Then There Was You

Then There Was You

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Sexy Single Dads. Strong Single Moms.

With stories from 14 unbelievably talented authors:

Whispered Prayers of a Girl by Alex Grayson

A lonely man, a widowed woman, a carefree boy, and a broken girl... Can the four come together and help heal each other?

Boss of Me by Angel Devlin

Single dad Jude's icy exterior keeps women at a safe distance; but fiery Pippa could be about to start a thaw...

Heartbreaker by Anna Brooks

She was never supposed to happen, and her baby girl sure as hell wasn't part of my plans.

Chester by Esther E. Schmidt

Some issues cut deep; they are hard to face and even harder to find a solution for.

Ripple Effect by Evan Grace

One night changed everything.

When Hope Ends (Life Begins) by Freya Barker

It's the best day of his life—the worst of hers—when one moment in time leaves their paths unavoidably connected by the single heart beating between them.

Just Because of You by Gianna Gabriela

He broke me. I left. He stayed. Now I'm back.

Fighting For Us by Heather Lyn

She rescued me when I didn't even know I needed saving. But now lives are on the line, and we might lose our forever, before we even get the chance to start.

Resisting Rayne by HL Nighbor

Their worlds collide and an unlikely friendship forms, but will they continue to fight the pull for something more or give into the pull and take a chance at love?

Tempt Me by Kally Ash

Temptation comes in many forms. Can Gianna or Max resist?

Riddick by Kathy Coopmans

Do you believe in heaven on earth? I did until one day, she vanished.

Wicked Truths by L A Cotton

The truth won't fix anything... it'll only hurt more. Won't it?

Hunter by Lauren Dawes

A mate's death. A rogue wolf. A new life.

THEN THERE WAS YOU features single parents who weren't looking—didn't need anyone—until the right someone came along. Experience the highs and lows of parenthood, love lost and gained, and new beginnings with this collection of stories. They're sure to leave you with a full heart and a smile on your face.


Proceeds will be donated to Family Promise, a non-profit organization which addresses family homelessness.

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Contributing Authors:

Angel Devlin, Anna Brooks, Esther E. Schmidt, Evan Grace, Gianna Gabriela, Heather Lyn, Kally Ash, Kathy Coopmans, Lauren Dawes

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Then There Was You 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 13 reviews.
Mary_G 7 months ago
I am voluntarily posting an honest review after reading an ARC copy of this book. THEN THERE WAS YOU (A SINGLE PARENT COLLECTION) This is a collection of single parent stories written by various authors. I have to tell you that I have read many books with collections of stories by various authors, and by the 3rd or 4th story all the stories seem to be the same with different names and I never finished the book. With that said, I absolutely love every story I have read so far in Then There Was You. I will be giving my review on what I have read so far. Each story is so emotional and so perfectly written. There are a few authors in this anthology that I have read many, if not all of their books, such as Alex Grayson and Dani Rene’. However, there are many authors in this anthology who, for some reason, I have never heard of, which is another reason I loved Then There Was You because I am definitely going to enjoy reading more books by these authors. Chester by Esther E. Schmidt This was a story about Chester, Serenity, and Serenity’s daughter, Amelia. This was an insta-love story, not the wham bam kind of story. No, there was actually a story here, one that I actually loved reading. Chester and Serenity’s story was beautifully written. Riddick by Kathy Coopmans This was a story about Riddick and Cora. This one really kept you on the edge of your seat. This is a fantastic second chance love story. Riddick and Cora were separated by lies. Lies told by her psychotic brother, Jesse, and his scumbag friend, Cutter. I do not want to give anything away, so I will not tell you how they were kept apart or what happens when they find each other again. This is one you really must read. I have never read anything by Kathy Coopmans, but I will be doing so now. Riddick is the first book in The Saint Series. Back To Life by Dani Rene’ I have read other books by Dani Rene’, and I absolutely loved them. Back to Life is Caleb and Kayla’s story of finding love again. Caleb is a single parent to Libby, and Kayla is a single parent to Nick. Caleb is a tattooed, has piercings, and owns his own tattoo shop. Kayla is a school teacher. This was an emotional story of loss and the possibility of opening up and finding love again. This was a favorite of mine. Ripple Effect by Evan Grace This also was my first book by this author, and I will definitely be looking forward to reading more books by Evan Grace. Ripple Effect is a story about Brock and Ripley. This is a second chance love story. This was one heck of a book. It is so gut-wrenchingly sad, and I suggest you have tissues ready. You will be going through a lot of emotions with this book. You will love Brock from the start, then hate him, love him, hate him, and then love him again. Secrets will be revealed. I was really cheering for these two to get back together. I was totally wiped out after reading Ripple Effect. You really do not want to miss out on this one.
Anonymous 7 months ago
Good stories.
c_concus 8 months ago
So far I have read Alex Grayson's Whispered Prayers of a Girl and Freya Barker's When Hope Ends. These two stories/books alone have me one-clicking this book. Alex's book truly gutted me. I usually do not cry while reading but this book had me in tears many times. Gwen lost her husband and is now a single mother to two children. Her daughter Kelsey was hit the hardest of the three of them with her father's death. She is now a selective mute. Gwen moves her family to Colorado to start fresh. Alexander lost his wife and daughter in a car accident and the accident left him with severe burns. He has became a recluse (in most circumstances) because many of the towns people whisper or gossip. He is set in his solitude until he runs into the newcomers at the grocery store. What he doesn't expect is for them to become guests of his home. Through their pain Gwen and Alexander gravitate towards each other. With the help of each other they learn to grow from their loses. The most surprising and gut retching part is the growth of Kelsey. Freya's book hit it out of the park emotionally. The chapters in this book are packed with so much that it keeps you reading. Mika is a strong women and will do anything if she knows it is for the right reasons. Jude and his daughter are facing an unknown future. Their journey in life was to make it into each others lives. I can't wait to read more of the stories and to find new authors to follow and read.
Lisa-nh-23 8 months ago
For the Anthology, I read: "Fighting for Us" by Heather Lyn Levi Jackson has one female in his life, and that is his beautiful daughter, Lily. He loves her with all of his heart and she is his top priority. His ex-wife gave up on Lily a long time ago, but Levi has surrounded her with the love of his parents, brother and sister. He owns a tattoo shop with his brother Caden, and their sister Sydney, works alongside them. Levi doesn’t have room in his life or his heart for anyone else, but sometimes love sneaks up on you and you never see it coming. One night Lily had become very sick and Levi didn’t know what to do, so he bundled her up and drove her to the hospital. Fortunately for both of them, Lily only had an ear infection, so she would be feeling better soon. While Levi was sitting with Lily, a friendly nurse with a beautiful smile came into the room to check on them. Lily gave her a big smile and Levi was amazed that she took to her so quickly. Levi was taken with her, too. “Hi, my name is Emerson,”, she said as she shook hands with him. Immediately Levi thought that her small hand was just right for his big one. He was in big trouble. Emerson thought Lily was the cutest little girl she had ever seen, and she thought Levi was very good looking and a fantastic father. As a nursing student, she should be concentrating on the patient, not thinking of ways to get to know her father. She hadn’t been this attracted to anyone in a very long time and she certainly wasn’t looking for a relationship. A few days later, Levi and Lily stopped by the hospital to see Emmy and thank her for taking such good care of her. Emmy picked Lily up and Levi loved how happy his daughter looked in her arms, and he knew then that he needed Emmy in his life. They both needed her, and by the way Emmy looked at him, he thinks she feels the same way. Will Levi and Emmy act upon their feelings for each other and let their love bring them together as a family with Lily? Can Levi protect his family and keep them safe from something in his past that he thought was gone forever? “Fighting For Us” by Heather Lyn is the first book in her new series, The Jackson Trilogy, and it was amazing. Levi and Emmy had an instant connection and their feelings become deeper and more intense as their relationship develops. Heather has written a beautiful story about happiness, a forever love and the importance of family. She writes characters that are emotional and honest about their feelings for each other which lets the reader feel connected to them from the very beginning. Heather is a creative and passionate writer and I know everyone will love “Fighting For Us” as much as I did.
Anonymous 8 months ago
*** review by mary dean of rabid readers book blog *** Single parent story is your favorite collection. I love a great single parent story. Call it a weakness. I fell for and married a single father after all. I can't express enough how much I loved these stories. What was great was they were all different. They didn't all have the same story line just the same theme, single parents. Each story gripped my heart. Some were sweet, some were funny, some were emotional, some had drama but all of them were full of so much warmth and real life emotion that I know every reader will fall in love with each one. And these stories have me wanting to check out a few new to me authors and revisiting why I am already fans of others. This is a book I definitely need on my shelf.
MaryJoMI 8 months ago
Fabulous idea to bring together a collection of stories about single parents from a wonderful group of authors. I haven’t had time to read all the stories yet but what I have read captivated me. Boss of Me by Angel Devlin: Wonderful blending of single parent and family responsibilities. Jude finds himself a single dad in need of a personal assistant but resistant to hiring a new one after the last one dies suddenly. His mother is on the case and knows Pippa, the receptionist at her hair salon would be perfect realizing she won’t let Jude get away with anything. Pippa is the glue for her family as her mother deals with Multiple Sclerosis which has Pippa taking care of her brother and sister. The opportunity to make more money is enticing for Pippa to give her family some breathing room but dealing with a cantankerous boss makes her hesitate. Will Pippa and Jude be able to keep it professional? I loved Addison and Liberty, two 6-year-olds that know how to command a room. This is a fun romance that made my heart melt.
Honolulubelle 8 months ago
WHEN HOPE ENDS – FREYA BARKER Favorite Quotes: … he pays attention, and let’s be honest, that’s not always a quality evident in the opposite gender. I’m so grateful having had this amazing opportunity to learn that when hope ends for one, life begins for another “I don’t know who this woman is. I’ve never heard so much cursing in my life.” I have to bite my lip to keep from laughing. I remember this part too. Cassie had made me feel about an inch tall with her sharp tongue while she was delivering Kelty. She’d even smacked me because I was breathing too loudly. My Review: Freya Barker writes stories with all the feels, but this one was pure heart – some parts were heart-warming, others were heart-wrenching, and still more were heart-skipping and heart-stirring, but they were all only the good kinds of heart-related reading that shouldn’t lead a fear of heart-stoppage, possible angina, the need for CPR, or a cardiology referral. The heartfelt storylines were engaging and relevant with writing that was easy to fall into and alternated between steaming up my glasses, raising my heart rate, putting a smile on my face, and squeezing my coronary muscle like a two sizes too small pair of Spanx. It was divine. I’ll gladly ride on Freya Barker’s bus until the wheels fall off.
JacquieLovesBooks 8 months ago
I have to say that, normally, I'm not a fan of anthologies...too many times the authors' have books that leave you hanging, that you need to purchase at least one more book to get the whole story and I hate that! Having said that, THIS anthology is NOT like that and I couldn't be more thrilled!!! Plus, they are all single-parent stories and I love the trope...bonus!!! This review will be updated as I read each story.... by Freya Barker Ms. Barker is one of my "Unicorn authors", so I immediately scrolled to her story...and let me just say I was NOT disappointed!!! Sooooooo many emotions, from utter heartbreak and despair to seeing a little light of hope at the end of the tunnel to absolute joy and enduring love, this book is jam-packed FULL of all the feels!!! Mika and Jude's story is so beautifully written, so enthralling, it's simply breathtaking! Their journey through heartbreaking loss to finding hope, joy and love touched my soul so deeply and will stay with me for a very long time to come! 5 "You'll NEED tissues" Stars for this one!!!
SaraOxo 8 months ago
Then There Was You filled with five-star reads. I have to admit that my favourite of the collection is Boss Of Me by Angel Devlin, her who writes amazing stories. I had all the feels from this one, Jude, Jude, Jude you are so much more than my patron saint. This one brought a smile to my eyes as it had those meddlesome kids in that will just make you chuckle. That being said all of these authors have written great stories and they have all come together for a great cause.
carvanz 8 months ago
Review of When Hope Ends Life Begins by Freya Barker Oh my gosh! This book has left me a blubbering mess! It took me from the deepest of despair before pulling me into a place of bittersweet joy laced with the perfect transposition of a happy ever after. I feel as though I’ve been wrung through the wringer and I couldn’t be happier about the trip. I could totally relate to Mika on so many levels as well as Jude. My heart was broken repeatedly for her experiences followed by even tougher decisions. While I was pretty sure where this book was going to take me, it pleased me that I was still surprised by many of the actions and reactions these characters had. But the biggest impact of this book was the heart of the story. It had so many highs and lows, but when I reached the last part, I was sobbing happy tears. This author did an amazing job of bringing every character to life. I’m not sure how long it’s been since I felt so connected to not only a hero or heroine, but to the whole cast. I could claim that my own past experiences shed some insight, and maybe that’s true, but there’s no denying Ms. Barker mapped out a story filled with grief, love, joy and heart felt peace.
Wendy Livingstone 8 months ago
This is an amazing anthology which is penned by 14 very diverse and intriguing authors. Each story is very different, and comprises of second chances, single parents, and surprise babies. My review is for – Just because of you by Gianna Gabriela This is a story about Christian and Amar who had a past history which left them broken souls’ and now 6 years later fate steps in and they meet again. I cannot wait to read the full novel in this fascinating story. Each of the stories in this anthology are emotional, heartbreaking, humorous, plus having regret and healing. I was totally captivated throughout this addictive page turner, and highly recommend for all.
MBurton 8 months ago
I’m such a sucker for single parent romances. I love that there is a whole anthology based off this trope. My favorite story is by Freya Barker. When Hope Ends Life Begins was such a beautiful, emotional story...I cried like a baby. Such a great anthology!
BookAddictSusan 8 months ago
This is a fantastic touching collection of single parent stories written by 14 amazing Authors, some I'm familiar with but most are new to me. I've written short reviews for each book I've read and will edit to add the rest when I've finished. Chester - Esther E Schmidt 4 This was a fun fact pace love story, it kept my attention throughout. Chester is a man who hides who he is in some very quirky ways, happy enough in his own world. Then he meets Serinty and her daughter and he's knocked on his Ass. He wants to make them his and will do anything to make it happen. A sweet story of insta love, it's witty, beautiful with some hottness too. I loved Chester and his crazy family from the swamp, I'm definitely going to check out more from them. Riddick - Kathy Coopmans 4 I absolutely loved Riddick the story was gripping and had some fantastic characters I want to know more about. I really need to read the other books in The Saints series, if they're anything like this I will be very happy. The story was an exhilarating page turner full of danger, twists and turns and second chances. Riddick and Cora will take you on an emotional rollercoaster, I adored them together. Back To Life - Dani Rene 4 This was a touching second chance romance with all the feels. Caleb and Kayla two lonely single parents finding love again when they least expect it. I loved them both and let me tell you Caleb is hotttt!!! and a bloody tattoo artist....Gah!!! This story will leave you with a huge smile on your face a real epic romance. Ripple Effect - Even Grace 4 A very emotional second chance romance. It's hard not to get invested in the lives of these characters as you read their story. Brock has a troubled homelife full of violence and despair. The love of his life Ripley is his everything then he destroyed them. Separated for years Brock is back to win back his girl, let's just say things are complicated. I loved Brock and Ripley you can't help but root for them. Heartbreaker - Anna Brooks 4 Loved this fast paced novella it's also piqued my interest to read Bulletproof Butterfly as I'm intrigued to find out more about Jay and Liv. I loved Ryan and Opal their chemistry was undeniable from the start, they were so amazing together. I adored Ryan's relationship with Olivia too it melted my heart. I will be reading more from this Author. Whispered Prayers Of A Girl - Alex Grayson 5 Alexander and Gwen, their story is EVERYTHING!!! This book took my breath away and will stay with me. A highly emotionally charged story of Love, loss and second chances. My heart broke for each of them and everything they'd endured. This was a slow burning beautiful love story between a broken Man and an equally broken woman who bond over grief and find their way to happiness. I loved every minute of this story and definitely recommend you read this one. I absolutely adored Gwens kids too, they will melt your heart. Wicked Truth - L.A Cotton 4 OMG!! This book was very emotional in the way that my heart broke for Vinnie. He has loved Maggie all his life, but was never given the chance to prove how much. so he did the only thing he could, he ran. Then fate kinda steps in and gives him the chance he's been after. This one was full of heartache but it's still a beautiful second chance romance. When Hope Ends - Freya Barker 5 This was a intricately woven and touching story, it's about living through