Theodosius: Kingdom Betrayal

Theodosius: Kingdom Betrayal

by C.A. Toure

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Theodosius: Kingdom Betrayal by C.A. Toure

Theodosius: kingdom betrayal is a story set on Forecastia; a futuristic planet mixed with a dash of convenience in its simplicity. The inhabitants, Forecastians, live as purely and peacefully as possible. Trust had become so promoted, that none had anticipated the betrayal. The story begins, with a strange weather, which sets the mood in a city called Binty. Two individuals, of whom one is later recognized as the plotter and son of Eleaneos, the King of Forecastia—or at least of the main kingdom of the planet settled at Binty. A few scenes later, once a little bit about the planet is told to us. The action begins, dramatically, whereas the character which would make the object of this first story, Theodosius, had been introduced. However, it is until Sumaoro, who could have been acknowledged as the main character, finds himself assigned the role of antagonist, that we realise. As the betrayal begins, the instant’s rush, leads the main character to trust his evil and notorious brother, Sumaoro. Unfortunately, a mistake, he then regrets. He quickly realises, that his brother had betrayed him and he begins fleeing. As Theodosius was almost apprehended, his father king Eleaneos, comes to his rescue. The scene’s short drama, will lead to the king’s death and Theodosius’s escape from the planet. Theodosius, the shy, respectful and admirable son automatically makes of his brother, Sumaoro, an enemy. As we could have anticipated Theodosius to be a young and soft character at first; Sumaoro damaging his plane saves the day. He matures in the ship, of which exiting on his own, had become impossible. The first chapter was rather an introduction to the main mechanism of the story. The next chapter; begins a hundred years later, after the devastating incident had occurred on Forecastia. The new character Jake takes part of the story. The following scenes of the chapter are filled with action, pursuing, and a sequence of deaths caused by a sub-character, Javertson; as Theodosius attempts to regain his planet through NASA. The Forecastian prince, will travel through space with his new companion, Jake. They meet other characters as scenes proceed: Filis the Martian, Gazuma the Jupiterian and Kalabane the Hercolubian prince. All which will play a major role in the book’s plot and get it to magnificent ends. The next chapters now intensify the romance and everyday society hassles, of course until Theodosius returns to his world, where he is bitterly disappointed and led to the decision which will form the next chapters of the story. As in the last scenes where dark magic, word magic and powers beyond the norms are deployed and hence the book falls to an end, from which a new beginning shall rise. Judgement, betrayal, friendship, war and power; could merely assign a few aspects, of this enthralling novella. Between the fantasy and science fiction intertwined with the tale’s prose-like fashion. The end has us believe; the story is yet not finished, and has much more to offer.

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Publisher: Xlibris UK
Publication date: 05/22/2013
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