them.

Some of the same verses were used under different themes. God's Word is complex, simple, and can take you down paths that go deep into your spirit. One minister I know refers to studying specific scriptures as "entering the deep end of the pool."

My book is not an attempt to replace the necessity to read and study the scriptures directly from the Bible. This book is just a starting point for you to build your own scriptural reference related to specific themes.

At first, I planned to write this book only for me. I've always had a hard time memorizing lots of scriptures and remembering where to find a scripture relevant to a certain issue. After writing this book, I changed my mind and decided to share this work with others.

After listing a theme, I listed the Books, Chapters, and Verses followed by the actual scriptures. I hope you find this book helpful as you study the Word of God.

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ISBN-13: 9780759650459
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 09/25/2001
Pages: 248
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.56(d)

Table of Contents

Why Should You Believe The Bible? An Essay1
Jesus Prophesied: An Essay5
Salvation With Baptism: Baptism To Wash Your Sins Away17
Salvation Without Baptism?22
Jesus Has Power And Authority Over Everything To Forgive Sins, Judge, And Save People24
God And Jesus Are One29
Through Christ Only Can We Reach God36
All Good Comes From God: God Does Not Tempt Us37
All Scripture Is From God38
Going To Church42
Breaking One Command Is Breaking All The Commands43
Loving God Is Obeying His Commands44
We Should Not Pray Or Do Good Things In Front Of People For Praise45
John The Baptist Is Elijah46
Old Agreement And Circumcision47
New Agreement And Circumcision49
The Old Agreement Versus The New Agreement52
Jesus Teaches The Good News And Heals People64
Most Important Rule67
Fruits Of The Tree And False Prophets68
Believing Is Obeying70
Fear God Not Humans71
The Mission Of God Through Jesus72
Unforgivable Sin73
People Who Want More Proof: Miracles75
Even With Miracles, Some Won't Believe77
Stories Used By Jesus78
God's Law Versus Human Rules85
Jesus Is The Christ87
Christians Are To Act Like This91
God Wants All To Be Saved109
Story About Workers110
Those Who Reject Jesus111
Power Of--Faith In Christ--Makes Us Right, Not The Law113
Pay Taxes?123
First Day of the Week124
The Sabbath Day126
Sabbath Day According to the Sabbath Day Believers128
Before Jesus Comes Again and How He Will Come130
The Lord's Supper137
Jesus Foretells of His Crucifixion139
True Giving142
Those Who Are Forgiven of Many Sins Will Show Great Love143
Bad Things Happen to Good People146
Who Will Be Saved?148
God Knows Your Heart152
God's Kingdom within You153
God's Kingdom Is like154
All People Are Guilty of Sin157
Your Tongue Is like a Rudder158
The Word Became a Human159
The Lamb of God--Son of God Who Takes Away the Sin of the World160
God Brings People to Jesus161
God Chooses Who He Wants, Not Because of Anything We Do163
Be Sure You Are Chosen by God165
Jesus Heals Spiritual Blindness166
Why Didn't Jesus Show Himself to the World?167
Sin Is Not Believing in Christ: There Is No Sin in Christ169
Jesus Is Truth170
Anyone Who Doesn't Believe in Jesus--Is a Liar--Makes God a Liar171
Did Paul Kill Christians?172
Jesus Appears to Saul: Paul's Conversion173
Paul's Most Important Thing Is to Tell about the Good News174
Wild Olive Tree and Non-Jewish People: Keep Believing & Following God or Be Cut off175
Do Not Judge Others178
Man without Knowledge of God Will Be Sinful181
If There Is No Punishment, There Is No Judgment182
Adam and Christ Compared183
Your Body Is a Temple for the Holy Spirit: Run from Sexual Sin184
Stephen and Paul Tell the History from Abraham to King David185
Nothing in the Whole World Can Separate Us from the Love of God in Jesus186
Our Part as Christians--as Part of the Body187
Brag Only about the Lord189
The Spirit in Us Knows Our Thoughts: We Receive the Spirit from God: Live by Following the Spirit190
God Uses Us to Spread His Knowledge: Do Not Sell the Word of God for Profit195
We Are Servants/Slaves of Christ196
Do Not Associate with Believers Who...199
Christ Is the Rock/Stone200
Give Thanks to God in the Name of Our Lord Jesus: if You Do Anything, Do It for the Glory of God: if You Ask for Anything, Ask for It in Jesus' Name202
When You Suffer for Christ, You Are Strong203
Women in Church Meetings208
Physical Bodies First, Then the Spiritual209
Death's Power to Hurt Is Sin and the Power of Sin Is the Law210
Jesus Christ Will Judge Us by How We Used Our Body (Tent) Here on Earth211
Elders and Deacons213
Christians Should Not Be like This: the Spirit Produces the Fruit of...214
Don't Think Jesus Came to Bring Peace to Earth, But a Sword216
Today, God Speaks Through Jesus217
God's Word Is Sharper Than a Double-Edged Sword218
Why Don't We Always Get What We Ask God for?219
Rich People221
No Fear223
Freedom Through Christ224
You Are a Slave to Anything That Controls You225
False Teachers226
If We Say We Have Not Sinned, We Make God a Liar: Sin Comes from the Ways of the World, Not the Father228
Love Comes from God229
Don't Call People on Earth Father230

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